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Building atop of the hearty fourth update, which introduced a dedicated Play Store and simple authentication when logging into Android Wear apps, the latest test image bests it with iOS support.

In Android Wear 1.5, iOS-compatible watches offer an experience that pales in comparison to what Android users get. Market value of futures Looks like that is ending once and for all in Android Wear 2.0.

Below you’ll find information on how it works, all the current features, the key apps and Android Wear watches, as well as details on what Android Wear 2.0 will bring and when you’ll be able to get it.

Android Wear might share a name with standard Android but the layout of the interface is quite different, as it’s built for much smaller devices and designed with hands-free use in mind.

It’s also far more unified than Android on your smartphone or tablet, as some manufacturers have been putting their own skins and launchers over top for years.

Binary search c program But, Android Wear doesn’t grant that level of freedom, so all smartwatches running the operating system have the same software look and layout.

Android Wear makes accessing some of your phone’s handiest features as simple as looking down at your wrist. Dollar euro exchange rate history It primarily acts as a companion to amplify your phone’s notifications so that you don’t need to dig around in your pocket just to see that someone liked one of your tweets.

The watch face is home base on Android Wear. Gbp to usd graph Swiping up and down through the card-based menu system reveals the weather, your calendar and other pertinent app notifications that have been ported over to the watch.

Sliding your finger to the right dismisses the notifications, but swiping left will reveal different options for each app you use, digging deeper into five day forecasts and the ability to reply to a text with your voice, to name a few examples.

Most of what Android Wear pushes to view is just a copy of the notifications you’re used to seeing on your phone. 1 usd to bdt But it also delivers some thoughtful, personalized notifications. Today’s stock market futures Traveling to a new city? It will automatically set you up with the weather there, as well as back home.

It does the same for directions to addresses you’ve recently looked up or appointments in your calendar. Is the futures market open “It’s 34 minutes to work with light traffic on the US 101-S.”

These just-for-you cards are one of the high points of Android Wear. Usd to brl It makes it feel like it’s more than just a simple supplement to your phone. Learn binary code Android Wear voice recognition

All Android Wear smartwatches respond to the simple voice command “Okay, Google.” For this simple phrase to work, you’ll have to illuminate the watch first. Dollar exchange rate calculator This prevents innocent strangers –or more likely, no good pranksters– from hijacking your smartwatch.

Waking an Android Wear watch from its dimly lit always-on state requires either flicking your wrist up, tapping on the touchscreen, or in some cases pressing in the power button.

All options considered, “Okay, Google” is the easiest way to ask the watch to search the web, pull up a song, display your daily steps, take your heart rate, make a new reminder, navigate to a place or set a timer or alarm. Funny quotes with pictures for facebook It even generally does as good job of sending texts and emails. Us stock market futures index Android Wear apps, compatibility and phone-free use

If apps are what you’re after, Android Wear has plenty to choose from – and that list is constantly growing. Live pound to euro exchange rate Take a look on the Google Store, or if you’re short on time, check out our list of the best Android Wear apps.

However, with Android Wear 2.0, operability on both Android and iOS should reach parity. Binary conversion Thanks to the native app feature, it doesn’t matter nearly as much now what OS your phone is using. Stock market futures prices So long as you can download the Android Wear app, you’re golden.

While Android Wear software is uniform across devices the hardware can vary quite a lot. Cnn money futures market Screens can be square or circular and smartwatch designs range from fitness-focused to smart and classy.

You can check out the latest and greatest devices in our list of the best Android Wear smartwatches, but highlights include the Moto 360 (2015), which is one of the most stylish smartwatches around, with a premium metal design, the Asus ZenWatch 2, which provides excellent value in a square form factor and the Sony SmartWatch 3, which, thanks to built-in GPS, is a sporty option.

These cover numerous categories and include wrist-worn versions of many favorites, such as Spotify, Citymapper, Duolingo, Tinder, Uber and Evernote. Flower quotes shakespeare You’ll also find many of the core Google apps, such as Play Music, Hangouts, Google Maps and Google Translate.

They’re typically stripped back versions of their smartphone counterparts, giving you easy access to core features and removing anything that wouldn’t work well on your wrist.

For example, the Spotify app lets you skip and pause tracks that are playing on another device, Google Maps brings turn by turn navigation to your wrist and Tinder offers all the same swipey fun as the smartphone version.

If you want more control you can also use the likes of IFTTT to create your own ‘recipes’ for controlling or automating connected devices like Nest and Amazon Echo.

And for the things you can’t do on your wrist there’s an “open on phone” option that’s nestled into nearly every app – except the ones that are native to Android Wear– which allows you to elegantly continue where you left off on your phone.

There’s a lot of app choice, but you won’t have to dig through them all to find the gems, as we’ve curated a constantly updated list of the best ones available, so you can always have the best software on your wrist.

As apps are usually quite limited they’re also a lot smaller than their smartphone versions, so despite being generally limited to 4GB of storage you’re unlikely to fill your watch up with them, though you might want to bear the limited storage in mind if you plan to store your music collection on your wrist. The box nyc Android Wear fitness

If health and fitness is your main concern the actual hardware on most Android Wear devices isn’t a match for an expensive sports watch, or in some cases even for a cheap fitness band. Php to usd conversion But some put in a decent attempt, such as the Sony SmartWatch 3, which has built-in GPS, while many have heart rate sensors.

And the selection of apps and services for fitness freaks leaves less smart devices in the dust. Usd to myr There’s Google Fit obviously, which can act as a pedometer among other things and connect with other apps to store all your health and fitness data.

Speaking of other apps, you’ll also find the likes of Endomondo, Strava and Runtastic Pro available for your Android Wear smartwatch. 40 euro shoe size to us These don’t offer the full range of features afforded by their smartphone counterparts, but they track your activities and in some cases can do so without even being connected to your phone.

Android Wear 2.0 will give more focus to fitness, allowing apps to pass information to one another using the Google Fit framework. Binary to text converter That means you can track the calories you consume with one app, then find out how many you’re burning with another, unrelated one.

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