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Binary Pro Matrix is a scam! Checkout the review on Binary Watchdog, it will give you an idea of what kind of scam artists you are working with if you are considering to use their fake software BinaryMatrixPro SCAM! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The BinaryVerify which supposedly verifies the signals performace is another fake website, established 2 months ago..It’s a network of websites all operated by the same people so don’t be fooled by the beautifully designed website. There’s nothing more to it.

Notice how BinaryProMatrix spammed the Google search results with news releases and affiliated reviews in order to fight real reviews that might surface but they can’t stop the truth from coming out.

Their "social feedback fuction" is definitely scam. There appear to be always between 450 and 550 users online and taking trades (independend of the time of day or even shortly before close of market on friday evening shortly before market close).

Moreover, the alleged "community reporting" results appear to be completely unrelated to the actual market movement. I have seen trading signals in market situtations where an asset was moving steadily in the wrong direction, yet the community reports pretended more than 80% of wins- even when taking a timeframe of 60seconds before the signal and 60 seconds of the signal, there was no single point in time when an investment could have been successful.

Yet, I have to admit that the actual signals may work – if you use a professional broker (not the typcial Cypress-based broker clones that cheat on the entry quotes).

Still no reply from my previous support requests via email, nor to my request for support from EACH of the 5 Support Reps inside the platform.

It was curious to me that it was the only time I had noticed the 80% flipped, so to speak. And how I had been lead to believe it was always 80% winners for any particular pair. ALWAYS.

I received a voice mail and email the day before yesterday from my account representative at beeoptions nyse futures exchange. I didn’t bother listening to the voice mail and promptly told them about my displeasure with lack of function and Support with Binary Matrix Pro convert usd to zar. In the email I explained that I was becoming convinced there was a bad scheme going on and that if this was some big mistake that is resolved over there immediately I would be requesting a refund from their Brokerage, and if there was a problem with that, my bank will take care of it.

Well, instead of a response from the Beeoptions Rep, I got an email from Beeoptions ‘Compliance Department’ saying that my account has been immediately closed and my funds will be refunded back to the original card in 2-3 business days.

I explained that it’s a promise that we will seek every option for justice against them for manipulating me in such a way if we do not have the funds back in 3 business days, and that we will further use whatever experience we have to ensure that our story dominated the top 10 listing with any significant search engine results for this subject.

I tried Binary Matrix Pro and they advertise that you can make over a $100 an hour. I paid, downloaded the software and it did not work. I lost most of the money I invested. I tried to get in contact with someone for help but no one would respond. Also with the software you get a contact representative but every time I tried to click for the contact the software conveniently gave me an error. Binary options are like gambling and it’s not a sure thing. Don’t buy into this scam. I am currently trying to get the rest of my money back but we will see decimal math problems. So people please don’t get scammed by this. It’s a proven scam.

Hi everyone, I want to know if someone proved this system (Binary Matrix Pro), I searched for real reviews but Internet is full of fake reviews or reviews from affiliates. I think that the "Verified Account" of Binary Matrix Pro maybe is from a worker of Banc De Binary, or maybe Binary Matrix Pro is a program created by Banc De Binary to attract victims, and the system really not work, maybe is just another scam program, I don’t want to get scammed again, I want to hear opinions from the people that tested this program…. "I’m sorry for my english".

Has anyone checked out if the trading platforms they recommend are real and honest and accepts US citizens? I have made money and I am pretty good at trading. I have gotten paid before so I know binary trading is real. If the platform they recommend is real and not a scam and they check out with their disclaimer maybe they are real… or somewhat real. I will give them a chance and I will get back to you, I do not know when but I will get back to you. In the mean time I recommend you learn to trade vending machine codes. Find the best broker you can and learn to trade using small amounts of money. If you live in the USA make sure the broker you choose lets you trade currency pairs and commodities. Trading lets you make a lot of money.

After reviewing what other people have said about Binary Matrix Pro Review pound to dollar conversion rate today. I don’t want to waste my time or money. I can recommend signal software that does work but it is insanely frustrating because you only get 4 signals a day. It is Binary Options Bullet. I don’t recommend the brokers that they recommend. You can go with them, but there are better brokers out there that offer more. I also think that it it is important to learn how to trade on your own as well as having the signals so your not just staring at the screen waiting for that rare moment a signal does pop up. So look them up on your search engine. That is, if you don’t mind waiting for an actual signal.

Has anyone checked out if the trading platforms they recommend are real and honest and accepts US citizens? I have made money and I am pretty good at trading usd eur rate history. I have gotten paid before so I know binary trading is real. If the platform they recommend is real and not a scam and they check out with their disclaimer maybe they are real… or somewhat real.

goptions: I personally think that they don’t care where the referral/depositor comes from, as long as they get the business. And I think that the account reps are only interested in getting whatever they get from deposits being made. Wasn’t hard to detect.

Ok, like you just did, I’ll skip past the database connection, and website time-out problems and jump straight to the fact that no where on binary matrix pro’s site does it say the min. is $300

Not only should you generally be careful with what you lead people to believe, but be particularly careful with people who might have a large following that the warn and protect.

Beoptions: They hit the panic button once they realize that they had someone who would make noise on their hands. They initiated the refund on their own.

This is not a threat; this is a promise: If I do not have my money back in THREE BUSINESS DAYS, and you continue to negatively manipulate me and my affairs, I will do everything legally possible to obtain justice, and even more to re-direct some of the pain you caused back to you, starting with fully saturating the top 10 of every significant search engine with my experience.

So far my experience with the software has been far less than the 81% success that they claim. It’s been more like a 50/50 rate which means that I would be losing money. For the most part I’ve only been testing the system with a demo account html editor freeware. But I would say that even 50% wins would be pushing it. I’m tempted to figure out how to do a screen recording of using the BMP system and my trades just to show people how far fetched their claims of 81%+ success is. I’ve even gone with the trading idea to go the opposite direction from what their signals tell me. My last testing day was 04/11/14 and following the signals I hit 1 winner and then 4 losers in a row. My testing that day ended up with 7 losers, 1 winner and 1 tie funny quotes and sayings. I’ve actually been able to produce a slightly winning ratio myself by watching a currency pair and placing trades based on what I feel the trend is doing. The last day of my trades with BMP was after they introduced 5, 15, 30, 60 minute signals. I tried a couple 5 minute trades which were both losing trades. I’ve done better with my MarketsWorld demo account with those types of trades.

Now that I’ve discovered the Warrior Forum reviews of BMP, I’ll most likely just let it die and move on, thankfully not having lost much real money ($20 from my real account) binary translator google. Also, my attempts at getting any kind of "Account Rep" feedback has gone un-answered. I’ve tried contacting a couple of the reps to no avail. I’ve email them at the email addresses that BMP sends me and still nothing. So customer support is basically non existent. I kind of look at it like my many quick trips to Vegas. If I can sit there for 5-6 hours playing Blackjack or roulette, or craps and end up walking away having lost $20-$30, then it was worth it, because I was entertained and having a fun time, having some drinks and socializing.

You know what, I’m thinking that maybe I should just bail on the Binary Options idea and make the 2.5 hr drive to Vegas and have some fun. My kids love to go and we take family time for them and then I can kick it in the late night hours on the tables…… to some people and have some fun. It’s getting more into the warm weather time now and we could hang out at the pool in the day. I even have some 40 year friends that live there, so Vegas…….here we come.

I opened a trading account through their "recommended" broker, had to email them twice just to get the link to the program. When I finally got it, I began trading with immediately poor results. Of the first 14 trades I made, 4 were wins, 9 loses, and 1 tie. Yet according to their "community results", it showed high percentage of wins, usually in the 80% range investing com aud usd. I traded the exact same ones, at the moment they came through and I did everything exactly as their videos show and as they said only the results were way off. They claim an 80% win rate but in actuality it worked out to less than 30%.

As they claim that "client support is our first priority of business"; I have emailed the scam artists at binary matrix pro twice to see if perhaps something is wrong with my download or something, just to give them the benefit of the doubt but have yet to receive a reply. I also took screenshots of the results and attached them to the emails that I sent them. I’ve included it here to show everyone.

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