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Malawi_ fuel shortages ignite violent nationwide protests _ inter press service

. Persistent fuel shortages ignited violent nationwide public protests in Malawi as protestors called for President Bingu wa Mutharika’s resignation. Credit: Charles Mpaka Economic and democratic governance concerns against President Bingu wa Mutharika’s government amid persistent fuel shortages ignited violent

Is investing in forex a good idea_ – moneyweb

CAPE TOWN – In this advice column Kathy Hull from The Wealth Corporation answers a question from a reader who wants to buy dollars to hedge against the weak rand. Q: I have just opened a “Global” account with one

Odious debt (and what to do about it)

Do mortgage debtors, credit card debtors, and student loan borrowers have a moral obligation to pay back their debts? Is it unethical for debtor nations to default on their loans? Most folks, thinking themselves to be honorable people, feel a

Russia and opec may work together to cut supply

The head of OPEC called on oil producers around the world to work together to address the current state of oversupply. “It is vital the market addresses the issue of the stock overhang,” OPEC’s Secretary-General Abdallah El-Badri said on Monday

What skills do employers want most_ – university world news

I teach courses and executive programmes in leadership and management and, as part of my introduction to the class, I explain to participants why what they are there to learn is vitally important: these skills are among the most important

How should you pay while traveling_ – csmonitor. com

It might seem intimidating to consider how to access your money while traveling abroad. But knowing a few basics will keep your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your vacation. Here’s how to access your funds while you’re

Asiaق€™s worst-performing currency likely to be the best bet this year

Investing in Asia’s worst-performing currency is all about the interest rate. While the rupee fell 0.4% versus the dollar this year, flows from stock investors turned positive in March amid slower inflation, an improved current account and budgetary discipline. Including

Moneyshow. com_ trading lessons – the best volume indicator

The Best Volume Indicator Published: 05/16/2013 11:00 am EST By: Thomas Aspray Professional Trader & Analyst, More on: TRADING According to legendary Dow theorist, Richard Russell, volume tends to expand in the main direction of the trend, and since it’s

Pro-choice or no choice_ north dakota wants to ban abortion for fetal abnormalities _ time. com

Follow @TIMEHealth Testing for fetal abnormalities can alert expectant parents to potential health problems to come. And it’s the parents who should decide on how to act on those results, right? Not necessarily. In North Dakota, the governor is considering

80+ file conversion services and tools

By Daksh Sharma 2007-11-05 05:40:57 UTC Converting files from one to another format can be a complex task, especially because not many users have the necessary tools handy. Here’s our collection of online conversion services as well as offline desktop

Ex-apple ceo to launch $100 iphone-quality mobiles – emirates 24_7

A smartphone company that isn’t making substantial investments in technology may sound counter-intuitive at first, but that is exactly what former Apple CEO John Sculley’s Obi Mobiles says has bagged it a 4.2 per cent share of the UAE smartphones

Open source trading platforms list _ lokesh madan _ linkedin

tradelink http://code. google. com/p/tradelink/ Write automated trading systems, connect with 17+ broker APIs AIOTrade http://sourceforge. net/projects/humaitrader AIOTrade (formerly Humai Trader Platform) is a free, open source stock technical analysis platform built on pure java. manticore-trader http://www. manticore-projects. com/ manticore-trader is

This chicago startup wants to find you a workout buddy for the summer _ built in chicago

With the on-demand, “Uber for X” business model proving viable in a number of verticals, companies across the board are racing to adopt its consumer-centered approach to disrupt their industries and emerge as the first-place finisher among their competitors. From

Banks get token fines for rigging global foreign exchange rates – world socialist web site

Print Leaflet Feedback Share » Facebook Twitter Digg Reddit Delicious StumbleUpon Blogger E-Mail Two years after the Libor scandal Banks get token fines for rigging global foreign exchange rates By Andre Damon and Barry Grey 13 November 2014 Two years

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