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BALTIMORE – Last week, Team Trump made its triumphant march into Washington. Euro vs usd exchange rate The president-elect paid his respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, admired his new hotel in Washington, and quipped that his cabinet had the highest IQs of any on record.

We’re over here! Too brainy for our skulls! We don’t know whether the new cabinet’s proximity to Einstein has actually been measured, but from experience we caution that seemingly high intelligence often doesn’t keep people from being morons (there is a long list of high IQ morons considered to be members of the intelligentsia).

Binary search That said, the Donald himself is certainly a lot sharper than many people give him credit for; his judgment on the matter should probably be given the benefit of the doubt… – click to enlarge.

But the sweetest moment… the delicious, savory victory… came when, to the great relief and applause of millions of adoring fans, “The Donald” became the 45th president of the United States of America.

Trump’s long march began at least 20 years ago when he first toyed publicly with the idea of running for president. Eur usd live chart Over the years, unbeknownst to anyone, perhaps even to himself, he made his connections, mapped out his campaign, and assembled his troops.

At first, when he appeared as a contender, commentators ridiculed him. Binary subtraction examples He had “no experience,” they said. Investing in futures market He was “temperamentally unsuited” to high office. Taux de change euro dollar canadien He was this. Usd yen chart He was that. 200 usd to eur But what he wasn’t was discouraged.

As unlikely as it seemed, the upstart politician from Queens crossed the Hudson and brought novel new technology and shocking new tactics to the presidential contest – including disarming tweets and surprise attacks. Online currency rates in pakistan Instead of sticking to conventional movements and rigid positions, Trump rounded on his enemies and outflanked them time and again.

Trump seemed to outrage all the major constituent parts of the electorate at once, but he was hard to stop. Usd cad news He knocked out “Little Marco” Rubio. Exchange rate usd aud He decked John Kasich.

And then he hammered, one after another, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson.

The swept away gang of Republican hopefuls. Currency converter rmb to usd It was quite fascinating and amusing to watch the Donald making virtually the entire “political punditry” industry look like a bunch of complete idiots for an entire year… here is a montage of the funniest “Dewey defeats Truman” moments just before the election.

The Bushes and the Clintons are staunch defenders of the Deep State, wise to the ways of the media and politics, and they had the support of the rich and powerful patrician classes of Wall Street, Northern Virginia, Georgetown, Montgomery County, …read more

Back in late 2013 I wrote a piece on human nature which was in part inspired by the bullish exuberance exhibited by a MarketWatch article predicting the DJIA at 20,000 in the near term future. Market opening futures Yesterday afternoon, a bit over three years later, that prediction actually became reality and I’m sure the author of that article as well as many other like minded traders popped some champagne in celebration of their awesome ability to predict the future.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for those guys and for the Dow Jones. 50 eur to usd Assuming of course that everyone involved actually put their money where their mouth was back then – which ever few do. Usd aud conversion And that in essence was the underlying message of my post.

In yesterday’s update I briefly touched on hindsight bias and how we all have a knack for bending the past in our respective favor. Zloty to usd Nobody wants to look stupid after all. Exchange rate us to canadian dollars And in hindsight, all of us would have liked to have bought the S&P 500 at 667 in 2008 and then traded it all the way up to just below 2300 today.

Except of course that we didn’t (please raise your hand if you did). Currency converter rs to usd And that is quite a humbling lesson to learn in our ongoing quest to obtain riches from market participants who happen to disagree with us. Rub usd exchange rate It’s not that we didn’t foresee this event, actually many people probably did.

It is about how difficult it is to actually translate such information or ideas into profits. Historical exchange rates usd cad Back in 2008, as well as in 2013, there was no way of truly knowing where the DJIA or the S&P 500 would be trading all those years later. Exchange rate usd gbp So what makes anyone think they know what the future holds – today?

S&P 500 Index, monthly – from utter despondency to foaming-at-the-mouth euphoria in eight years. 1 usd to zwd The performance of the index is largely an artifact of run-away monetary inflation under the modern fiat money system, which has triggered a series of boom-bust cycles of increasing amplitude. Exchange rate us to india The problem is that it takes more and more money creation to sustain bubble conditions and it cannot be blithely assumed that the effects will continue to remain confined to the prices of financial assets and capital goods – click to enlarge.

Over the eight plus years since the launch of the Evil Speculator trading blog, we have seen markets change, regulations change, and even the way we trade change (mainly due to mobile technology). Feeder cattle futures market prices We now compete with high frequency trading robots executing dozens of trades within nanoseconds.

We even have to contend with online social media these days, which have the power to amplify a rumor into a market slide within mere minutes. Flower tattoo designs If you think that predicting the level of the DJIA over the next week is difficult, then attempting to predict what may transpire several years down the line is not just foolish but borders on insanity.

BALTIMORE – The tweet was never sent and never received: “Lying Otto von Bismarck set us up for bankruptcy! What was he thinking? Sad!!” Instead, Mr. Investing com aud usd Trump said last weekend that, far from trying to curb the promises and cut the costs of the welfare state, he was nearly ready to unveil a plan to replace Obamacare with something better: a plan that would provide “insurance for everybody.”

The “iron chancellor” Otto von Bismarck, wearing the type of helmet one shouldn’t leave lying around on a chair. Nyse futures exchange Bismarck was responsible for the unification of Germany, which he achieved by engineering several wars as prime minister and foreign minister of Prussia. Investing in futures and options markets Prussia waged war against Denmark, Austria and France, and defeated all of them. Exchange rate australian to us dollar Bismarck then unified the independent German states, city-states, bishoprics and principalities partly by annexation and partly by negotiation. Love quotes Once Germany was unified, he was appointed “chancellor of the empire”. Gender differences It was as though he was finally promoted to a post beyond his competence, in line with the Peter principle. Usd to myr converter First he embarked on the so-called Kulturkampf, aiming to undermine the power of the Catholic Church. Gender roles The Church fought back by entering into a powerful political alliance with the Center Party. Today’s exchange rate of usd to inr Bismarck abandoned the effort when he realized that secularists were using it to attack religion in general and that he would need the Center Party’s cooperation. Funny quotes and sayings Shortly after Germany’s unification, Europe was struck by an economic depression (incidentally, the term “crash” was coined when stocks cratered on the Vienna stock exchange in 1873). Usd eur rate history Bismarck immediately ensured that the depression would get worse by introducing tariffs in order to “protect” German industry. Binary translator google As the economic downturn predictably intensified, the popularity of socialism increased markedly. Hkd usd exchange rate Bismarck responded by banning all socialist organizations and literature in 1878, which utterly failed to quell the rise of the socialists. Exchange rate euro to dollar today In a renewed effort to undermine support for them, Bismarck introduced the welfare state in the 1880s, which 140 years later is in the process of bankrupting all of Western civilization. Exchange rate rmb to usd Do we have anything good to say about the man? Yes, we do. Exchange rate dollar to euro today In contrast to his time as Prussia’s prime minister, he eschewed war as chancellor of the empire. Convert decimal fraction to binary In fact, he did everything in his power to preserve peace in Europe – it was by far his greatest concern. Euro fx futures One year before his death he darkly predicted: “One day a great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.”

The liberal and illiberal elites are still trying to figure it out: Isn’t that what Hillary was planning? The Obama team – like the Bushes and Clintons before it – had already run up impossible bills at taxpayers’ expense and offered all manner of unaffordable benefits.

Now, explained former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan in his private conversation with us here in Baltimore a few days ago, entitlements are out of control. Pepsi machine codes The system set up by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the 19th century is …read more

We noticed a worrisome remark by newly inaugurated President Trump. Qar to usd The strong dollar of the past 20 years, he said, is not good for American competitiveness. Dec to binary Let’s just tackle this straight on. The millionaire mind pdf Actually, we will address three distinct issues.

President Trump and his advisor Anthony Scaramucci apparently have discovered the “advantages” of currency devaluation. Usd zloty The only problem with that is that such advantages don’t exist, at least not for society at large. Cdn to usd converter As is always the case when money is debased, there is a small group that will benefit to the detriment of everybody else in the economy. How to learn binary code However, in the case of currency debasement, even this group (primarily the export sector) will enjoy only temporary benefits at best. Eur to usd graph Eventually, domestic prices will adjust to the devaluation, and then many exporters will find themselves in a worse situation than before [PT]

First, Trump said, “our companies can’t compete with China now because our currency is too strong.” Keith is old enough to remember long before the current scare about China, the scare was about Japan.

Japan was going to bury American companies, and buy up America. Canadian dollar to indian rupee exchange rate today Or so we were told. Binary file compare It would be interesting to look at the yen during this time, to see if it was falling and giving Japan some of the competitive advantage that Trump theorizes should occur. Decimal operations As it turns out, it is exactly backward. Dollar to euro conversion rate today From a low of 0.33 cents in 1976, the yen rose to nearly 1.3 cents by the mid 1990’s.

Of course, this makes sense to everyone but benighted economists. Stock market futures now How could draining away the savings of people and businesses give any advantage? That is what currency devaluation really means. British pound to us dollar conversion A loss of everyone’s savings. Market futures for today Poof.

This brings us to the alleged strong dollar. Amazon commission rates On January 22, 1997—exactly 20 years ago—the dollar was worth about 89mg gold. Cnn futures market Compare that to Friday, when it was just under 26mg, a loss of 71%. The box Orwell would be proud of this new meaning of the word strong!

Of course, no one any more believes in any kind of objective standard. Us stock chart The dollar, they think, should be measured by the euro, pound, and yen. Usd pound And they, in turn, are measured against the dollar. Canadian dollar news today It is a neat little trick, a sleight of hand, to distract attention from wholesale theft.

Finally, we have Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, who said the rising dollar will “have an impact internally in the US”. Dollar index chart live He spoke of “reaching out for lower-class families and middle-class families.”

Fortunately, under the current structure, the president does not have the power to push the dollar down. Stock futures live market Heck, the Fed has been trying to do that for years, and has not been succeeding. Convert usd to euro However, this is a worrying development …read more

Here are links to Part-I, Part-II, Part-III, Part-IV, Part-V, Part-VI, Part-VII, and Part-VIII, which not only provide updates on the demonetization saga, but explore and dissect India’s culture and why in this country of 1.34 billion — more than 1 out of every 6 human beings on the planet — so many exist in wretched poverty in this modern age, in an insect-like existence.

Oppression, exploitation, extreme stress, and the resulting millions of untimely deaths every year possibly make the story of the post-independent India one of the biggest crimes against humanity. Amazon prime rates Alas,it is getting worse.

As I explored in earlier updates, Indian institutions were designed to be run by the British. Call and put options for dummies With them no longer at the helm, these institutions have mutated over the last 70 years to accommodate the underlying irrationality, tribalism, and superstitions of India. Family dollar stock price They have slowly but surely crumbled away, decaying and becoming degraded.

Indian democracy today is simply mob rule, its educational system little but propaganda, and its citizens are mere cogs in the service of the State. Usd ringgit exchange rate Indian institutions, including the Supreme Court, are far from independent. Pound usd converter They are yes-men to India’s prime minister, the demagogue Narendra Modi.

India never properly assimilated the concepts of reason, liberty or individuality. Usd jpy technical analysis When these concepts were offered by Europeans free of cost on a plate, Indians completely failed to take notice them. Binary code to text All they saw and copied was the facade of western lifestyle: clothing, music, cinema, food, etc.

Under Modi, India’s degradation has picked up pace. 1 usd to zar Today the country is a full-fledged banana republic. Gbp to usd exchange rate However, all of this had to happen eventually, with or without Modi. Joy news ghana India is fated to disintegrate into tribal fiefdoms at some point. 2000 usd to inr That is the direction it has embarked on.

All of this can be said to apply to almost every country in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Conversion of usd to rupees What has slightly differentiated India — at least in the eyes of the international media, if not in reality — was the possibility of free speech at the margin.

India’s diversity — and the internal conflicts resulting from it — delayed the onset of full-fledged institutional totalitarianism. 1 usd to sek Alas, rising Hindu nationalism (Hindutava) is now rapidly weaving these heterogeneous groups of people into a totalitarian whole.