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With over 7,000 colleges and universities in the United States, chances are that many of you and your friends, family, and even significant others may be split up around the nation, or the world cny usd exchange rate. Well at least, I know that’s the case for me; five of my closest friends are spread out as far as California to Washington D.C., while I’m in Seattle, where I’m lucky enough to have one with me.

As excited as I am to start college and meet new people, I’m going to miss the weirdos who have always been by my side, and I wanted to find a way to show them that. So, I decided to make gifts for friends going to different colleges, but tailored to their experiences.

The best part is that I—being the nice person I am—have decided to tell you all the secrets behind making these gifts for friends on all fronts: costs, tools needed, and where you can find everything you need to send your love from miles and miles away.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, it is your lucky day. 6. Customizable Accessories for Dorm Gianna Emma

Starting off with number six on the list of gifts for friends, we’ve got a pretty generic gift that can be turned personal in a matter of seconds. The reason why this is so low on the list is mostly for cost, but if you do enough research, you’ll probably be able to find a lower priced gift and be able to spend a little extra on shipping.

I would check out websites like Etsy, Uncommon Goods, and Personalization Mall stock meaning. I ordered my gift on Shutterfly, which is also a good website, but can be a little on the pricey side.

Seeing as this is one of my best friends, I didn’t mind splurging a little on her gift. I think the cost was worth it because it is a gift that will last a very long time and will always be useful. But if you’re on a budget, then I think another gift idea on the list would be more useful. 5. Build a Bear Gianna Emma

Coming in fifth place, Build a Bear makes a comeback as a timeless gift with a little twist capital meaning in economics. Bring back your childhood days of running around the store trying to find the perfect outfit for your teddy bear, but know where your nearest locations are.

The locations in Seattle are mostly in malls, which can be hard to get to without a car, but no matter where you are, remember that bears can get pricey if you try to accessorize them too much.

It was a little pricey, but only because of the stuffed animal I chose. I think its completely worth it because it can mean a lot to let someone know you’re thinking of them and always have your voice with them. Although these can make great gifts for friends, I would recommend this especially for long distance couples. Just be careful saying anything freaky into the sound bite, you don’t wanna accidentally hit that paw and let everyone around you know what you’re into. Or do you? It’s a free country.

The old-fashioned care package: easy to make, a little hard to send. Depending on where you are in relation to the person you want to send some care to and how fast you want it to get there, shipping costs can be a little crazy. But, if it’s somewhere nearby and there’s no rush, care packages are meaningful gifts for friends who are craving a little piece of home.

I made a care package for my friend who is attending the University of Wisconsin 1 usd to cad. In it, I put a couple of his favorite snacks, a baseball, and a little card.

The items inside the care package only cost me about $8, but this of course varies on what you’re sending. It also cost about $20 for the slowest option of shipping through UPS which takes about four days. You can use a postage price calculator to give yourself a good idea of how much your package will cost to ship.

For the mediocre price I paid, I know that the package really meant a lot to my friend 1 usd in idr. Care packages are always the way to go for anyone who is feeling homesick, and there are literally millions of variations of what you can pack in them, so let your creativity reign free. Make sure you check out all your shipping options before you choose a carrier, because I found out later that USPS has lower rates depending on how large the box you use is. 3 dollar euro exchange rate forecast. Photo Album Gianna Emma

Another special way to show someone you’re thinking of them is to make a photo album. I bought the album itself at Michael’s, but you can really buy one at any craft store. The only problem that may arise is that unless you have a photo printer, it can be kind of pricey to print pictures on photo paper at places like FedEx.

I didn’t really spend much money on this and I was able to make it meaningful with lots of little notes and lots of pictures. Plus, I have known this friend since I was five, so I had a variety of pictures to work with. However, if you don’t have easy access to a photo printer, I don’t know if it would be worth all the expenses. But you can always keep reading for more ideas for some even cheaper gifts for friends. (Wink, wink.) 2. Open When Letters Gianna Emma

I had to look up a little inspiration for what to put inside my letters, but the concept of this gift is simple futures market prices. Basically, you create letters for a friend to open when a certain situation arises 1 usd to myr. For example, one of my letters was labeled "Open When You’ve Partied too Hard" and inside was a list of hangover cures. I might sound like a good friend for that, but believe me, some of those cures were so gross I might actually be a bad friend for giving them to her. If you need any help, the page linked above has a number of ideas and even labels you can print out.

I made a series of about 20 letters for all the "Open When" situations I could think of from a set of envelopes and cards inside of a box that I all got from Michael’s.

The supplies themselves only cost around $15-20 to buy, but if you want to add any extras into your cards, like gift cards, the price range can go up.

Not only did my friend love these cards, but it was one of the most fun gifts to make. I loved thinking of new ideas and little notes or additions I could write that I know would help her in anytime she needed it python tutorial video. I highly recommend making this, and letting your creative side shine through with little drawings or poems to add your own touch to it. 1. Date Night Jar Gianna Emma

Finally, the big finish is a famous Pinterest creation: the Date Night Jar. Although this idea requires a little typing effort, it is the cheapest and one of the most interactive gifts for friends that you can give, and in my case, it’s even a gift for myself.

I made this gift for my roommate and I to try out on nights out on the town. This gift idea can double not only as a personalized present for a friend at a different school, but you can also make it for your roommate, a friend, or a significant other who’s going to school with you as a plan for activities to come.

I made the date night jar using a mason jar and a bunch of popsicle sticks. I colored the popsicle depending on which type of activity it included, and then wrote a variety of different restaurants, clubs, and even bars on the sticks 1 usd to 1 gbp. I also used two labels to designate what each color meant and also add a little pizzaz.

This is the top gift for a reason. I think this gift is the best for low-cost needs, and also can give you an understanding of your surroundings, or even a friend’s surroundings at a different college. The only advice I would give while trying to construct this gift idea is to make sure that you (A) research locations that are relatively close to your friend’s university and (B) do a little research to make sure you won’t be sending your friend to somewhere that will give them food poisoning.

Believe me, I get it: change can be very, very scary. Especially if you’re moving to a whole new state or city where you know nobody. What you have to remember is that distance means nothing to the heart: no matter where you are or who you’re with, you’ll always be thinking of those you love. (If someone tries to tell you differently, ditch them.)

You’re never alone, and neither are they, so use these gifts to remind them of that. Plus, there are new friends around every corner, and I’m sure you’ll meet so many new people that you’ll be ordering personalized pillows by the dozen. If all else fails, order yourself a pillow with your own face on it because you deserve some love and appreciation too. Sleep on that pillow with pride, ’cause you don’t need no one else.