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I didn’t watch the Women’s March on Washington, but have seen film clips from it, and while I’m sure that – as is their habit – the media chose the most incendiary excerpts for rebroadcast and that there was plenty of sensible dialogue from more sensible people – who the media powers that be didn’t deem sensational enough to make the cut – the ravings of Ashley Judd and Madonna’s remark that she often thought about blowing up the White House will represent the crux of the event to most Americans.

In my opinion, rather than making the American public sympathetic to any of the issues they were trying to emphasize, the spirit of the march – as portrayed on television – only served to push the factions farther apart.

The 24-hour news cycle and media’s insatiable appetite to make certain people look good and others to look bad has created an atmosphere of enmity between folks of different political and social persuasions, not to mention the rampant distrust.

There is a growing attitude of “everything we believe is right and everything you believe is wrong” and even when there is equity on both sides of an issue the animosity has gotten so pervasive that opposing views are rarely even considered by the other side.

The common phrase is that, “America is divided” but I beg to differ, America is actually fragmented into pieces racially, socially, politically, philosophically, fiscally and every group that tries to put on a united face is actually made up of dissidents with their own personal ax to grind, ranging from the moderates to the radicals, from those who actually believe in the cause they are espousing to those just along for the ride, the window breakers and car burners.

The civil rights contingent – once united behind the sensible and workable teachings of Dr. Call and put options examples Martin Luther King – now stretches between the moderate voice of Ben Carson and Al Sharpton whose purpose is served by actually keeping the races separated, from racial leaders with an emphasis on education and self-reliance to the “space to destroy” carelessness of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings.

America’s political parties are fragmented; I don’t think anybody would deny that. Eur usd chart live There’s the conservatives, the liberals, the moderates, the socialists, and Nancy Pelosi who is in a class by herself.

In my opinion, Barack Obama came to office with the intention of fundamentally changing America from the bedrock to the pinnacle. Gender theory He seemed to be a man on a mission as he warned America that if Obamacare wasn’t passed immediately the consequences would be catastrophic.

Obamacare turned out to be one of the most divisive issues in a controversy plagued administration, passed without even one Republican vote, presidential lies, broken promises

Obama’s attitude toward immigration, his refusal to listen to his generals when it came to Iraq, his sitting back and watching ISIS grow from an idea to a formidable fighting force, his soft spot for anything dealing with Islam, his Justice Department which selectively enforced the law, his hostility toward Israel and a plethora of other issues, put him at odds, at one time or another, with almost every segment of the population except his large and blindly devoted group of followers who rabidly, and many times, insultingly defended his every move, further expanding the chasm.

This created a sense of unrest across the nation pitting those of diverse opinions against each other, those of a more socialistic persuasion bent against those of a more fiscally conservative persuasion. Call option vs put option Those who want the government to take over every facet of their lives from cradle to grave against those who just want the government to protect the nation, pave the interstates and stay out of their lives and every opinion in between.

When Obama declared that “America is no longer a Christian Nation” the secular community cheered while the Christian community took offense at what was obviously another one of Obama’s concessions to his Islamic soft spot.

So here we are, coming out of the administration of a president who wanted to change the meaning of the American Dream to include an all-inclusive, all intrusive, all powerful government

vulnerable to the whims of the United Nations and believing that humane dialogue instead of decisive action, even with the worst of the worst could solve catastrophic problems.

And into the administration of a president who, although never short on words is a proven man of action whose idea of the American dream precludes a monolithic government, envisions a revitalized military, believes that the laws already on America’s books should be enforced and that the long accepted American trade deficits should be renegotiated, that unfair trade treaties should be renounced.

He has a healthy respect for the law and the genesis of his immigration program is to rid the country of violent gangs, drug lords and criminals of all stripes who are here illegally.

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None of the people who are elected to any office ever tell the public what THEIR agenda is. Aud usd chart If every voter knew that… Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf free download we probably couldn’t get anyone voted into office.

Just as you pointed out ex-President Obama’s shortcomings, we must keep our eyes on President Trump’s agendas. Usa today crossword We must beware of concessions made to the shouters at the cost of the quiet spoken, who have just as much right to be heard and respected. Oil meaning The shouting and distractions permit back room, unadvertised deals to be made without US knowing, until they are signed into law, virtually impossible to get rid of. Cnn futures pre market Case in point…Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (shepherded through The Senate as S.900, the repeal of Depression era legislation designed to prevent “Too Big to Fail” conglomerates from actually ruining the country) and Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 was introduced the following year through Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry committee (they go through Banking again and somebody might get suspicious, right?) and redefined the futures markets in a way that permitted those “too big to fail” entities to bundle mortgages, and speculative “derivatives” to be sold on futures markets without any regulations or effective supervision. Future trends in marketing “Dark Pool” trading of enormous bundles of America’s assets were done without any oversight that might have allowed ordinary investors a voice in the matter, until it was too late. British pound to us dollar rate CFMA of 2000 was actually defeated on its own merits and was inserted into the Omnibus Spending Act at the end of 2000, the last legislation signed into law by Bill Clinton, and passed by House and Senate by legislators in a hurry to start their Christmas break. Dow jones stock futures live Someone inserted it in there and the people who defeated it because of the danger passed it because they were in too big of a hurry to go home and were too lazy to read the spending bill. Binary file editor Defeated by Congress and inserted into law by a clerk!

It took them (FMA and CFMA) very little time to allow the “TOO BIG TO FAILS” to actually fail. Eur usd live The same people who lobbied for that legislation were the ones assisted by the “Troubled Assets Relief Program” , America footed the bill for it, the people who created the problem are bigger, Americans lost their investments for their individual lives, and President Trump is nominating those same people as some of his Cabinet leaders?

Dodd-Frank Act, designed to correct mistakes in FMA and CFMA, has yet to be implemented, and the House and Senate are going to try to dismantle it altogether to “revive the economy” ? And they will do it in night sessions, closed sessions, or Executive Orders that we become too lazy to read…be vigilant? due diligence? Whack a mole is more like it.

You see a rattlesnake, for some ungodly reason trust it, and it bites you in the ass while you are sleeping? Oh my, lions and tigers and bears? We better go see the President! (insert any sitting president’s name in the story line) We the people need to keep an eye on our watch dogs…seriously.

I wish the people of the USA would see what is happening all around us everyday. Stock outperform We are being pit against each other by the media and the powers to be by telling each side why the other side hates them and why we should fear each other. Usd rmb conversion If we are fighting among ourselves we will not pay attention to the mess they are making of our world. Texas baseball They do not want us to understand how that the middle class is being taxed into poverty and that the poor class should just kill each other off. Binary chart My family is living in a trailer that most places would condemn and we can barely keep food in the house but the government says there has been no increase in the cost of living. Binary search algorithm They charge you to hunt or fish and if you can not afford the licenses then you are fined and jailed. Love quotes for him I have taxes due on my van that I paid taxes on when we bought it and they will not give me my license for them until I pay the taxes but I can not pay them and if I get caught I go to jail, and this is the only mode of transportion my family has and it has over 210k miles on it but they do not care, its all about taking money from us to pay for their lifestyles. Convert usd to rupees We need to band together and stop letting them tear us apart just so they can keep making money off the backs of the working families and citizens of the USA. Usd euro rate I do not understand why we keep putting people in office that have no clue how to live in the real world. Usd to These people have never had to walk into a store and make a choice between food or electricity. Oil futures market hours They have never had to stuff the cracks in their home with tolit paper and clauk just to try to keep some of the heat in and the wind outside. Stock market futures quotes Until we get regalur people in these office I do not think it will ever get better. Exchange rate nzd to usd These people were born rich and just keep getting richer from the little people of this world. Us stock market futures cnn What is going to happen when there is no more little guys to tax and take from?

We are a land of laws and each of beholden to the core principles, the more recent amendments and top down control regardless of the have now been given a wake up call. Joy newsome story Hardly a place for the captive who’ve been being fed falsehoods of what and who we are. Gender differences in communication styles A Christian nation found and nurtured by the constitution the bill of rights of which were mostly guided by the bible faith and a concrete beleif in them. Usd aud We have laws and an identy regardless of the media or differing views and opinions. Rand pound exchange rate history God and one a I and I’m sure 10s of millions are praying for Trump and if he’s right with God America will be great and we will be to his Glory. Computer analysis of the futures market pdf Love your enemy or in this case your advisary that they may know Jesus and our all of us prosperity and blessing may continue and manifest and multiply as they always have to the world.