A twitter presidency _ the chronicle


The Twittersphere, a lovely outlet for Chrissy Teigen to post selfies of her baby, for David Beckham to share his fabulous abs and for Kanye West to unleash his inner psycho-Jesus, is where our President complains and blabbers about his life and job.

His tweets are crass. Usd to sgd rate He specializes in bumper-sticker politics that have no depth. Usd conversion rate today He directs the nation’s frustrations toward trivial material—like controversial SNL skits and former models, tweeting in a way that is simply inappropriate for a person in his position.

Stock market trading hours pacific time But that’s how he conducted and won his campaign. Eu to usd conversion Were we really expecting that he would change after the success of his social media tirade delivered him to the Oval Office?

Courtesy of the newest leader of the free world, Donald Trump. Basketball quotes for girls This flash of brilliance was composed from his personal Twitter account that has more than 23 million followers and provides Kardashian-esque entertainment for the world to consume, each and every day. Exchange rate us and canada In the entire campaign season, in every decision he makes in the White house and in every thought that passes through his mind, is his precious Twitter.

Our political world didn’t start off this way. Dollar conversion rate today Thanks to lack of technology, our society never had to consider social-media megaphones while choosing our political leader. Gbp to usd historical exchange rates There was a time when candidates were judged solely on their ability to debate, their knowledge on policy and government, their prior experience and their hope and will for something better. Stock market futures right now Their personal lives remained private, their love lives stayed under the covers and their children were sheltered from scrutiny. Convert to binary Understandably, this made for much better and more popular presidencies, as well as less tumultuous relationships with the public. Binary trigger system Only those scandals which threatened the effectiveness of the president found their way into homes of families, as not every story was newsworthy.

Gary Hart, a candidate in the 1988 presidential election, had to drop out of the race because he received so much hate for an affair. Funny jokes in urdu 2016 President Bill Clinton was impeached after the public became interested in his affair. Binary encoding The only reason why President John F. Euro pak rupee exchange rate Kennedy was not impeached and in fact adored by the country was because his affairs were kept under-wraps.

We have since transitioned from only four news stations and one newspaper per city to 24-hour news, blogs and feeds that crave and suck in so much information to dissipate across the country. Text editor windows 10 We over-educate ourselves to the max to stimulate ourselves and quench our ever-increasing boredom. Future stock market predictions 2014 This change in scope has greatly affected what we find acceptable in a candidate. Usd rub rate Trump proved that he could get elected regardless of scandal, boasting about “grabbing p***y” all the way to the electoral college.

We know all about candidates’ affairs, all about their kids and prior jobs, about their sex life and the medications they pop in the privacy of their bathroom. 30 in binary Isn’t that what makes our country exciting, though?! It’s what draws in ratings, it’s what entertains the public, it’s what generates buzz. Gender identity crisis Candidates are regular celebrities, and we’ve elected one.

It is, in large part, the fault of social media, and the significance of it in our society. Kurs usd rupiah It normalizes the salacious details and scandals that once ended careers, allowing for a lude, crude billionaire-entertainer to bypass moral tests and rise to the top.

In fact, a new Twitter account has emerged called “ @roguePOTUSSTAFF.” It is a group of people satirizing the White House’s updates from the new presidential administration. New york stock exchange futures So the very social media which landed him the presidency has rewarded the public with a new outlet, one that piles further onto the un-funny output of Donald Trump. Australia to us exchange rate The Twitter account provides the Twittersphere with fake quotes, conversations and statements made by the administration to create comedic material at the president’s expense.

Sadly, I love it. Aud usd live chart I love to point to something that calls out inconsistencies (be they made-up) within the terrifyingly elusive White House and what they reveal to the public. Binary decimal But that’s exactly what is so controversial about this new administration. Used future However funny or absurd or serious or rational Trump can be, it is no short of a disaster that his Twitter has such an influence on his real decisions. Euro forecast A president that is not taken seriously is not a successful one; a president that doesn’t take himself seriously is a dangerous one.