Alphabet arithmetic and fuzzy binary search words-numbers – codeproject usd to sgd rate


Alphabet arithmetic means any to convert of any alphabets in an number system equals number of characters plus one and application operations: addition, subtraction, attaching, deletion, insertion, substitution, separation and as a consequence, the possibility of a binary search.

As an example, take the Latin alphabet a – z, 26 characters and as Zero \0 – a null character, replace the ‘\0’ = 0, ‘a’ = 1 … ‘z’ = 26. It will turn a 27 number system stock market futures tomorrow. Now any letter or word is unique to the set of all possible combinations of letters in a given system. What allows us to compare on more or less and equal. Sort and use binary search. As well as producing the increment and decrement of words.

If have not Zero yen to usd exchange rate. Then there won’t be situations such as: abc\0 == abc. But there are other problems, the operations based on the separation of the formulas do not work if the last character in the place of separation, the result will be an extra unit, the problem of the number system.

You can enter a factor, but it is necessary to count, this long Float and still works unstably. In general, I was not able to achieve normal results, but to subdivide a subtraction residue today’s exchange rate usd to cad. And this is essentially character-oriented analysis of the word, save the results, work operations on them and build that are not so nice.

And if you have zero, all simply as with numbers. And the operations based on the division of work according to the formulas for any number system. As in other any other live quotes commodity futures market. But there are some features: conversion word is left to save a string index notation fraction to number calculator. Consequently all the right null characters are removed, as is the case with numbers, just the opposite:

1 == 0001, respectively, for the letters: a == a\0\0. Also, if these characters in the word will lead to their loss during surgery. Possible operations: addition and subtraction are trivial: a + a = b; z + a = \0a; a – a = \0; b – a = a;

Of course, the mathematical multiplication or division with respect to the words does not make sense, you need to split into right and left part of or attach to this or that part.

The division of an integer, if used fractional types, it is necessary to cut off the fractional part. If there is a word or a part of the zero symbol, the results may be incorrect.

To reverse the convert, create an array of char [len], where len = length of the word-number, W = word number, N = number system, tochr = returns the character corresponding to the number.

For example using bubble sort algorithm binary arithmetic operations. Need sort an array by string of determinated alphabet, it can be letters or signs doesn’t matter. Then change the alphabetic part in the class of code. It’s very important the alphabet must be contains all sings and letters which contained in the sorting strings gold usd. Then sort it. BubbleSort(string[] array)

Since the highest figure is on the right at the end of sorting can be, and vice versa, but then we must remember that the search term should be the same notation.

Word search returns the index or the index of one of the neighbor closest to the desired numerical way. Is it left or right, indeterminate result futures market size. For example: looking for "pea" returns its index, change the word to "rea" return "sea" or "pea", as this section of the dictionary is: oz

And the word "rea" does not contain, but numerically it is between pea – sea. You can check if the "sea" == dic [index] to return the value of the key, otherwise you can continue the search funny quotes and sayings for facebook. Since they are ordered numerically, it turns on the length and the characters in them alphabetically. All possible combinations of the latest letter, lie above to \0\0a and following down zza.

You can write a loop that will go up to a certain word and return the available indexes and down. Of course all the words will be different amount, depending on the popularity of the letter. And if you add the letter, front, rear, or remove, the ranges will be very different. In this case, probably better to perform repetitive searches usd to inr live chart. And the search for a fixed number of possible errors.

The big problem – the limited word length because of the large numbers. In C #, the size of decimal (128-bit), you can contain words not exceeding 19 characters, it is the boundary beyond which will overflow on this size of the alphabet, the translation in the numbers.

If you enter a full alphabet and other characters will be even less. The file is the longest word consists of 16 characters, of course it is not the longest in principle, but there are still components, and there are none. For the dictionary, you can take the highest figure to the flag of the word begins with a capital letter, which is slightly expand the range.