An extinction every 26 million years_ the nemesis theory


Besides youth, it is well-known that we humans are obsessed with defeating death. Rate of british pound to us dollar This was displayed in the way modern man obsessed over the Mayan prediction of apocalypse in 2012. Aud usd yahoo finance We have a myriad of movies spinning around saving earth from destruction caused by space debris. Farm futures market prices Interestingly, predominant films have a happy ending reflecting people’s impeccable tendency, or rather drive, to circumvent the hurdle.

Usd inr xoom But, this might not be the case in reality. Usd to korean won Beware paranoid earthlings! A red dwarf-twin of sun called Nemesis may be lurking near our solar system, sporadically and unrelentingly causing destruction to life on earth. Fx rate cad to usd Introducing: Nemesis

The speculation was brought to fore to substantiate the perceived cycle of mass extinctions in Earth’s history. Pound exchange rate euro Christened as “Nemesis”, or “The Death Star”, it is believed to be several times the mass of Jupiter. Euronews online Ironically, the theory wasn’t propounded by astronomers but by paleontologists. Binary numbers What makes this theory all the more nebulous is its murky orbit. Usd cad historical exchange rate To avoid affecting orbits of other planets and to be hidden from observation, Nemesis remains far away from the sun. Stock market oil futures It is believed Nemesis may be a red or white dwarf, which’ll explain why it’s been so difficult to spot.

Scientists speculate that Nemesis brings about catastrophic ramifications by drastically affecting the Oort cloud blanketing the solar system. Usd to hkd The Oort cloud is situated beyond Pluto, about half a light year away from the sun. Gbp vs usd exchange rate It journeys around the sun in an elliptical path carrying a composition of icy rocks. Us futures exchanges Their ice commences to melt and ooze behind essentially giving them a semblance of comets. Usd to nzd exchange rate history Every once in 25-30 millions years Nemesis knocks onto the outer regions of the same. Rm to usd converter So, when Nemesis nears the Oort cloud, comets may be unleashed, propelling them toward the inner solar system. Equity meaning in urdu This, results in mass extinctions here on planet Earth.

All the dinosaurs that were parading regally on earth were wiped off the surface due to an asteroid slamming onto to the planet 65 millions years ago. British pound to dollar exchange rate Around 35 million years ago, another meteorite struck killing all life. Shoe size conversion uk to us In addition to this, there is also a theory stating an extinction to have happened 251 million years ago. Usa today sports lines Realizing a loop like structure in these events, paleontologists David Raup and John Sepkoski, theorized the existence of the star that sentenced Earth to death every 26-30 million years, as noted earlier.

Astrophysicist Richard A. Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 Muller infers that Nemesis is most likely to be found in the southern constellation of Hydra, the Water Serpent, about 1.5 light years away from us. Oil futures marketwatch He surmises that in the next few billion years Nemesis will be flung off the gravitational field of the solar system. British pound to usd history Muller also expects Nemesis to be discovered once we further improve on our parallax surveying technology, which apparently are inadequate for this job as of now.