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I am here to show you how I hacked the AUX port to add a cheap bluetooth module to the stock head unit. Rs to usd exchange rate I was already using a cheap USB bluetooth to AUX unit that I purchased on amazon, I’ve had this unit for years and I love it. Xpf to usd Its cheap, the sound quality is good, and it its simple:

It worked better in my old car where the cigarette lighter/12v port was on the dash close to the AUX port. Exchange rate us to pound As you know in our Versas the 12v port is back by the hand brake and this doesn’t work super well, it requires an aux extension cord all the way up to the radio right in the way of where I am shifting. Price of gold dubai I decided to pull the stock radio out, solder the aux output of my bluetooth module right to the aux input connection on the radio, and put it back together.

Now just because I buried a bluetooth unit in the stock radio doesn’t mean thats the best thing to do, in fact if I were to do it over again I would do it differently and I will explain in more detail below.

What I did: I soldered onto the aux port inputs of the radio and tossed the bluetooth unit into the radio itself (zip tied to the radio frame) and powered it off the 12v ON line the radio gets from the ignition.

What I think you should do / what I would do if I did this over again: solder a 1/8 line audio EXTENSION CORD to the stock radio and route the other end of it somewhere convenient for being hooked up to a bluetooth music receiver.

So take something like this…dp/B01GZPAXVE/ and snip off the male end (yowtch!) to solder that end to the radio and then route the female end of the audio extension cord somewhere awesome, such as

First you need to get your radio out. Binary convert to text Technically, a clever person could leave the bulk of the radio in there and just take the faceplate off the radio and mod that, but all in all this will be easiest if you remove the whole thing. Video editor windows free Other people have better how tos/videos of removing the radio so the short version is this: Yank off the knob on the inside/outside air selector arm and tuck it away for safe keeping. Funny quotes about work stress Then starting at the top right corner of the radio/climate control bezel, pry the bezel off. Goldman sachs gold forecast 2016 The whole thing is just held there by clips. Funny jokes in urdu Now the 4 screws of the radio should be visible and evident on either side of it. Convert 3000 euros to us dollars Carefully remove those screws without dropping them, pull the radio out and disconnect the wire harness(s).

Once the radio is out you can work with it easily on a bench. Binary counters We need to separate the faceplate from the rest of the radio chassis, so we can get to the backside of the AUX port. Python tutorial pdf The faceplate is attached via a bunch of plastic clips going all the way around all four sides. Coffee futures market news Use a small flat screwdriver to gently pry up the tabs, then jam a toothpick or similar into each gap so the clip does not settle back down and clip back into place. Usa today high school football rankings 2016 Do this all the way around and then pull the faceplate straight off. 500 usd The circuit board of the faceplace has a multi-pin interface to the rest of the electronics of the radio. Euro vs usd exchange rate It will not be happy with you if you pull it off at an angle, STRAIGHT FORWARD off of the radio chassis. Binary search Got it off? Great! Take a look at the backside of the faceplace:

That cluster of 5 big solder points behind the aux port are the connections we are after here. Eur usd live chart Add an auxiliary line extension cord to this and you basically will have two aux ports, one of which you can route anywhere! So if you bought a 1/8″ AUX extension cord cut off the male end and snake it through the radio chassis so it will come out near these solder joints (or figure out how the wire will escape once the faceplate is back on the radio). Binary subtraction examples Then trim off the insulation and figure out which wires in your AUX cord are left, right, and ground. Investing in futures market This will be on you to figure out since I don’t know what cord you are buying. Taux de change euro dollar canadien I used scraps of wire since I wasn’t using a cord myself but if I were doing it over again I’d simply be adding an AUX cord extension instead of what I did.

Moving on, after some probing I have figured out the right/left/ground connection points for you, as seen in my annotated picture below. Usd yen chart Note that I close two of the points with a small piece of wire. 200 usd to eur I *think* closing those two points is how the radio *knows* that an AUX cord has been plugged in. Online currency rates in pakistan You know how the radio just *knows* when you have inserted a cable into that jack? Pretty sure thats what this is for. Usd cad news Either that or its closing the leads of an un-used microphone circuit… Exchange rate usd aud but more than likely you need this small loop so the radio *thinks* a cord has been plugged into the front.

Solder on your right, left, and ground of your AUX extension or chosen audio/bluetooth device and then you can put it back together. Currency converter rmb to usd Not so bad, eh? Now assuming you have just used an AUX extension to create a second AUX port on a 6 foot long wire, all you need to do is route the other end somewhere convenient. Market opening futures If instead you have done like me and wired a bluetooth device directly in, find a good spot to tuck your module away and get it some power. 50 eur to usd Obviously you can use the radio chassis for ground and one of the blue wires on the radio harness turns 12v with ignition and I used that to power my bluetooth nugget. Usd aud conversion In hindsight I’d say you are better off popping out the center console between the front seats and using the cigarette lighter port for power.

You do what you want, as you can see this is a very loose guide and I am expecting you to customize this to your taste, I show you where the AUX connection points are and label left/right/ground for you and that is really the only critical information you need, you can take it from there and fill in the gaps with other people’s videos and how-to’s. Zloty to usd All you really need is working knowledge that line in audio for your radio has these three basic wires and with a little tinkering you can re-route that AUX port somewhere else so you can add a bluetooth music module or simply have your aux back by the handbrake and plug into your phone there if you prefer.

Some people will probably wonder what happens now because the car already has bluetooth for voice and now I went and added a second bluetooth module for music, and you may ask “does that work?” the answer is it depends on your phone. Exchange rate us to canadian dollars Now I will point out you can test everything ahead of time before dismantling anything, thats what I did. Currency converter rs to usd I tested my aftermarket bluetooth module and being happy with its performance I decided essentially just to hide it in the dash so I wouldn’t see it or have aux wires hanging out of the front of the radio. Rub usd exchange rate Now I wish I would have done it differently mainly because its now difficult to pair a new phone to that module… Historical exchange rates usd cad because I buried it in the dash, thats why I’m saying you should just create an AUX extension and put it where you can get at it more easily. Exchange rate usd gbp Easier to upgrade someday too if all of a sudden bluetooth goes out of style and redtooth becomes the new thing…or who knows what…

On my android 6.1 phone it will happily connect to the stock car bluetooth for voice and the aftermarket bluetooth for music. 1 usd to zwd In the bluetooth device settings you just tell it which device should handle calls and which device should handle music, and you are good to go.

Mine is working great, I hop in the car, both the stock bluetooth and my aftermarket bluetooth kick on and connect. Exchange rate us to india I set the radio to AUX and use the phone to control playback (play/pause/skip etc). Feeder cattle futures market prices The audio quality is good (even tho I buried that module in the radio metal chassis…) and my dash is clean, no wires hanging out, total wireless connection to phone and I can still do phone calls through the stock system. Flower tattoo designs No need to replace the whole radio just to add one minor feature of bluetooth music streaming.

If you have questions I will try to answer, those of you with degrees in backyard-cobble-engineering are probably already halfway to your garage. Investing com aud usd That diagram labeling the solder points is all most will need.

Nice mod. Nyse futures exchange Keep an eye on your TPMS (tire pressure monitor sensors) though, they’re also bluetooth. Investing in futures and options markets Someone on the Altima forum did a similar mod (a Logitech Bluetooth adaptor hardwired to the factory radio) and after a while, his TPMS warning light appeared. Exchange rate australian to us dollar After he disconnected the BT mod, the problem went away.

Will do. Love quotes I’ve had the mod in place for a month now and have been using the same bluetooth adapter plugged into the front of the radio since I bought the car and no issues yet (knock on wood).

I did the whole thing before christmas, then I got a go pro camera for christmas so if I get to do another one I will try to make a video next time around. Gender differences If there is anyone here in MN I will throw out there that I would be willing to do the remote aux extension mod on your car as well if we get the chance to have a mini meet or similar. Usd to myr converter First time around was the slowest but now that I know what is what I could do this to another versa really quickly and easily, probably 15-20 minutes. Gender roles I wish I would have documented it better but the first time around I wasn’t 100% sure how well it would work and also like I said I would do it slightly differently now a second time around.

Is what I wish I would have done/used. Today’s exchange rate of usd to inr I would put the panel mount end bake by the hand brake or maybe in the glove box with a 12v port and then I wouldn’t have to take my dash apart to pair a new phone to the bluetooth nugget I put in there.

I’m probably going to pull mine apart and make it so I have a button for pairing in the glovebox or similar, I’ve already started down that path by soldering extension leads onto the buttons of that bluetooth receiver I used:

Those wires are reaplceing the buttons of the bluetooth receiver, haven’t decided yet if I am going to add buttons of some sort or a panel to my dash but I attached these wires just in case I decide to down the road. Funny quotes and sayings I could make a panel and mount it somewhere, then I would have skip/back/play/pause/pair buttons which might be nice. Usd eur rate history I could just put a panel mount momentary button on the play/pair button and stick it in my glovebox so I can pair new phones the 1 times a year I need to do that. Binary translator google Not sure yet. Hkd usd exchange rate For the moment the phone I use is paired and I just have to control everything from the phone, its not so bad but chances are good I’ll be tinkering with it a little at some point.