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I’ve been reading a lot about Amazon and trying to work out what the impact could be for businesses in Australia as they build out a presence in distribution and potentially retail that could rival even the largest of our local brands.

There has been speculation about Amazon setting up distribution warehouses in Australia since 2012 (ref: SMH) but it looks like it will happen within the next 12 months. The boxmasters Is 2017 the year that it is finally going to happen? What does Amazon coming to Australia mean for local businesses?

It was reported that AmazonFresh to launch grocery delivery in Australiaby early 2018. Smart Office have hinted that “Amazon is gearing up for a major push into Australia” and that retailers are preparing for the inevitable competition from Amazon.

Justin is chief investment officer at Watermark Funds Management, is well informed about Amazon’s plans, thanks to a special briefing in the past week from the Amazon person responsible for rolling out the Australian strategy.

E-commerce is set to reach 20 per cent of sales in the US in 10 years and by that time Amazon will account for 10 per cent of all US retail sales, according to data prepared by Watermark.

Amazon is building a technology platform specifically for the Australian market which is designed to integrate with its international operations, according to the research undertaken by Watermark.

Watermark’s understanding is that prior to turning on its system, Amazon will go through and collect price-points on everything before setting prices at a 30 per cent discount.

The fund manager has been told that Amazon sees enormous potential in Australia because it believes prices are way too high. Call option put option Amazon’s motto in relation to Australia is along the following lines: “Your margin is our opportunity”.

So now you have an idea of generally what to expect lets look at some key ways that Amazon can disrupt retail and online sales in Australia and the reasons why you are going to find it the most convenient and amazing service you have ever signed up for. Funny jokes for adults short Amazon is hiring top level staff in Australia

Amazon has a data centre in Australia and has been hiring all sorts of experienced business experts to work in their local office. Binary bit At the time of writing there are 107 positions with a range of qualifications and expertise in retail, networking, sales, executives, system engineers and more, ref: linkedin.

Australia is a great market to tap, we have a country with a lot of gainfully employed people with houses and expenditure. Us stock market futures today We spend plenty of money with Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Harvey Norman, Office Works, JB Hifi, Bunnings and others.

Online sales are growing by over 10% annually. Inr to usd exchange rate history It could easily be the case that by 2020 online sales in Australia could be over 30bn with 1/3 of that spending through Amazon.

Amazon they have a known level of demand by people in Australia to buy stuff on Mxn usd I’d speculate that there would be thousands of incomplete orders a month on Amazon by people in Australia who stop once they realise what the shipping cost would be. Exchange rate usd to nzd Delivery and international shipping

Amazon has a marvellous history of incomplete orders that Australians have made and never completed the purchase of on account of the shipping costs to Australia.

Getting free or cheap delivery with Amazon is pretty easy. Usd to ruble Either you join Amazon prime or you qualify for free because of the dollar value of an order. Euro pound sterling exchange rate We can use the UK as an example of how Amazon deals with a country and distribution zone outside of the USA. Dollar rate today in indian rupees ref: Amazon UK delivery costs.

Amazon is all about efficient distribution and delivery. Market futures today A mesh of humans, robots and precision systems takes warehousing to a level of productivity that other businesses can only dream about. Pound to usd history If you want to see how an Amazon fulfilment centre looks watch this video:

Amazon Prime is brilliant driver for repeat purchases with Amazon. Stock outperform rating In essence you get free fast delivery for a reasonable annual fee and there are some other benefits. Usd money converter Think about that for a second. How to convert decimal fraction to binary It can take a lot to shift peoples purchase habits but when you can order a $5 item on Amazon as many times as you like and get free delivery that could change the way you think of online.

From a hands on perspective I already have this mindset towards ebay. Usd to sgd rate If I’m looking for something on ebay I am generally not considering delivery cost as something I will have to pay. Usd conversion rate today The cost is built in to the product and so it’s easy to forget that it is a cost.

As you can see on the Amazon UK site. Stock market trading hours pacific time Most products that aren’t oversized or for other reasons difficult to ship are available to Amazon Prime members. Eu to usd conversion Cost of Amazon Prime

The USA and UK can signup for Amazon Prime. Basketball quotes for girls An annual fee that covers shipping of whatever you want. Exchange rate us and canada In the USA is about $99USD/yr and the UK is £79 pounds per year.

Australia is a big country so maybe there will be some difference between states or areas that are excluded. Dollar conversion rate today Perhaps there will be a three tier pricing like: $100/yr in metro, $150 in regional, $250/yr in remote or something of that sort.

Whatever the cost is they will have figured out the optimum acceptable amount that will cover as much of the expected shipping cost as possible but still be within the range of $10 -$15/mo for most of the population.

You might already be familiar with FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon. Gbp to usd historical exchange rates A business can ship their goods to amazon and for a reasonable fee Amazon will warehouse, pack, deliver and handle returns for items. Stock market futures right now You can see how it works here:

There is a huge industry in the USA that has built up around FBA where manufacturers, wholesalers and their resellers are sending truckloads of product to Amazon warehouses so that it can be sold on Convert to binary Opportunity with Fulfilment by Amazon

This is a real and limiting factor that I have personally seen in some businesses. Binary trigger system They get stuck at the point of needing to hire extra staff to handle packing and shipping. Funny jokes in urdu 2016 If that barrier to growth was removed and if they product suited distribution by Amazon that could be huge for such a business.

Not every product can be fulfilled like that. Binary encoding in fact there are lots of custom, made to order products that have to be made when the order arrives. Euro pak rupee exchange rate For such businesses they have a defendable position because what they do is in some ways bespoke for each client.

Imagine a cargo plane brimming with products from Amazons warehouses in Asia, Europe, Japan and USA bound for Australia and NZ. Text editor windows 10 Could Amazon reduce the cost of imports and exports?

Presumably a certain amount of stuff is going to be sent by cargo plane to Australia from the other Amazon distribution centres in the world. Future stock market predictions 2014 It’s hard to imagine that Amazon would expect you to shop on the Australian version of their website and not be able to buy anything that isn’t located in a warehouse in Australia.

If such cargo planes (or shipping containers) exist and they are delivering products to buyers in Australia from the USA then they have to fly back to the USA. Usd rub rate Sending them empty would be expensive and costly.

Amazon could open up an export market to hundreds of millions of shoppers that would buy Australian (and New Zealand) products with free or cheap delivery (on Amazon Prime).

Right now though the cost to order something from the USA and freight it to Australia makes the overall purchase price uncompetitive compared to local choices in most cases.

If Amazon provides Australian businesses with reasonable delivery cost options to send products to other Amazon distribution points in the world there is a new and potential lucrative export market for Australian businesses on the horizon.

There are plenty of businesses in Australia that could capitalise on the opportunity of Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) if it were made available to them at a reasonable cost.

Even if it wasn’t as easy as sending products to Amazon Sydney and they get sold to the USA the fact that you could send a shipping container or pallet of goods to the USA and have Amazon distribute them once you already have those products selling well on Amazon Australia and have reviews and feedback and figured out the profit margins could lead to an uptick in exports.

Amazon sellers from more than 130 different countries around the world used FBA to fulfil orders to customers in 185 countries, with over 2 billion items shipped globally in 2016. 30 in binary As well as driving domestic sales, FBA helps sellers export to customers across the world. Gender identity crisis In the UK alone, businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace achieved export sales of more than £1.8 billion in 2016, up 29% year-on-year.

“It is great to see UK businesses going from strength to strength, and our role is to continue to support their growth and success,” said Simon Johnson, Director of Seller Services UK. Kurs usd rupiah “By being part of FBA, Marketplace sellers scale their business and boost sales abroad, while incurring lower costs than if they invested in their own warehousing and logistical solutions.”

We have clients that ship products to the USA, NZ, Europe, Singapore and a range of other countries. New york stock exchange futures Right now if they want to send a parcel or box to the USA it might cost $30 – 230 depending on the size and weight.

Such ecommerce stores do still get purchases from other countries but the demand is curbed because of the shipping fees charged by Australia Post or the couriers. Australia to us exchange rate However if those fees were dramatically reduced you could see an effect like the internet has on information transfer. Aud usd live chart It costs basically nothing to ship information to the USA, what a remarkable change it would make if products could be sent with much lower costs.

It could be really exciting and very quickly result in some considerable shifts in the way businesses in Australia and New Zealand look at their markets, no longer mainly local with a few overseas sales but riding on the platform of Fulfilment By Amazon for a properly international distribution.

A good general place to start if you want to learn more about selling on Amazon is their business services page: It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out

“I consulted for an Australian business a couple of years ago, and they warned me that If Amazon ever made a large push into Australia that it would be met with major resistance. Binary decimal The local economy is held very dearly by many Australians, and Amazon looks like a disrupter.

A top US retail analyst says that when Amazon comes to Australia, we can expect some second tier shopping centers to become ‘white elephants,’ as commercial property falls,’ according to The Financial Review.

Though most of the press about Amazon coming to Australia seems to be negative, I do believe there will be a lot of unforeseen benefits. Used future Many of these brick and mortar retailers will end up supplementing their income by selling on Amazon as a 3rd Party seller. Euro forecast Many brick and mortar retailers will now have a new logistics arm added to their business model and will be able to expand their customer base in ways they never thought possible.”

Most small businesses will have time to adjust and they will likely be increasing the service component of their business and the experience the customer gets will be ever more important.

The businesses in Australia the most likely to worry right now I expect are going to be the electronics, electrical and business products vendors that have big shops and a lot of warehouse space to keep it stocked.

Purchases for stuff in boxes are going to continue to move online because they are predictable, the product quality is known in advance and there isn’t really much need to ‘window shop’ because you know what you want already.

For smaller businesses it really depends on how unique the products being sold are, whether they are bespoke and customised for each customer and if there is an export opportunity that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Many of our clients would fit into the customised to the buyer kind of product or service because they have found a niche that is profitable and allows for some creativity and ingenuity that suits their desire to run a business and create items of value and desire.