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Remember when Web 2.0 was heralded as the “future” of marketing? From infographics to streaming video, social media to content marketing, it feels as if the past 10+ years have been a proving ground for marketers and how they’re going to adapt to the digital revolution.

During this week’s Content Marketing World, PR Newswire and content marketing agency Marcus Thomas invited executives to hear, see and experience how virtual reality, smart devices and other technology are merging digital information with physical objects and transforming content opportunities for brands.

Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President of Marketing for PR Newswire ( @KenWincko), was joined by strategic advisor, analyst and author Rebecca Lieb for a discussion on the future of content marketing.

“Because of the rise of mobile, the Internet of Things and wearables, content is going to be integrated with the physical world like never before,” Rebecca says.

“There’s simply less real estate on these types of devices for advertising usatoday com. Brands are going to be forced to think about what kind of content goes with these devices to add value to the experience, value to the consumer.”

Smart devices are changing how we use the Internet and access content, Rebecca continued exchange rate us to british pound. On the one hand, while a far deeper conversation is taking place between all elements of the brand experience – including objects, consumers’ differentiation between these information channels is eroding.

The explosion, and subsequent integration, of information channels has revolutionized how consumers make their buying decisions, leading to a dramatic shift in marketing models.

“Buyers are much more sophisticated and their journeys are not linear,” Ken says. “Most marketers still produce content as standalone initiatives usd to. In fact, according to a recent survey by Forrester, 62% of senior marketers admit to producing content on a campaign-by-campaign basis which fails to address how buyers experience content over time.”

“For marketers to be successful,” he continues, “they need to think about creating a holistic, contextual narrative that engages buyers and key influencers in an integrated way across paid, owned and earned channels.”

Whereas advertising campaigns once led all marketing activities because they cost more than the others, “we’re now finding that all marketing begins with content,” Rebecca explains. “Content is part and parcel – the atomic particle of all marketing.”

“Because it costs less, you can create content, push it out across owned and earned channels and see what works usd to euro exchange rate history. When something works, you can refine it, measure it, amplify it and ultimately invest in it with paid media, but only after you know whether the message is really going to resonate with your audience.”

“Effective content marketing needs to be contextual, connected, and interactive,” says Ken. “It must be focused on your stakeholders’ needs, informed by audience preferences for messages, channels and authors binary xml. In the future, marketers will be able to utilize innovative technologies like virtual reality and holograms to creates more immersive experiences that effectively capture and maintain audience attention.”

• Contextual: “Thought leadership content can’t be from your brand’s point-of-view, but from your audience’s point-of-view, helping them understand how they can make their jobs or life better gold background. It needs to not just take into consideration your audience’s needs and channel preferences, but also who they trust to receive that message from.”

• Connected: “The traditional time-based marketing campaign no longer works,” explains Ken. “Marketing must be organized around a perpetual program framework that continuously activates buyer behavior across channels in a consistent way, building on what has come before, enhancing, iterating and making it stronger over time.”

• Interactive: “At minimum, your content needs to include at least one visual asset exchange rate us to canadian calculator. Based on analysis of the content promoted across PR Newswire’s distributions, we’ve found that including even one visual increases visibility by 92% euro pound exchange rate forecast. Fully interactive multimedia news releases, on the other hand, average 5,092% more visibility python example code. Including multimedia enables your audience to more easily understand and interact with you, leading to increased content engagement and a lift in brand preference.”

When guests walk in and get their room key on their mobile phone, it’s also tied to their loyalty number and their purchase history, she explains. As one person walks around the hotel, they may receive a recommendation on their device for a discounted dinner for two because their profile indicates they’ve been to restaurants. Someone else, though, may get an offer to see a show because they prefer live performances.

These recommendations help the resort match available products and services with guests more likely – based on location and preference – to utilize them.

While linking product offers and communications to the customer journey seems like an easy fit for B2C and location-based brands, B2B organizations can also leverage unique, connected experiences.

“At PR Newswire, we map and share our content based on the contextual needs – all of which occur across multiple channels,” shares Ken. “The integrated approach drives results. Customizing content to meet the information needs of individual across channels and stages of the buying path has resulted in 506% more content downloads and 47% increase in lead conversion rate than single-channel promotion.”

“Don’t be there just to be there,” Rebecca cautions. “Consider how you are adding value for consumers – that’s really what the phygital world is about binary subtraction. Are you making their experience easier, more interesting, more fun, more valuable, more multichannel? Have a plan.”

Every piece of content you create is a potential touch point with your audience—an opportunity to engage them, drive them to your website, and convert them into paying customers. Download our white paper Why Content Marketing’s Really a Question of Marketing Your Content to learn how to develop a plan that will help you reach new audiences and sustain the visibility of your messages over time.

Amanda Hicken is senior manager of strategic content, overseeing PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ADHicken for tweets and photos from this year’s Content Marketing World.