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EPA sets new limit for toxic pollutants released into waterways by steam electric power plants

. WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday imposed new standards for mercury, lead and other toxic pollutants that are discharged into the nation’s rivers and streams from steam electric power plants. If exposed at high levels, the pollutants

What's spooking global investors? Uncertainty about China's slowing economy and Fed rate hike

Fears about China’s slowdown and a coming U.S. interest rate hike have sent global stock markets into a fidgety freefall. But why? China’s economy has been slowing for years. And the Federal Reserve has long been expected to raise short-term

Liquified natural gas port, pipeline in Oregon get final environmental OK from feds

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Federal regulators granted final environmental approval Wednesday for building a pipeline and port facilities for shipping Rocky Mountain natural gas to Asia via the Oregon coast. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said it found that building

New Jersey wants another year to decide whether to try oysters as pollution reducers

New Jersey wants another year to decide one of its most intractable environmental issues: whether to allow experimental oyster colonies in polluted areas to see if they can help clean the waterways. The research is designed to see if re-establishing

Will Smith's hot-button NFL drama 'Concussion' to premiere as AFI Fest centerpiece

NEW YORK — The Will Smith NFL drama “Concussion” will premiere as the centerpiece to the AFI Fest. The Los Angeles film festival announced Wednesday that the Peter Landesman-directed film will debut at AFI on November 10. Smith stars in

Appeals court strikes down possible cash payments to college athletes for use of their images

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court agreed Wednesday that the NCAA’s use of college athletes’ names, images and likenesses in video games and TV broadcasts violated antitrust laws but struck down a plan to allow schools to pay football

Officials say key fishing area for Atlantic cod in dire shape as species struggles to recover

PORTLAND, Maine — One of the two critical areas where New England fishermen search for cod may be in even worse shape than suspected. Fishing managers already knew cod stocks in Georges Bank were thin, but new data from the

Despite diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen insists 'nothing has changed' at lone US plant

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Inside Volkswagen’s only U.S. assembly plant there’s little hint of the diesel emissions cheating scandal embroiling the German automaker around the world. Sparks fly off robotic welding arms, new versions of the Passat sedan roll off the

Ralph Lauren shares taking off after company brings in Old Navy's top talent as new CEO

NEW YORK — Ralph Lauren Corp.’s shares extended their rally Wednesday, a day after the fashion company announced it was hiring Old Navy’s top talent to take over the CEO job. Ralph Lauren, 75, who held the title, will remain

Hewing Hotel in historic Jackson Building gets financed by U. S. Bank

The Jackson Building on the corner of Washington Ave. and Third Ave. N. will be developed into a hotel. (KYNDELL HARKNESS/STAR TRIBUNE) U.S. Bank is providing the money to make the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis a reality. The project involves

A dozen projects near Green Line win $600,000 in Knight Foundation grants

A dozen projects to improve St. Paul’s Green Line corridor, ranging from the proposed River Balcony to a tool station for bikes, have won grants amounting to nearly $600,000 from the Knight Foundation. The winners of the Knight Green Line

Get Started: Businesses liable for fraudulent chip credit card transactions starting Thursday

APPROACHING DEADLINE Starting Thursday, businesses that accept credit cards must be prepared to handle transactions with new chip-embedded cards or find themselves paying the bill in the event of fraud. The credit card industry set Oct. 1 as the day

Negotiations on multi-country Pacific trade pact near the finish line

 New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said on Wednesday he sees a good chance of wrapping up a Pacific trade deal this week and warned political headwinds may scupper the pact if negotiations drag on too long. Trade ministers from

In world swarming with free news to read, most young people don't pay _ but 40 percent do

NEW YORK — In a world flush with free information, some young people are still willing to shell out for news they read. A recent poll shows that 40 percent of U.S. adults ages 18-34 pay for at least some

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