Branding and customizing the codereadr code scanner app


Branding and Customizing the App Full White Label App for Android and iOS We now offer fully white-labeled versions of the codeREADr app. Dollar and pound exchange rate With this option the app will appear in Google Play and iTunes app stores as your own app. Call option Further, the app-user will see your app icon on their devices once downloaded from the stores. Eur usd exchange rate The app itself is branded with your logos and colors and has no link to or mention of codeREADr. Market futures for tomorrow Contact support if you would like to receive a quote.

256 in binary Custom features are quoted on request. Usd rmb exchange rate history Branding

You can brand the codeREADr app with your logo. 1 usd to inr today Why do we offer that? Well, to the app user we are the ‘code reader’ and you are the solution provider. Live futures market Although very sophisticated, we are a ‘layer’ within your solution – we enable the collection and validation of data. Binary coder However, you offer your clients the ability to use that data. Futures market explained That’s a critical distinction – and one that’s creating a new opportunities for forward-thinking business people, IT managers and developers. Sftp binary mode Branding instructions.

On your Account page you can also change the email address for the ‘Contact Us’ email within the app’s settings and redirect the in-app ‘Help’ page to your own URL. Binary explained Custom Functionality with Contextual Variables

Anyone can put URL(s) in the Response Text when creating their database or in the Service Description when creating a Service. Future stock market However, to use contextual variables or Webify, a Web developer is typically needed to deploy this feature effectively.

When creating your barcode database, put a plain text URL in the Response Text or Service Description along with any other text associated to that barcode value. What is the binary system After the app user scans a barcode, they will be able to tap the URL to launch in-app viewing of that Web page and any links embedded within that page.

B. Us exchange rate to canadian dollar Developer – Context Variables added to plain text URLs in the Scan Response Text or Service Description: When adding a plain text URL to the Response Text or Service Description, you can give it context and direct the app user to a specific URL by using one of these variables appended to the URL:

C. Webify – Web Content as a Service: In addition to the typical recording and validation Services offered, you can also create a Web-View-Only Service with our Webify feature (see Webify instructions). Gold background images Webify will present to the app user an image (such as your logo) or Web page or, if using contextual variables, a specific image or Web page. Usd nzd Any of these contextual variables can be used:

D. Webify – Web Content as Response Text or Service Description: Web content within Response Text or Service Descriptions can be generic or contextual using our Webify feature. Equity meaning in accounting Any of these contextual variables can be used:

E. Cnn world market futures Webify – App’s Lookup and History Pages: On the Advanced tab when creating or editing your Service workflow you can override the database Lookup and scan History pages with your own custom Web content. Exchange rate usd to cad history This is useful if you don’t want app-users to see database values and/or scan history. Usd rate It also lets you present custom content/actions/reports to the app user.

F. 10110 binary Webify Benefits: The benefits of Webify over plain text URLs include: a) the URL can use anchor text for a better UI; and, b) the content is immediately displayed without requiring the app use to tap a URL. Rs to usd exchange rate The purpose is to enable simple and immediate contextual engagement with the app user. Xpf to usd Webify instructions.

G. Exchange rate us to pound Using Templates – Alter Response Text: You can use the Alter Response Text feature to use a template for your HTML and web content. Price of gold dubai In this way your validation database doesn’t need to have that structure for each value in column 2 (the response text). Binary convert to text Look here for more information.

H. Video editor windows free Alter Response View: On the Advanced step when creating or editing your services You can change or remove the standard labels and screen colors of the Response after a scan.

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