A boy and her dog _ traversing the border between butch and transgender


Yes. Price of gold us Donna and I will be going to the NYC Women’s March on January 21, a satellite of the “big one” in Washington, D.C. Stock outperform meaning Right now, neither Donna nor I can handle the logistics of a 5 A.M. Usd inr exchange rate forecast bus trip down to Washington, the cold, figuring out where to pee, finding a place to warm up, get something to eat, and finding someone to walk and feed Gracie while we are away. What is us currency We can, however, roll out of bed and get to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza by 11AM. Financial markets futures If it is too cold, if Donna gets too tired, if we need to find a bathroom, or if we have to drop out of the march, we will manage to find our way safely home by public transportation. 1 usd myr In time for dinner.

I looked at the web site for the Women’s March on Washington (and the satellite marches in 200 other cities) to double-check that it was clearly open to all regardless of gender and gender identity. Canadian dollar to indian rupee exchange rate It is, but there is no list of demands, or issues, except for a mission statement which condemns the hateful rhetoric of the election, and reminds us that “women’s rights are human rights” and that “we will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society”.

Nothing about the right-wing attack on reproductive rights, abortion, and health care. Usd jpy exchange rate Nothing about voting rights, poverty, and mass incarceration.

Bloomberg stock futures market Nothing about rape culture, misogyny, homophobia, or transphobia. Gbp usd rate Nothing to scare anyone away. Twd usd Nothing for anyone to disagree with.

I have a complicated relationship to some traditional “women’s issues”. Us market futures I never wanted to have a family (marriage or children). Financial market futures I was never attracted to men, or dated a man, or slept with a man, tried to get birth control, or tried to get pregnant. Pound exchange rate forecast I was never afraid of getting pregnant or needing an abortion. The boxer rebellion tour While I was, and still am, afraid of getting mugged or bashed by men – I was not consciously afraid of being raped. Gold forecast today I haven’t been groped on the subway or cat-called since I was in high school. Oil futures market This puts me in a very small minority; almost all of my friends actively use or used contraception, have kids, and/or had abortions (legal and illegal). Future marketing trends 2015 Continue reading →

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Last week I brought my 2006 Subaru Outback in for its annual safety and emissions inspection. Usd to euro chart Twice. Stock market future predictions 2015 Cars registered in New York City must be inspected within the city limits at a privately owned auto repair shop that is also a licensed Official Inspection Station. Rmb to usd Each year it is a struggle to get a new inspection sticker without the repair shop trying to upsell or overcharge me for work that may not be necessary. Euro usd chart I always think it would be easier if I were a man. Exchange rate aud to usd If I were a rich man.

I let the Subaru dealer perform all the routine maintenance on the car. Currency converter zar to usd The master plan was to bring the car in to the dealer for its 90,000 mile servicing before the 2016 inspection sticker expired. Usd to ruble exchange rate The dealer can’t give me a sticker because they are outside the city limits, but at least they would catch anything that might cause me to fail. Dollar to pound chart I didn’t follow the master plan. Euro usd rate Continue reading →

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