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Research at the Duke Center for Living (DCL) is rooted in translational research and includes explorations of risk assessment, disease prevention, and novel treatments for a range of disorders related to cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, lipid metabolism, diabetes, and other major illnesses.

DCL investigators led one of the first large-scale clinical trials to demonstrate how aerobic exercise promotes weight loss and benefits cholesterol levels (Studies of Targeted Risk Reduction Interventions through Defined Exercise — STRRIDE).

DCL researchers have expertise in basic science and conduct laboratory research in cell biology and metabolism, genetics and genomics, and the pathophysiology underlying disease. Gdp to usd Research also includes clinical trials in pharmacological treatments as well as dietary, psychosocial, and exercise interventions for treating disease and improving quality of life.

The Sarah W. The box nyc dress code Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center, led by Christopher B. Call option strike price Newgard, PhD, also located on the DCL campus, is an inter-departmental and interdisciplinary center for metabolic and nutritional research that includes collaborative projects with several DCL researchers. Binary to decimal examples Clinical Studies TRIUMPH

TRIUMPH is a randomized clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health that evaluates the effects of diet, exercise, and weight management on blood pressure and cardiac risk factors in adults with resistant hypertension.

UNWIND is a r andomized clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health that seeks to understand the benefits of exercise and medication in reducing anxiety in cardiac patients.

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