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Earlier this week I asked our team members at the Daily Light to stop and take some time to write down five things in their respective lives for which they are grateful. Taux de change euro dollar us Then I asked them to share those things with me. Exchange rate myr to usd As I told them, if we don’t stop frequently to remind ourselves of the important things in life, we will begin to lose sight of them. World stock market futures It’s true that with the denigration of kindness and civility in society so goes the peace we need to not only get the most out of life, but even the time to consider what’s important in it. Hex code generator If you haven’t realized that yet, just take a look around or try navigating the minefields of hatred on social networks.

Convert rm to usd Be warned though – it’s a vicious cycle that, if not broken, will leave you feeling bitter, angry and at odds with the purpose God has for you.

We all do, in fact, have a purpose. Aud usd rate God didn’t create anyone who doesn’t and He certainly didn’t create anyone to be a vessel of constant negativity. Usd aud calculator Nor did God create racists, bullies, narcissists, abusers or criminals, etc. Gold price today kitco People become those things, among others, by the influences around them. Dollar price today in india Hang with people who constantly complain and you’ll become a constant complainer. Usd vnd chart Even in our own community, we have a gang of complainers so desperate to be noticed that they often act unhinged and obsessed in their pursuit to harm and destroy others. Python examples As well, if you exist in a world of racism, you’ll become a racist. Cny to usd conversion Spend time with lawbreakers and you’ll eventually become a criminal.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with those who seek goodness, you will do good things. Usd to euro conversion Live life around people who serve others and you will soon become a servant. Eur usd rate history Join those who have genuine desire to contribute and you will discover your own desires to contribute, as well. Fraction to mixed number converter The challenge is that society is on tilt. Usd jpy forecast today Instead of finding ways to make life better, society has created avenues through which all sorts of contempt and vitriol travels. Vnd to usd conversion Facebook is the most notable of the avenues, but there are others.

My team at the Daily Light provided plenty of insight as to what they find important and, as the person responsible for their professional growth, I need to take note. Vkc forex I must also give them the time and space necessary to keep their list in the forefront, not in the background. Famous quotes about time An employee who is well-balanced, happy and inspired is an employee that contributes and makes a positive difference. Used book stores las vegas With that thought in mind, here is what my team said is important to them:

God’s love, mercy and grace; family – personal and work; children; parents; a good job; close friends; a comfortable bed to sleep in; America; music; pets; a safe home; being able to write; having a purpose in life; corny jokes; good health; having a reliable vehicle; a kind smile; a gentle hug; equal rights; our community; freedom of religion; sunny patios shared with friends; baseball; musicians; red wine.

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful team of people with which to work and serve. Binary number system Their peace and happiness matters and so does yours. Usd zar exchange rate To that end, may we all take some time to reflect on the many people and things in our lives that matter most and may we never let the angry drumbeats resounding through a lost and pained society drown out the peace we need to have a fulfilling life.