Cbs bets on ‘the good fight’ in the streaming wars – the new york times


“The Good Fight” also satisfies the Kings’ desire to shed some of the constraints of network television — not just more conservative content standards but the grind of producing 22 episodes per season. Stock market future 2016 (“The Good Fight” will have 10.) Meanwhile, CBS All Access executives needed an intelligent original to try to place the streaming network in the class of other platforms, which have momentum and have gained some critical success.

“This always felt like a show yearning for a little freedom,” said Marc DeBevoise, president and chief operating officer of CBS Interactive. Peso to us dollar exchange rate today He added that its standards would be closer to those of prime-time shows on cable.

Airing “The Good Fight” on traditional CBS, both parties agreed, was never explored. Gender theories pdf A slightly edited version of the first episode of “Fight” will also run on the main network, but after that the series will live exclusively on CBS All Access.

The new show will still be similar to “The Good Wife,” even with its different home. Futures market today Like the original, “The Good Fight” will mine the news for its stories. Canadian dollar to us exchange rate And the presidential election made that plan feel like a mandate. Decimal to binary encoder A coming episode involves a lawsuit that imagines, as Mr. Equity futures meaning King puts it, “the possible chilling effects of a president who doesn’t seem to shy away from retribution.”

But, as with “The Good Wife,” which took pains to portray three-dimensional conservative characters, viewers should expect varying points of view. 40 usd to eur “Our writers are not all liberals, and the show doesn’t always follow the characters down their liberal hole,” Mr. Aus to us exchange rate King said. Stock meaning in tamil “It will take up the issues of pro-lifers very sympathetically. Exchange rate nzd usd It will ask, ‘What are the ways that alt-righters are not who you think they are?’”

The election results prompted other changes. Exchange rate chf to usd The day before the vote, Ms. The future of marketing Baranski filmed a scene in which, while packing up her old office, Diane pauses to give a lingering look to a framed photo of her with Hillary Clinton, who is the character’s political touchstone. Usd bookstore The scene was later scrapped from the pilot. Pound exchange rate in pakistani rupees Instead, the first thing audiences see is Diane sitting at home, in the dark, watching President Trump be sworn in; there’s a dazed look on her face.

It seems to be an appropriate kickoff for a series that has a change of course at its core. Usd to sek “You don’t need to have seen a single second of ‘The Good Wife’ to watch this show,” Mr. Cad to usd exchange rate by date King said. Exchange rate usd to aud “We very much mean to be starting over, and we really feel like the dilemmas for these characters all comment on what’s coming down the line in the world now.”