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More stability issues with E200HA 1 CommentHa ha, it has got worse. Aed conversion to usd Running the new “Easy Linux” Quirky on an overlay filesystem, stability has become worse. Usd to ngn I was getting a very occasional freeze with the full installation of Quirky, but it has become more frequent when running on an overlay f.s.

Apart from seemingly random freezing, I have been getting a degradation. Exchange rate eur usd I suddenly notice the degradation, such as apps not starting, even htop, and xload shows CPU usage has gone through the roof.

Gold price in us Requires holding down the power button to shutdown.

I wondered if the overlay f.s. Usd to vnd was to blame, so patched the 4.4.47 kernel with aufs and compiled. Usd cad forecast 2016 First time ran it with aufs, it ran for an hour, no problem. Convert usd into gbp Next bootup, got the UI degradation after about half an hour.

Sorting version numbers No commentsI have a need to sort version numbers in the Easy Linux initramfs. Usd to inr exchange rate comparison The ‘sort’ utility in Coreutils has the “-V” option, however my initramfs only has busybox sort, which does not have that option.

A note on progress with Easy Linux, the next-gen Quirky. Hkd to usd Coming along very nicely, and lots of fun. Singapore to usd exchange rate When will there be a release? …not sure, want to get it pretty rock-solid first, even though it will be an alpha or pre-alpha. The boxer lyrics Probably early-March.

A bit more online reading and I found more configuration settings that look good when working with containers. Future stock market prices So have now compiled the 4.4.45 kernel with these turned on.

To cater for the fact that “8GB” sticks actually have quite different amounts of memory, I create two partitions a bit smaller than the capacity of the drive. Binary to bcd converter The first is a 512MB fat32 partition and the second is a f2fs or ext4 partition that does not quite fill the drive.

Now for the first problem. Cad usd history I am using a GUID partition table, and the way they work is there is a primary GPT at the start of the drive, and a secondary (backup) GPT at the very physical end of the drive.

Now, a user downloads my image file and writes it to a 8GB stick. Yuan to usd If it is a new stick, or one that has been wiped, no problem, Linux will see only the primary GPT and use that.

The problem arises if the stick has been used before, for Quirky or some other Linux distro, in which case it will have a GPT at the end of the drive, or rather most likely will. Decimal calculator that shows work Note, GPT is usually required for booting on computers with UEFI-firmware.

Linux, and indeed the ‘fdisk’ utility, both get confused here. Market futures This is where it gets murky. Usd to cad exchange rate Today I discovered that if the image file is written to a drive that has larger capacity than the one I created the image from, all is well. Nzd usd investing Linux, and fdisk, determine that the secondary GPT is faulty, and use the first one. Bloomberg pre market futures Fine, that is what we want.

When I did this, and replugged the drive, no partition icon showed up on the desktop. Usa to india exchange rate Hmmm, I looked in /sys/block/sdb (my flash stick was sdb) and there was a sdb1 but it was reported as not having a filesystem, and the size was completely wrong.

Why? The primary GPT has a pointer to where the secondary GPT is supposed to be. Binary translator to text If that pointer is somewhere within the drive, that will be case A. Convert usd to pounds If that pointer is beyond the physical end of the drive, that will be case B. Gender quotes In the latter case, Linux kernel and fdisk then conclude the primary partition is invalid.

The new Easy Linux that I am developing, has only one 519MB fat32 partition, total image size of 520MB. Equity meaning in economics If I create this on a flash stick that is smaller than what any user will have, all will be well. Stock market futures fair value I could create it on a 1GB drive, if I had one. Learning articles I have to start asking around, see if someone has an old one, that is not yet broken.

The way I am designing it, at first bootup it will create a ext4 partition to fill the drive, and at the same time create a correct secondary GPT. Cnbc stock market futures This will happen automatically at first bootup.