15 Tv shows that taught you more than school ever did – entertainment guide to everything stock connect morgan stanley


Why it’s better than school: There was no deNYEing science was cool when this guy was around euro egyptian pound exchange rate. Also, the props in his classroom were super rad. 2. Liberty’s Kids

What it taught you: This show taught you all you about American history between 1773 and 1789. It also taught you what it’s like to be a journalist and all the challenges you face as a reporter.

Why it’s better than school: You went back in history through the eyes of two young and ambitious reporters that interviewed super high-profile historic figures like George Washington. 3 binary questions. Sesame Street

What it taught you: Colors, numbers, and the alphabet futures market meaning. But most importantly it taught you valuable life lessons, like that one time Kermit the Frog sang “ Being Green,” which touches on the subject of race, individuality, and self-acceptance.

Why it’s better than school: Hanging out with these monster-like puppets was way cooler than going to kindergarten with children who were real monsters. 4.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

What it taught you: Life lessons that you can always practice. For example, you might’ve learned the meaning of 1 4 3 (I love you) on his show.

Why it’s better than school: Every lesson was presented in catchy tunes that you probably still sing to this day. It made you wish everything was taught in song at school. 6 exchange rate vnd usd. Cyber Chase

Why it’s better than school: This was simply better because these kids had a talking cyber bird who helped them with their math problems and the kids at your school didn’t. 7. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

What it taught you: Ms exchange rate us to nz. Sandiego taught you a whole lot about geography, but she might’ve also inspired you to do some archeology, or even some spy work.

Why it’s better than school: You got to look for a super chic villain while traveling the world. She is technically at fault for your wanderlust. 8 cocoa futures market news. The Magic School Bus

Why it’s better than school: You wish you would’ve been in Ms. Frizzle’s class because of her amazing school bus, and her field trips were way better than any school trip you’ve ever been to the millionaire real estate investor pdf. Like that one time the class explored Arnold’s skin after he turned orange. 9. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Why it’s better than school: Captain Planet was just way cooler than anything ever presented at school during Earth week, and you’ll never have cool rings with elemental powers at school. 10 funny jokes. Wishbone

Why it’s better than school: At school you were forced to read these stories, but Wishbone would reenact them so you would be entertained while learning. Also, you couldn’t get the theme song out of your head. 11 euro vs usd chart. Reading Rainbow

Why it’s better than school: LeVar Burton was probably one of your favorite teachers in life and he didn’t even go to your school. He was an amazing narrator who brought every story to life. Oh, and the show might come back!! 12. Barney and Friends

Why it’s better than school: Never will you ever be able to sing all day with a huge, friendly dinosaur and his other dinosaur friends. 13 ashley furniture store credit card. ZOOM

What it taught you: Science and art projects, cool games, and recipes. This show also taught you how to be proficient in using email because you were probably sending them fan mail after hearing their small jam, “ Zmail!”

Why it’s better than school: When you watched Zoom you were encouraged to jump and act crazy; at school you were constrained to your seat and your desk area only. 14. Blue’s Clues

Why it’s better than school: You talked to a blue dog and Steve, but this show was also cool because it inspired you to send handwritten mail and not convert to the evil ways of email. 15. Zoboomafoo

What it taught you: Zoology. According to you, you can now work at a zoo and be able to treat any kind of animal because a puppet lemur taught you as a child.