10 great quotes on the power of goals


As January is officially upon us and most people are working on their resolutions and goals for the year ahead, I thought it would be very fitting to compile a list of some of my favorite quotes on goals and share them with you.

I suggest at the end of each week when you have a weekly review and analyze where you are in the process of achieving your goals, that you take a look at some of the below quotes. Gbp vs usd bloomberg They will remind you not only the importance of setting goals and then working hard to attain them, but to keep fighting even when the going gets tough.

Having goals that we are passionate about gives us something to look forward to each and every morning when we wake up. Binary to gray code Not having goals is an excellent recipe for average living.

Nothing has benefited my life more than shooting for the moon and dreaming enormously big dreams.

Current stock market futures When you dream big and shoot for the moon, you are forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Us market futures live 4. Adding binary numbers Persistence makes all the difference.

“Never quit. 1 usd to php It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Yahoo futures index Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. Convert usd to aud calculator When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Call option and put option Never quit.” –Bear Bryant

If you are passionate about a goal or dream of yours then don’t stop until you achieve it. Chf usd exchange rate Do whatever it takes. Persisting in the face of adversity is what builds champions.

Setting goals and then working ridiculously hard to achieve them sets you on the path of living a purpose driven life. Stock connect hong kong 6. Nzd usd True success is all about working towards meaningful goals and dreams.

Achieving our goals and dreams is fantastic but that’s not the most important thing about setting goals. 1000 usd in eur The most important thing is the type person that we become along the way. Commodity futures market definition 7. Us to china exchange rate Stop playing small.

If you don’t set goals for your life then it’s almost certain that you will be very disappointed with your results. Eur usd graph Aiming at nothing is setting yourself up to achieve nothing. Funny quotes and sayings about life 9. Usd gbp exchange rate history Stay focused at all times.

When we take our eyes off of our goals, anxiety, worry, and doubt immediately begin to take over. Usd in aud Stay focused on what matters most at all times. Investing usd try Picture yourself achieving your goals and what that feels like instead of the obstacles that you will experience along the way. Euro to usd calculator 10. Rm to usd chart It’s never too late.

There is no such thing as being too old to change your life and set new goals and dreams for yourself. Flower tattoos Nelson Mandela was 75 years old when he was the oldest elected president of South Africa. Put option and call option Dimitrion Yordandis was 98 years old when he finished a 26 mile marathon on October 10th, 1976. Words in binary Don’t ever say you are too old.