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Keeping informed on the go is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools for. During the everyday hustle and bustle it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere new funny jokes in urdu 2016. Including on your phone.

Android has a plethora of great apps to choose from thanks to the massive selection in the Google Play Store. But if you’re looking to get your daily news fix, we recommend you check out this little lot.

For many, Flipboard is the default news app for Android. It’s been around for a while and was one of the first apps to make reading the news less boring with its image-heavy, magazine-style layout.

One of the other merits to Flipboard is its customization euro 2016 today match. It’s your news, your way. So beyond selecting topic areas of interest, you can also add in your own feeds so you’re missing out on nothing.

The Guardian is one of the most respected brands in journalism, delivering international news as well as a fresh perspective on American politics from across the pond.

Their Android app is simple to navigate and robust, filled with investigative deep dives, commentary, and videos to keep you informed on the latest breaking news around the world. Sign in via your Google or Facebook account to customize your homepage and follow your favorite critics and columnists so you’re always in the loop on the news and stories you care most about.

Just as the name implies, the SmartNews app is designed in a very clever way so that you can quickly read all the latest headlines from around the world. News categories are displayed as tabs (referred to in app as "channels") at the top of the screen, giving you the option to swipe through them one by one, or jump straight to the sports section with a tap 1 usd to irr. When you tap a story, swipe over to SmartView and the whole story loads almost instantaneously.

The news here is curated from both newspapers and online news sources, giving you a well-rounded view on the day’s events usa today sports images. You’re also able to customize and tweak your experience by adding and reordering channels to suit your needs. There’s even a Late Night TV channel for those interested on a humorous take on the news, featuring, monologues, comedy bits, and other highlights from the network’s late night programming.

If you like your daily news with an American flavor, then the USA Today app should be right up your street. It’s bright and colorful to look at and packed with large images. It grabs your attention, visually, and doesn’t let go.

And it’s packed with just about everything you could want. News, sports, weather, celebrity gossip, photo galleries, even offline support so you can download your articles before heading out of cellular range usd jpy forecast 2016. You can even keep up with the day’s news without reaching for your phone with Android Wear support.

Britain’s national broadcaster delivers the news around the globe through round-the-clock TV broadcasts, but it also has itself a pretty nice Android app to deliver what’s going on in the world today.

It’ll also deliver that round-the-clock video coverage, though that might be dependent on location. Otherwise you’re looking at breaking news, a wide range of topics to follow and an offline mode so you can catch up on a plane or on the morning commute on the London Underground.

If all you want is a simple app to show you the headlines and maybe the daily weather, check out Google News and Weather rmb to usd exchange rate history. It pulls in sources from Google’s vast network that includes aggregated 65,000 publications.

It lacks some of the customization available elsewhere but it’s a more ‘no-frills’ approach to serving you the headlines. And it has a nifty looking dark theme, too, if you like those.

Microsoft’s news app is actually pretty good, though it may also have slipped your attention so far. If you have a Microsoft account you can sign in and keep your customizations in sync across devices, which includes your Windows 10 PC.

It’s got a vast library of sources to pull content from and allows you to follow topics you’re most interested in. Whether that’s a sports team, a celebrity, a particular subject area of interest, the MSN News app will take good care of you.

If you want breaking news from one of the most highly-regarded organizations in the business — the Associated Press — then this is the one for you usd mxn forecast. Real-time updates of breaking events around the globe and a decent looking app and widget await inside. AP Mobile as very few little frills, just the news you want, when you want it.

If you prefer to get your news delivered in RSS form, Feedly is pretty much the default choice these days decimal fraction to binary. Rising from the ashes of the Google Reader shut down, Feedly has evolved and refined its service and app, and it’s a pretty good choice all round.

Feedly also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn for social sharing of all the things and the app itself is a pretty good reading experience. It’s pretty light and snappy these days and it doesn’t try to cram too much in.

The developers behind Nuzzel believe that in our social media dominated world, the best news aggregators are actually your friends and other influencers. Nuzzel lets you discover the best news stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter without the rest of the noise that goes along with social media feeds. Another key differentiator for Nuzzel is their belief in the power of the email newsletter famous quotes from movies. You can sign up for newsletters from your favourite influencers or topics, or use Nuzzel to create your own and share the top 5 stories from your Nuzzel feed along with your own personal commentary

It’s easy to scroll through the discover page and find topic feeds that interest you organized by topic. Add topics of interest to your favorite and sign up to receive daily email newsletters with the top stories of the day. Nuzzel believes this is a better way to engage with trending news than scrolling through cluttered social media feeds. If you agree, you’ll definitely want to check out Nuzzel.

One of News Republic’s best features is its ‘smart’ capabilities, meaning it learns your preferences as you use it. Then, in turn, caters more to your individual tastes without you having to set your own preferences.

Apart from that it delivers breaking news headlines in a well-designed, easy-to-use application and can also be used to create your own daily news digest idr to usd calculator. There’s a lot crammed in, like RSS support, and with so much going on it’s definitely one for the news junkies out there.

So, those are our best picks, but what about yours? If you’ve got a particular favorite not mentioned on this list be sure to drop it into the comments below!

This article was originally published in February 2015. It was recently published in November 2016 with the addition of Nuzzel, SmartNews and The Guardian.

This new browser app let’s you turn any mobile news website and more, into a "Lite App" that you can customize each to suit your needs. It’s amazing. Better yet, it saves all that background data, and saves battery too. Built with Privacy and Security in mind, from the ground up.This is probably the smartest app idea I’ve seen in some time, it’s fabulous.

But, I do also have a robust twitter feed, and I get several newsletters from major news sources like the Guardian, Washington Post, and more.

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