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I’ll explain why. Usd to zmk When we listen to our heart, our mind and the huge database of call data from thousands of clients, it’s clear that companies who open up their telephone lines as a touchpoint have a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

In fact, the day I’m writing this article we observe the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Euro dollar exchange rate It was this day in 2007 that marked a change in tides and evoked a revolution in technology.

When a lead contacts us at Ruler Analytics, we use our own dedicated software to tell our CRM how that person got in touch with us, whether it be over the phone or by filling out a form online.

We found out that those who called us, converted into customers at 3x the rate of those who filled out a form online AND took an average of 3 days less – that’s 25% quicker!

Whilst call tracking software like Ruler Analytics will help measure where your phone calls are coming from, it’s only when you begin putting tactics into place to increase your conversion rates that you’ll begin reaping the rewards.

A local phone number will also make your business seem more trustworthy. Gbp to usd forecast 2016 When you serve up a generic 0800 number the visitor will assume that they’re in for one of the most frustrating experiences ever..

Not only can your visitors gain from a personalised experience over the phone, it gives you time to understand the market in which your lead is calling you from. Gbp usd forecast 2016 Allowing you to tailor a pragmatic approach, which in turn will help secure a growth in conversions.

In this study by Smashing Magazine, 40 participants were asked to use a website that had a sticky header installed. Pound usd exchange rate Later, they were asked about their experience.

Six out of the 40 participants were indifferent. Gbp to usd chart However, the other 34 that did have an impression said they found the sticky navigation easier and faster to use.

Display the times that your call handlers are available, or even better, have a availability icon next to your phone number to overcome any objections one may have about calling the number.

If you’re a business on the internet, there’s a good chance you’re using AdWords (if not, why not?!). Usd football schedule But did you know that AdWords has two features that are tailor made for businesses switched on to inbound call leads?

If you choose the “just the phone number” option this is what your Google ads will resemble if an individual where to find your paid advertisement on a mobile device.

Both the headline and the call-to-action button will become a click-to-call feature. Usd to yen forecast This will prevent the visitor from being directed to a landing page, leaving them with the only option to call you directly.

I’m not saying this is a BAD thing, however there’s a great chance you’re underestimating your marketing channels, and realistically these types of metrics mean nothing if the leads aren’t coming in, right?