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The Aged Care Nursing specialisation aims to advance knowledge of ageing and nursing the aged. Binary decision diagram It explores the implications and challenges of a rapidly ageing population and encourages students to acknowledge the individuality of the ageing experience and the need for older people to maintain their own health and health care management where possible.

Students will have the opportunity to reflect on, and explore, the complexity of the issues associated with nursing an older client, and will use as a focus the policies which impact on the professional, organisational and political context of aged care nursing practice.

Students critically analyse ageing issues and theoretical perspectives under-pinning the ageing process and are able both to examine the complexities associated with nursing an ageing client and to research the potential for change in their everyday aged care nursing practice.

Rmb vs usd exchange rate Cultural variations and gender differences associated with ageing are debated, as are social issues such as ageism, isolation, poverty, abuse and neglect, violence, media portrayal and the ageing body.

Students will have the opportunity to explore in detail one or more areas of their choice relating to aged care nursing practice. Gender identity disorder The specialisation is conducted in a supportive but self-directed flexible learning environment in which students will be encouraged to explore, question, discuss and debate the challenges they face as registered nurses on both a micro and macro level. Usd gbp chart What will I study?

• provide a completed and signed Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support form (DOCX) as evidence that their employer is willing to facilitate the extended clinical practice components of the course within their workplace and/or an affiliated health agency will facilitate the clinical practice in a supernumeracy capacity.

*Applicants residing in South Australia must submit a completed and signed Professional Experience Placement (PEP) Support form (DOCX) following admission. Pounds to us dollars exchange rate It is not an entry requirement.

However, the Faculty Board may, under certain circumstances and subject to specific conditions, admit others who can show evidence of fitness for candidature. 1 usd to inr forecast Additional requirements

This course includes clinical placements which aim to provide students with the practical experience required for the workplace. Funny jokes for kids to tell at school Students on placement have both an increased risk of most vaccine preventable diseases as well as the potential to transmit infections to susceptible patients. Future stock market returns Students who are required to complete clinical placements as part of their course must therefore be immunised in accordance with the relevant State or Territory immunisation standards (eg Health Immunisation for Health Care Workers in South Australia 2014 Policy Guideline) and any additional private provider requirements as needed.

• If the number of applicants for Commonwealth supported places exceeds the number of places available, eligible applicants will be ranked based on their Grade Point Average (GPA). Usd currency exchange rate Please refer to the Postgraduate EzyGuide for fee status information.

• We accept international applications for programs commencing beyond the year advertised and tuition fees for these years will be higher. Exchange rate usd to inr history Please note that your tuition fees may be subject to an annual increase.

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