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You’ve likely been there. How does the commodity futures market work The sales contract is changed after the effective date of the assignment and the client then asks you to reflect the revised information in your (new) report. Hkd usd peg You must then review the new contract and summarize your (new) analysis.

Nzd to usd chart I’ve blogged on this scenario in the past regarding whether this constitutes a new assignment or just a new report. Chf usd Perhaps now this nuisance issue will largely become a thing of the past.

On December 6th Fannie Mae published announcement SEL-2016-09 which should make life a little easier for appraisers. Forex rates in pakistan Essentially, if the sales contract is changed regarding the sales price or seller concessions, the lender is no longer required to forward that information to the appraiser. Exchange rate of indian rupee to us dollar Fannie Mae is apparently recognizing that changes to seller concessions or sales price don’t affect the opinion of value. Msn news video If, however, the contract “is amended in a way that affects the description of the real property used by the appraiser, then the lender must provide the updated contract to the appraiser and the appraisal should be updated.” Note that “updated” in this context would amount to a new assignment, not just a new report. Eur usd exchange rate history Here’s an excerpt from the announcement.

Currently, we require the lender to provide the appraiser with all amendments made to a sales contract, including amendments that are made after completion of the appraisal. 100 usd in euro With this update, we have clarified when the appraiser must be provided with updates to the sales contract and circumstances that warrant updates to the appraisal. Cnbc stock futures market For example, if the contract is amended in a way that affects the description of the real property used by the appraiser, then the lender must provide the updated contract to the appraiser and the appraisal should be updated. Thb to usd However, minor updates to the contract, such as changes to seller paid closing costs or changes to the contract price, do not require an updated appraisal. Usd pound exchange rate In addition, we have updated the policy to require disclosure of changes to financing information (such as loan fees and charges, and subordinate financing provided by interested parties) to the appraiser only for purchase transactions.

So, does this mean you will never again get a request to review an amended contract and issue a new report when the sales price is renegotiated? Probably not, as lenders and their agents often take time to become aware of announcements like this. Yen to usd conversion But it means you will have an opportunity to educate those individuals who ask you to unnecessarily issue a new report. Binary translation Simply refer them to Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2016-09 issued December 6, 2016. Usd to inr converter Reference item number 4, “Disclosure of Information to Appraisers.” We suggest you download a PDF copy now, for future use. 100 eur usd Here’s the link:

Did you know that ACI includes 1GB of free online file storage with every membership plan? That’s right, no expensive per-file costs or complicated setup. Asian pre market futures Simply select some files and with a touch of a button, they are securely stored in the cloud. Mini msci emerging markets index futures It’s perfect for backing up report files, cold storage for workfile data, or transferring data to a new computer.

Quickly select your last 10, 50, or 100 files with the “Select Files” drop-down. Euro conversion rate today It automatically compares the versions of the files, so you can decide which one you want to keep, allowing you to store a separate copy or replace existing files.

To get these new features and functions, run WebUpdate. Hkd to usd converter To open Sky Box close all reports and go to eServices > ACI Sky Services > Sky Box. Usd inr rate today Enter your Sky Box login credentials and follow the on-screen prompts. Usd jpy live rate If you don’t have a Sky Box account, email One Call and we’ll get you set up.