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How often have you opened’s Creation Tool with the intention of finding the perfect template to jog your ideas? Or how long have you stared at the Start Fresh canvas, trying to figure out what you’re going to do?

We aren’t saying you need to add an additional step to the process, though. Usd shop Don’t just create an intricate “rough draft” graphic to then recreate it for a “final draft” that looks only slightly more amazing. Can to usd What we are saying is that you need to plan and organize to know what you’re trying to do with your infographic before you start creating it.

Would you rather throw together an infographic willy-nilly or would you like to have a beautiful, organized, and concise infographic? We think you know the answer…

It’s really that simple! It doesn’t have to look pretty and it doesn’t have to be colorful.

Usd brl But by checking for a general structure in your “mind mapping” draft, you can:

Now, all you need is to make your infographic. Exchange rate usd myr If you’re really on a time crunch, we highly recommend checking out one of our favorite webinars, “ 10 Ways to Crank Up Your Infographic Productivity and Design .”

In this webinar recording, Dinah shares tips for finding templates that fit your ideas, locating objects and icons quickly, and even expediting the formatting and design process!

To get started making an infographic that totally rocks , all you need is a quick n’ dirty draft and the right templates, icons, and fonts to share your message visually.

Do you have a draft process for infographic content in your online business? Do you have your students create drafts before they use in the classrom? We want to know! Share your process with us, you might be featured on our next blog!

What is the first thing you notice about an infographic? Odds are you are attracted to the color and shapes more so than the actual text on the image. The future of digital marketing is you Visuals are preferred over text by most content consumers, but infographic creators still benefit from 3x more engagement on their social media and websites.

So what is it about infographics that appeal to visually-inclined consumers? Many experts believe it’s the scale (or order) of font. Historical exchange rates usd to inr Our eyes are attracted to subjects that have a clear “order” and that are not shaped like traditional, generic font. E mini msci emerging markets futures Consumers also enjoy font that has a personality, but that is not hard to read.

If you’ve had a graphic designer create your logo or design your website, you’ve already got your fonts selected! This is great news. Us stock futures tomorrow If you didn’t use a graphic designer, you still have an “unofficial style guide” that you used to create your own logo or website – simply use those fonts!

While you may be tempted to try on a new font or set of fonts in every infographic you create, fonts have a massive impact on your brand identity. Euro conversion to usd If you are just starting up or don’t have strong branding yet, working within the “confines” of your style guide fonts can help your audience see your brand at work out in the wild. Eur usd historical chart Once you gain more of a following, you can explore more fonts and styles.

Within the fonts you’ve got listed in your style guide (or have used in your own branding) are “typefaces,” or subsets of that font. Currency converter usd to rm This is why we have Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, etc. Market futures cnbc To create awesome, graded text boxes in your infographic, feel free to explore the use of these typefaces. Gender differences in language They are all designed to work together without looking too similar, which helps users see a logical delineation (separation) of the text.

Wondering how to get different typefaces in The Basic account does not allow you to use many different types of font, but for only $3 per month you can upgrade to a Pro Account. Euro chart 2016 Not only do you get more fonts, but you can upload your own fonts and typefaces to use in all of your infographics!

To avoid this mistake, we recommend that you find two to three fonts that operate as your “infographic font set” moving forward. Translate binary code They can be members of the same typeface, or they can be complementary to one another.

Typography, the style and appearance of text, is an art unto itself. Chf usd conversion Thankfully, there are many resources out there that can help. Latest exchange rate pound to euro To boil it down, though, you want to mix bold display fonts with thinner, more simple fonts.

While this is hardly the end-all-be-all of the typography discussion, hopefully this technical tidbit helps you get started today on creating infographics that are beautiful and intelligently designed.

If you have any questions about fonts, typography, or design with your infographic creations, leave a comment below. Gender identity test You can also share your images with us on Twitter ( @easel_ly), Facebook (, and Instagram ( to get a share, like, or retweet!

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Many of our users love our awesome infographic templates, objects, and hyperlinking features. Usd to zwd We are one of the most popular online infographic creation tools because of this, but we’d like to highlight a few other functions of our Creation Tool so our users can get the most bang for their buck.

Our infographic templates are what allow our users to create amazing visuals that share an idea, but it’s the other things you can create with that make us special!

You also have the option of inserting your full infographic into your slide to expand on a point, or to incorporate visual elements into your slide so you don’t bore your audience to death!

You already know the benefits of using infographics in your articles or blogs, but have you ever considered using to create blog headers or blog images that pique your readers’ interest?

While an infographic is a visual that shares information, a blog header is usually a graphic version of the title or the main point of the article. Pounds to usd calculator Studies show that bloggers who use graphics instead of plain font have higher readerships, more interaction, and more success overall.

Instead of using stock photos which are generic and generally unappealing to most audiences, create your images! This saves you money on stock photo prices and can prevent a copyright or intellectual property issue if you use someone else’s photography!

BONUS TIP: The recommended blog header size is 1600×400. Solving problems Simply drag the bottom right corner of your generated image to resize up and out. Fraction operations worksheet The pixels will display as you move. Verizon troubleshooting Download a High Quality PNG that you can then insert into your blog.

Use the same steps you used for slide creation and blog headers, but keep the size smaller. Famous quotes about life changes On average, blog images range from 500×500 to 650×650. Usd chf chart You can make yours shorter if you want!

Similar to the slideshow section, you can create information packets with the “Start Fresh” option, or you can use templates to create worksheets! From there, simply Download as a PDF and insert the collected PDFs into your preferred software to print!

Depending on the structure of your product or service, you could show icons that represent the steps or components. Usd to aed rate You can also show a timeline of events if you need to highlight the process!

A media kit is essentially a downloadable kit that you can create to improve your lead qualifications. Futures and commodity market news People who are interested in your services or product can download the packet, get a thorough idea of your services and what you offer, and decide if they want to pursue contact.

You can create a media kit much like slides and simply download the slides into a PDF document! This is a great timesaver and makes you look so professional! The user-generated image below shows the important information about their business, which would make a great end-page for your media kit. is a great resource for establishing a template set. Stock futures meaning Simply create an image that you like and, if you want to create another one similar, simply hover over the image in your “My Visuals” section. Asian stock market cnn money There will be a “Copy” button that you can use to duplicate your image without compromising it!

Are you sick of that boring, plain text email you send to your clients, students, or coworkers? You can use to generate unique graphics and email templates that include the body of your email. Rmb usd chart You can use templates (like the one below) or “Start Fresh”!

You can insert the image as your email body or include it as an attachment! This is a great way to retain subscribers – it’s unique and fun. Euro vs usd forecast Read more here about how you can use infographics in your email campaigns .

Extensive website copy is going the way of the dodo bird. Stock plan connect morgan stanley Well, maybe not that extinct, but it’s much less impressive now than it was even five years ago. Aud usd history If you have a website and want to really retain visitors, you need visuals!

You can also “Start Fresh,” upload your own images, and change the font to create awesome website images. Jpy to usd exchange rate history These website images get scanned by Google and social media sites and help to index your content and site faster! Just make sure that you:

Trust us – if you want to stand out to an employer, what better way than to start with your résumé ? We have quite a few templates for you to start with, or you can “Start Fresh”!

Keep it clean, keep it simple, and download it as a PDF. Convert us dollars to euros That way, when you apply for jobs, you can either attach the PDF in the application website or in the email! What a great way to start a new career, right?

One thing we always tell our users is that “The sky is the limit” with Gbp usd live chart Really, you can create any sort of images you need, upload your previous creations, and create amazing content. Aud to usd conversion Whether you’re a teacher, small business owner, blogger, entrepreneur, or just a really big fan of unique graphics – you can do it all with

With an upgrade to the PRO ACCOUNT , you can even use your own fonts, find even more templates, and thousands more icons and objects. Aed conversion to usd You can make your one-and-only unique graphic creation tool… what could else could streamline your life so “easily”?

We’d love to see what you create with, from infographics to email templates to unique résumés and blog headers. Usd to ngn Tweet us or tag us in your creations on Instagram (

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So you’ve signed up with and you’re staring at the wide variety of templates to choose from. Gold price in us Or maybe you’re a bold explorer and you’re staring at a “Start Fresh” canvas, ready to make your own design.

“But what do I do now?” you’re probably asking. Usd to vnd Sure, you can throw a few text blocks and shapes together, but how do you know when your infographic is ready to rock?

Our designers have compiled this checklist for your infographic creation adventures. Usd cad forecast 2016 As you create your infographic, whether from a template or from scratch, you can check off each of these points along the way.

This is where you separate yourself from the crowd. Convert usd into gbp Make a great infographic that pays attention to small details and be rewarded by shares and audience growth. Usd to inr exchange rate comparison Before You Click “Download”

Now that you’ve designed, created, and triple-checked your infographic, it’s time to hit Download! You have a few options when downloading with, and which one you choose depends on where you’re planning on sharing the infographic.

There are about a bajillion and one ways to use infographics in your content. Hkd to usd If you want to see how infographics can increase email subscriptions, internet sales, and social media followers, read this. Singapore to usd exchange rate Data and Infographics: Solving Problems for Your Nonprofit

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