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Comenity credit cards don’t get much press in the points-n-miles world since most them are cobranded offerings with small retailers. I thought it would be interesting to take a more comprehensive look at their offerings to see all that they have to offer in one fell swoop.

A couple of notes before we begin eur usd converter. First, note that Comenity Bank credit cards can sometimes be obtained via the shopping cart trick, which is a way to get a credit card without a hard pull. Second, while Comenity Bank issues a lot of credit cards, I’m only going to focus on the Visa / MasterCard offerings (i.e. ones which aren’t just store cards), since those are the ones which offer the most opportunities for lots of sweet, sweet credit card rewards.

I’m using this list on MyFico as my starting point. It’s over a year old, so it’s a little outdated, so I’ll add in a few others I’m aware of.

If I leave any out, or if I’ve missed any benefits of any of these cards, please let me know in the comments. Let’s start with the two Comenity credit cards I have:

• If you can find a gas station willing to sell you gift cards, the Marathon Visa is potentially one of the most lucrative credit cards out there. I explained here why falling gas prices and Comenity’s odd rewards scheme mean rising rewards for cardholders usd to hkd conversion. Currently, the rewards are around 10%, but only if you’re able to spend $1,000 in a month at Marathon, and most Marathon stores either don’t have gift cards or else won’t sell them to you with a credit card.

• I have the Fuel Rewards MasterCard as well, but I haven’t found it to be particularly valuable. The rewards aren’t great and you don’t get much in the way of good offers once you’re a cardmember. You can skip this one and focus on cards with better gas rewards.

• I recently wrote here about the Saturday Night Live MasterCard (edit: the card was eventually cancelled). The intriguing hook on this card is 4X the points on entertainment purchases on Saturdays ashley furniture store credit card. Entertainment includes gambling / casinos, and I don’t know of any other product that pays out that kind of bonus on that category. Unfortunately I can’t tell how much the points are worth from Comenity’s website, and I’m hours from any casino anyway equity meaning in hindi. The right person with the right idea (and with a great deal of self-control and no proclivity to gambling addictions) might be able to do pretty well racking up credit card rewards, though.

The Sportsmans Guide Visa issued by Comenity bank often has 4x or 5x promos.I can remember at least 3 in the last year and a half. I think one in November was unlimited. Their store has a far wider variety of products than Banana. I wonder if their Gander Mountain card has similiar promos.It is a good second card for those building credit, before moving on to premium cards

• Like the SNL card, the Virgin America Visa is a new addition to Comenity Bank’s portfolio. Unfortunately–and unlike most major domestic airline cards–this card does not have a great sign-up bonus. I don’t see much use for it unless you’re a regular VA flyer the millionaire fastlane. If you’re still curious, TPG has a good rundown here.

• Ann Taylor MasterCard / Love Loft MasterCard: 5 points per dollar spent at the eponymous clothing store family, plus a $15 gift certificate annually on your birthday. Only one point everywhere else, however binary to alphabet converter. Pass.

• Gander Mountain MasterCard: I had never heard of Gander Mountain before learning of this card’s existence; turns out it’s an outdoors store. You can get three points per dollar on all purchases there plus an additional two per dollar if you spend more than $10,000 per year on the card. I went to a Gander Mountain store to see if they had a gift card rack, but I did not see one. Out of curiosity, I recently got this credit card, see my review here for details.

• Total Rewards Visa: This is the Caesars casino co-branded card. I wrote about it here, and it seems to have some potential if you’re into that sort of thing usa today coaches poll football. Scott at Travel Codex has a good rundown of the Caesars loyalty program.

• MyPoints Visa: I’m not familiar with the MyPoints site, which is apparently some sort of deal site / portal where you get rewards for buying stuff. You get one extra point for every dollar spent through MyPoints. Their website advertises 1 pt / $ on Amex gift cards, and it looks like points are worth two thirds of a cent as best as I can tell. Is 1.4% back on Amex GCs worth it? I never mess with those things so I have no idea.

• Farmers Insurance Visa: I recently reviewed this card as well. One interesting thing about it is that you can get 3X rewards on your insurance payments, although of course you are limited to getting this rewards on Farmers Insurance products. It’s also got a 3X bonus on home improvement, which is not something that a lot of cards have us to canadian dollar exchange rate history. But unless you’ll be spending a lot of money in those areas, this card probably isn’t worth it.

• Orbitz Visa: This card can be useful if you use Orbitz a lot. The card lets you earn 10% back on hotel bookings if you use the Orbitz app (8% if you don’t). The card also gives you gold status in the Orbitz program, which may be good for a few benefits, and also gets you a little closer to Platinum status, which gets you a few more benefits. And Gold Status is also helpful for Best Rate Guarantee claims as well.

• Victoria’s Secret card: This one may be worthwhile if you’re a big shopper at Victoria’s Secret; it’s also rumored to be an easy one to get via the shopping cart trick 100 usd to euro. Read my review here.

Well, I’ve had three of Community Credit Cards though all are for the women’s clothing,HOME goods sort and until today while pondering the possibilities of applying for the Bed Bath and Beyond credit card and accidently discovered that this particular credit card just happens to be one that I just might seriously consider, as all the others (Woman Within,Ellos,Brylane aHome) I’ve had now going on 3 years and I have never had a late payment and currently all are paid in full so since 2012 my husband and I have been rebuilding,paying off all our prior credit debt that has for many reasons found their way onto each of our credit reports and many have been as a result of stolen identify and other nefarious means but back to my point, I’m just now to the point of pretty much having both our credit reports up where they need to be so we can qualify for a new home to be built on land we recently purchased. So, I wanted to ask if anyone has any good reviews on this credit card?

I’ve been using the marathon card for about 6 months now. Occasionally they offer double rebates for three months as a sign up bonus, which makes it worth if even for regular gas spend if you can make it into their second tier. There is one station that tracks as a Marathon that sells one specific type of gift card, so I was able to rack up, but they do but your rebates on hold after you hit an undisclosed pending rebates amount.

exxon gas card is good one to get easy to get too, also shell is good, old navy, gap and bannana republic are commenity cards, also Gordmans is easy and good card as well euro pound conversion rate. Great stuff there I love to shop there. Any unsecured credit is good, no matter what that guy said. If you can get 7 cards with use of only 1/4 of the credit limit your score will go up quickly. Always try to only keep your balance at 1/4th of the credit limit.