‘24_ legacy,’ a one-hour super bowl ad for islamophobia – the new york times


But demagoguery is an act of imagination. Php usd exchange rate You ask people to imagine a mushroom cloud over an American city, as Dick Cheney did in building the case for the war in Iraq. Capital meaning in hindi Or that Muslim refugees from the seven countries on the ban list are an existential threat, though none have carried out fatal terror attacks in the United States.

And series like “24: Legacy” have, for years, provided that kind of raw nightmare material.

Stock futures market quotes The terrorists could be anywhere. Kwd usd exchange rate They could be in your neighborhood. Binary form Or they could be in the schools, like Amira (Kathryn Prescott), the Chechen immigrant apparently planning an attack with her brother and a teacher she has under her Lolita-like spell. Try usd (Though her religion is not specifically mentioned, the subplot has overtones of the Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.)

Over the years, “24” wrestled with the responsibility of its characterizations. British pound to usd converter It introduced sympathetic Muslim characters and spread the villainy around: Serbians, Chinese, Russians and the evil president Logan.

Its descendant “Homeland” — co-produced by Howard Gordon, an original producer of “24” and an executive producer on the reboot — has taken pains to consult intelligence experts. Pound to usd chart They have advised, for the current season set in New York, that Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) lack the capability to pull off the kind of coordinated plot in the United States that the “24: Legacy” pilot set up. 99 usd to euro The season focuses on the case of a young Brooklyn Muslim, arrested for posting incendiary videos.

“24: Legacy” works on a different level of realism, and it probably expected to appear in a different world. 1 usd to 1 aud Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, we’d be talking about the implications of casting an African-American hero, or how incongruous it looks for the show’s presidential candidate (Jimmy Smits) to be a man. 1 usd to rub The show’s stereotyping would be the same, but we would not be seeing stereotyping’s consequences playing out in real life the way they are now.

But that’s not where we are. Msn news headlines Nor are we even in the post-9/11 heyday of “24,” when George W. Convert usd to idr Bush stressed that Islam was a “religion of peace.” Mr. Pound exchange rate to euro Trump is under the sway of those who see all of Islam as an enemy, advisers like Stephen K. Binary search in python Bannon, who has said, “Islam is not a religion of peace — Islam is a religion of submission,” at war with the “Judeo-Christian West.”

This wasn’t the only vision of America on display in the past week. Usd jpy rate Anheuser-Busch prepared a Budweiser commercial celebrating the brand’s founder, a German immigrant, for overcoming xenophobia to create an American icon. Cnn money market futures The ad went viral days before the Super Bowl.

“24: Legacy” may not have meant to enlist in this culture war. Usd to cop exchange rate But anyone telling this kind of story now might be supplying rhetorical ammo to people who dream of making America smaller, meaner, more homogeneous and more afraid.

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