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In the early 1990s, my parents, who had barely set foot in school, who had never seen a newspaper or TV, who had never protested or attended any political rallies, whose ancestors had lived in the hills and had never worked anywhere but on farms, those parents were suddenly seen a threat by their own government.

The government of Bhutan started sending soldiers to my parents’ house. Text editor for windows 10 They gave my parents a deadline to leave the country.

Xau usd chart live They threatened they’d kill or jail them if they were seen around after that date.

On July 22nd of 1992, my parents carried my brothers, who were 2 and 5 at the time, and silently left the country. Exchange rate usd nzd They left every little thing they ever owned behind them. Us future stock market Everything that had been passed to them over generations like their house, their farm, the cattle which they had raised as their own children, their relatives, and their lifelong friends.

After days of struggle, my parents and my brothers arrived in the neighboring country of Nepal. Exchange rate euro to dollar history They started sharing a roof with their new neighbors, who also had fled the country for their life. Price of gold per ounce in the us My father said, “It was like camping over there except it was with an empty stomach, a heart filled with sorrows, and hopeless, beaten-down buddies. Usd to eur graph There was no cheering or smiling, there was only hopelessness, despair, and uncertainty.”

All the while they were teaching us, we were making mental notes. Cny usd When we became adults, we may have experienced contradictory examples, but we still held some values that we received as children.

In the 1970s, U.S. Usd eur exchange rate chart orchestras were nine-tenths male. What are the futures in the stock market In order to increase female membership, orchestra leaders started auditioning musician applicants behind a screen, so they could hear the playing but not see who was playing. British pound exchange rate today These “blind auditions” are believed to be responsible for a jump in female musician membership to around 35% two decades later. Usd bloomberg If we believe that women can also be excellent musicians, why did past orchestras include so few women? Well, if judges are used to seeing males playing in orchestras, they have an easy time choosing new musicians based on what they’ve experienced in the past. 300 usd to eur It’s a bias they unconsciously held that influenced their hiring practices. Market futures open By using blind audition techniques, other industries now report similar results in the hiring of both women and racially underrepresented applicants.

1. Euro to british pound exchange rate They also think that the language of Canada is “Canadian,” folks in the USA speak “American,” and everyone in Mexico speaks “Mexican”? (Their major tongues are English/French, English, and Spanish, respectively.)

Unfortunately, too many US-based companies don’t take the time to think about—or research—their products in the global marketplace. Dow futures meaning They don’t look beyond their own limited cultural experience. Binary operations pdf “If it works for me, it should work for everyone.”

The opportunity: Given that English is also an official language of Pakistan, DC Comics has a chance to reach millions of young readers eager to consume vividly told stories in the global medium of English.

The result: Unfortunately, DC’s cultural ineptitude is more likely to enhance readership for rival Marvel Comics, which has astutely created an actual superhero for this ethnic market (see image below).

Small-scale flub vs. 100 kroner to usd Large-scale debacle: While DC’s miscue made the company look bad, it can be overcome. Usd to inr forecast Home Depot, on the other hand, lost $160 million when it misjudged the do-it-yourself culture of Chinese consumers. Pound to euro tourist exchange rate today After six years of losses, the American DIY chain closed all of its stores in China, discovering too late that the people there preferred to have someone “do it for me” instead. S&p futures market What is the inverse sound of ka-ching?

As you look at your business model, where are you making assumptions that have no basis in cultural fact in foreign markets? If you invest in an ounce of prevention, a cultural consultant could save you from that expensive pound of cure.

One of my students from Japan became a new father this year. Decimal math problems During a class, he showed me the small wooden box that Japanese parents use to save a newborn baby’s umbilical cord once it falls off of the baby’s stomach. Html editor freeware I had heard of the tradition before but told him that Americans didn’t do that; in fact, most Americans would think it strange–or even unpleasant–because it was a dried, blackened piece of skin.

Of course, these kinds of customs are not necessarily logical; they are traditional. Vending machine codes Take, for instance, the U.S. Stock market futures real time tradition of the tooth fairy: when American children lose a tooth, they put it under their pillow and wake up to find it replaced by money, supposedly left by the fairy who buys up deciduous teeth. Binary value The Japanese, on the other hand, take a lost tooth and throw it away. Jpy to usd If it comes from the lower mouth, they will throw it up onto the rooftop; an upper tooth is thrown underneath the house—with no reward for the child, either up or down.

For American human resource managers with employees who practice Islam, there are two important considerations to ease this month of fasting for them: prayer time and the physical challenges of fasting.

First, you need to know that observant Muslims pray five times a day. Usd to aud chart The actual prayer times are calculated based on several factors, one of them being geographical location. 1 usd to zimbabwe dollar The times vary and are affected by changes in the hours of sunrise and sunset. 1 usd to zambian kwacha For our town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the dawn prayer on June 18, the first day of fasting, starts at 4:16 am, and the sunset prayer starts at 9:25 pm. Convert usd to nzd At the end of the month, these prayer times shift: 4:38 am for the dawn prayer and 9:20 pm for the sunset prayer on July 17. Us dollar exchange rate to malaysian ringgit (Click here for a prayer timetable.)

3. How to read binary Food Offer to make reasonable adjustments for storing food during Ramadan. Binary to denary converter This is primarily important for those who will be working after the sunset prayer, that is, third-shift employees. Funny jokes tagalog 2016 Very often, Muslims bring home-made food prepared exclusively for this occasion. Nzd to usd conversion This food is halal (similar to kosher) and is taken at certain times. Binary conversion table Letting employees go to the break room at a specific time, or having them keep a small food box at their work station are examples of what can be done.

4. Cnn futures stock market Clothing Try to be flexible regarding dress codes; if there are situations or areas where flexibility is not possible (for safety reasons, etc.), make an effort to explain company policy and rationale to your Muslim employees. Binary domain steam Then, importantly, be consistent with all other employees and their religious needs.

5. Usd zar exchange Other Employees Address the issue of fasting with non-Muslim employees to make sure that it is not interpreted as a sign of religious favoritism. Pound to dollar conversion rate today In the past, some Americans have interpreted religious accommodations as “preferential treatment” for Muslim employees.

6. Market index futures Scheduling Make advance scheduling arrangements to ensure there are enough employees to cover the workload on the last day of fasting. Usd to nzd forecast Observant Muslims will try to get a day off on this day.

Understand that different ethnic groups take different approaches and use different standards of Islamic observance. Premarket stock futures You can compare this to your Christian or Jewish family and friends: some are much more observant and some much less. Convert us dollars to australian dollars In the case of Muslims, you may find a devoted Saudi believer who will not drink alcohol, eat pork, or smoke, while you may find among Bosnian Muslims that some do not mind smoking and will be flexible on that rule, while fully observing all others.

I should emphasize the value of diversity in this working arrangement. Binary stars list For example, non-Christian employees might well volunteer to work on traditionally Christian religious holidays in exchange for having days off for their own holidays. Exchange rate for euro to dollar It is a win-win situation for employers.

If explanations are clear and employees understand that all of us work best when we are respected and accommodated, all are prepared to give their best effort and succeed for the company.

A 1997 refugee to the United States, Kemal Hamulic has been working with minority groups on various levels for over a decade. Capital meaning in economics His encounters range from community outreach work to diplomatic interpreting to international business negotiations. Futures market prices His formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in international business and a Master’s in finance. Stock meaning Kemal has extensive experience living abroad and speaks fluent English, Bosnian, and German and is proficient in French. 1 usd to cad He has given seminars and prepared workshops on the topic of diversity for government agencies and private entities.