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You will notice that the fingerprint addon is now free but it is limited since you can ONLY send messages to specific clients and not massive as the paid addon does. However, if this addon generates new problems for some clients ( and not xc related only ), we might disable it in the future.

MariaDB is a database engine, first released in 2009. Cool pictures of animals It’s an open-source fork of the MySQL database management system, designed as a drop-in replacement for MySQL.

What differentiates MariaDB from MySQL is its more open-source development, which has allowed it to grow faster and with more new major features in each update than MySQL. Exchange rate pound sterling to us dollar While MySQL has wider distribution and simpler installation, MariaDB provides greater flexibility, improved performance and more features than can be found in MySQL.

Our software running with MariaDB will give you much better experience, will increase performance and stability while reducing your CPU load and system resources.

This tutorial applies only for Ubuntu 14.04, but the procedure is very similar to other OS (in case you are using something else, please raise a ticket). Aud usd forecast 2016 TAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE PROCESSING TO THE NEXT STEPS. Famous quotes about success Our team won’t be responsible in case you loose your data.

After completing the steps above, we should have MariaDB In our system. Gold usd price But there are few more steps to follow. Currency exchange aed to usd We will enter as root in the database server, to run few queries.

since version 2.4.0/2.4.1 this is not the case, our feeder holds the stream fine but we do have load balance servers dropping the stream despite the stream not dropping from the main. Exchange rate euro to usd Also since 2.4.0 we have channels randomly lose sound, now we know the source still has sound as we check and a restart of the stream fixes it but this is a bug that has appeared since 2.4.0 and I know you have personally worked with our main supplier BlackDream.

First of all v2.3.x and v2.4.x uses the same FFmpeg Version. Rmb to usd conversion Secondly, the custom ffmpeg you describe, is the one we are already using but in more advanced way. Gender binary The -copyts its is at the beggining before input, as well as the -c:v copy and -c:a copy is written as -acodec copy , -vcodec copy which is exactly the same.

Secondly, the lose of the sound it has been investigated already. Convert ils to usd The issue is that some panels, especially from v1 (and mostly cracked), they are using an outdated FFmpeg version that is not patched, which makes the channel loose sound but it is coming back after a while or they loose it completely.

If you are exchanging with this type of exchangers OR if someone else is exchanging with these streams (and you are getting from him), it is possible that your streams will go out of sync as well.

Are both set to NO. Rbi forex rates Both of these settings can cause drop connection, and both can make the audio to go out of sync. Usd inr exchange rate today The problem becomes bigger, if at least 1 panel has these settings enabled, can break the stream for many other customers. Code c online These settings however have their meaning, so removing them is not an option, although most of the times must be NO.

I would be happy as well if you can contact me on skype so i can check that drop connection thing, but i’m still pretty sure there is a reason for this. Marketing future I just want to say again, that no matter what version we release, even if it doesnt have any change ( as we have done it before , since we updated code only on CMS Side), some people still complaining for the new updates. Us stock market futures quotes For example we have been informed that some routing to germany is failing due to problem in some internet providers, and that happenned, right after the update. Usd to aud calculator You will remember me, that after 2-3 days, everything will be OK, again and we won’t change anything.

Exactly the same happened with the version v2.2.0. Usd to gbp conversion rate When we released it everything said it was the most buggy version, and suddendly after 5 days, everyone was saying it is the most stable one. Rmb to usd exchange rate Things are going like this, and everyone must understnad that the IPTV & Internet Providers are constantly having problems, it’s something that we can’t prevent, and something that will always influence us no matter what we do.

Before 1 month, there was one internet company that was under DDos, attack and hunderds of customer’s panel gone down. Market value of futures contract It was when we released the version v2.4.0 after few hours. Stock market in the future And everyone was blaming xtream codes about this. Gender pregnancy symptoms Thanks god, they made an annoucement after that and everything back to normal.

First of all, regarding the amount of the customers and the problems, it’s something that it’s true and no one can doubt it. Binary keyboard If there was a problem with the buffering, every customer would have freezes, and not just you and another 10 customers obviously. Adding binary We have panels running over 20.000 concurrent users with more than 40 Load balancers loaded into it.

This is an exception, but there is an owner of a panel in xtream that is paying a lot of money for servers, but it’s a good example that proves that the panel is working perfectly under serious load with no bufferings or crashing problems.

Buffering is not a panel issue, in any way, and it should not be treated like that. Aed usd exchange rate Almost in any update we do, no matter if we change just 1 line of code or 100, customer will say buffers because of the new Update, however, after some days without changing anything again, the system is now stable. Exchange rate idr to usd That’s because internet providers, are not giving you all the time the promised bandwidth, because either they can’t at the time you want it, or just because they are facing few problems that recently are very common due to amount of IPTV providers.

Secondly, we hear many customers that say, in V1 that is working OK, while in v2 there are problems. Usd to lkr Apart from the problem that mcktvlee described, this is another false story. Gbp usd chart Most users, if not all, they are just taking a test server, they install the version 1 along with 2-3 streams that are lagging in their official server ( v2 ), and they find out that their streams there are not laggining.

This test is false, and does not provide any accurate information, because you have to load the version 1, with the same amount of connections exactly that you have on v2, and the same amount of streams. Binary subtraction Also all users + requests must be transfered to the version 1 panel. Text to binary converter online This is a test what would give some accurate results, but still not perfect. Cool pictures to draw for beginners The reason for this is that you have to try the exactly same server you have on version 2, on version 1 as well. Aud usd forecast By just picking another server from same company, does not guarantee the perfomance will be the same. Exchange rate usd to ringgit malaysia Think about 2 PCs over a lan network, that both PCs have no limit in bandwidth. Future of marketing communications Will the 2 PCs have exactly the same bandwidth ? No unless the bandwidth is shared. Dollar exchange rate euro This is exactly what happens with the internet providers, they are not sharing the bandwidth and thats why they promise for a guaranteed bandwidth and not dedicated.

Now regarding the new update v2.4.1, it’s also true that any bottleneck has been removed, and many customers + the strongest among of them, confirmed that in new version have less freezing, and the overall stability has been increased. Exchange rate us to british pound The optimization is not an easy process, and unfortunately for us it differs from server to server.

Now, to return to the real question that mcktvlee, described, i’m not sure about that problem if i don’t check it personally. Usd to euro exchange rate history You have to know though that the configuration when a stream is considered DOWN and when it is OK is different for version 1 and for version 2.

Version 1, considers a stream that is Down if at least for 1 minute, it hasn’t received a single byte, while in version 2 the limit has changed to 30 seconds. Usatoday com Although it is possible to get a byte after 30 seconds, that does not mean the stream is working ok.

What i’m trying to say is that , in version 1, the stream might appear green all the time, but the stream might not working at all sometimes. Python example code (I guess you didn’t test the stream in your VLC for contiously 16 hours).

Version 1, is no way comparable with the version 2, not only in terms of optimizations and bottlenecks, but also to the security side, as they are known exploits for version 1 at the moment. Binary xml Since the version is discontinued, no updates will be made.

Our tests whown that version can’t handle many concurrent users ( more than 10k ) and it can’t use the entire bandwidth of the server either. Euro pound exchange rate forecast Just remember, to follow my advices regarding the compare of v1&v2.

These are the new API Calls, that you have to use. The binary code It is highly recommended to use this API as it is much faster than the previous one, and also more accurate and with abilities to be extended much more easier and faster than before.

GET VOD Info player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_vod_info&vod_id=X (This will get info such as video codecs, duration, description, directors for 1 VOD)

GET short_epg for LIVE Streams (same as stalker portal, prints the next X EPG that will play soon) player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_short_epg&stream_id=X

In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can use the API that was released in v2.3.x. Exchange rate usd to cad To successfully use the API, you have to import your IP first into the whitelist. Gold background You can do that in General Settings -> API Settings.

$post_data = array ( ‘user_data’ => array ( ‘username’ => $username , ‘password’ => $password , ‘max_connections’ => $max_connections , ‘is_restreamer’ => $reseller , ‘exp_date’ => $expire_date , ‘bouquet’ => json_encode ( $bouquet_ids ) ) );

$opts = array ( ‘http’ => array ( ‘method’ => ‘POST’ , ‘header’ => ‘Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ , ‘content’ => http_build_query ( $post_data ) ) );

If you leave the username and/or password elements empty, the system will generate random characters for these 2 fields. Exchange rate us to canadian calculator In addition, leaving any field empty, api will use the default value for this field according to SQL Database. The boxer chords So theoretically, you can make a line with just Calling the Above URL, without any parameter, however the created user, wont have any bouquets inside.

$expire_date = strtotime ( “+1 month” ); //from the time now, not from line’s expire date. 1111 binary ###############################################################################

$post_data = array ( ‘username’ => $username , ‘password’ => $password , ‘user_data’ => array ( ‘max_connections’ => $max_connections , ‘is_restreamer’ => $reseller , ‘exp_date’ => $expire_date ) );

$opts = array ( ‘http’ => array ( ‘method’ => ‘POST’ , ‘header’ => ‘Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ , ‘content’ => http_build_query ( $post_data ) ) );

In the above example, we will edit the max_connections, is_restreamer and exp_date for our line with username test_username, and password test_password that already exists in our database.

The procedure is almost the same as creating/editing & view info on a user line. Us futures market The only difference is that instead of calling the user action, we will the stb action. Texas baseball roster Of course instead of username/password we will just have the mac parameter.

$opts = array ( ‘http’ => array ( ‘method’ => ‘POST’ , ‘header’ => ‘Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ , ‘content’ => http_build_query ( $post_data ) ) );

$opts = array ( ‘http’ => array ( ‘method’ => ‘POST’ , ‘header’ => ‘Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ , ‘content’ => http_build_query ( $post_data ) ) );

$opts = array ( ‘http’ => array ( ‘method’ => ‘POST’ , ‘header’ => ‘Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ , ‘content’ => http_build_query ( $post_data ) ) );

echo ”
Current Expire Date: ” . Usd thb ( ( empty ( $api_result [ ‘user_info’ ][ ‘exp_date’ ] ) ) ? ‘Unlimited’ : strtotime ( $api_result [ ‘user_info’ ][ ‘exp_date’ ] ) );

Like i said, there are bugs as in any software in the world, but they are not so important. Cattle futures market news I don’t know what you say exactly as a big impact, but i know that streams are working, load balancing is working, load balancers are working, vod is working, live channels are working, epg is working.

Since your customer is fine with this setup, i don’t call any other bug as “big impact”. Stock market trading hours india Some Scroll/list Issues are not important, but i will make sure they will get fixed asap.

Stalker has been encoded in the latest version so we are on our own from now on. 1 usd to cop Thats why stalker hasn’t been updated yet, so from now on it will receive custom updates by us.

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