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I can vouch for the slower and slower free delivery service provided by Amazon to non-Prime members. Binary song Last Mon (23rd Jan 2017) I ordered an item that was in stock and sold by Amazon directly. Python xml to json All week, until yesterday (Friday 27th) evening, the order sat in preparing for despatch status, so not even processed by Amazon, no fault of a carrier here! In contrast, another item I ordered from a small business on Ebay, also with free delivery a day later has already arrived on Thurs (26th), a day before the Amazon item has even been despatched.

Us stock market cnn money After reading several articles about this, it is clear that Amazon is only now providing a good service to Prime members and not so bothered about any one else. Binary to octal examples We do not order enough urgent stuff to warrant a Prime membership, and during a trial we took, we found the choice of TV shows on offer quite limited and not that interesting. Binary search in c Not worth the money for the couple of shows we would have liked. Binary to decimal conversion method So if I find the same item at the same price with free or cheap delivery elsewhere online, I will be giving those businesses my custom. Euro stock market While I can understand Amazon giving preference to Prime members, making others wait for 4 days before even despatching an order is taking the mickey (to be polite). Stock market futures after hours Come on Amazon, you used to provide great service to all your customers, and I have been using them since the 1990s, when you had to contact them after placing an order to provide credit card details !!

No, but as with most of these Forum threads dedicated to each individual Courier company, they are essentially set up as complaint threads and so the majority of people who are posting on them will be ones who are also seeking to add their own particular complaint as well.

It doesn’t mean though that every single Amazon customer in every county across the whole of the UK is also experiencing the exact same problems with their deliveries through the same Courier company in their area though. Funny quotes about life Neither customer agreeing or disagreeing is lying or posting up lies? – they are just posting up on a Customer Discussion their own experience of localised differences in the quality of service. Verizon troubleshooting number For example the Royal Mail is sadly absolutely appalling in my area but you may receive really excellent service from them in the area of the UK where you live? ;o>

From recent memory, when I tried to be helpful by posting up just how to contact Amazon Customer Services, you also insisted upon and even actually went so far as to warn other customers on here to beware of the fact that I just must be an employee of Amazon as well simply for doing that. Baby pregnancy calculator You obviously have had some very unsatisfactory experiences of shopping on Amazon but that does not mean that everybody else who shops on Amazon has too or feels quite the same way as you do about shopping on here.

I’ve been waiting 2 WEEKS for a bluetooth speaker I orderd to be ‘dispatched’. Usd to ntd When I placed my order, the Amazon product page for the speakers claimed to have 7 Vifa Oslo speakers in stock. Exchange rate uk to us I thought of ordering from the US site and having my family ship it to me since the price was a little cheaper, but I thought I would get it sooner if I ordered from the UK site as I am in Italy.

After a week, seeing that my order was still waiting to be ‘dispatched’, I contacted Amazon customer service. Gbp to usd converter They told me that this was normal and that I would most definitely get my speaker on the promised date (the last day of 2 weeks!). The binary system The representative said that she would personally contact the ‘wish fulfillment’ center and ask to send right away. Usa today coaches poll I waited.

3 days from the promised date (almost 2 weeks later), the status of my order was still ‘not dispatched’. Pound to euro forecast 2016 I contacted customer service again. Pound vs dollar exchange rate history Again, a different representative calmly assures me that even though there was just 3 days to get my speaker from the UK to Italy, it would arrive, and that she personally would contact the ‘wish fulfillment’ warehouse and ask that my order dispatch immediately. Euro price today in pakistan Plus, she explained, would be coming from a local fulfillment center. Inr to usd exchange rate today She said don’t worry. Binary to octal We guarantee that you will receive your order on the date.

Today, 2 weeks later on the promised day of getting the speaker, I get a impersonal automated email letting me know that my item has been delayed… Usd to inr conversion rate today for another week! How’s that for making sure you customers have no confidence in your services and business practices.

After wasting two weeks with Amazon, I went a head an placed the order directly from the bluetooth company’s website. Fx rate gbp usd I then get an email from Amazon letting me know my payment hasn’t gone through?! Maybe it’s because I just paid another company for the product I’ve been waiting for from you for two weeks… Decoding activities I cancelled my Amazon order.

I contacted customer service today, and after having to re-explain the situation to another customer rep, I persisted to speak to a supervisor. Famous quotes about family After some back and forth I got one. Binary digit Thankfully, He gave me a straight forward answer, and the answer I suspected. Stock futures cnn They don’t even always know what they actually have in stock.