Central banks are now printing $200 billion per month… without a crisis zero hedge text to binary translator


The Fed is tightening policy by hiking rates. But the rest of the world’s Central Banks are printing a combined $200 BILLION in QE every single month.

This is an all-time record… greater even that the global money printing that occurred at the depth of the 2008 Crisis when Central banks were desperate to prop the system up.

If you don’t believe this will unleash inflation, consider that already in the US, inflation has exceeded the Fed’s targets on ALL FOUR of its measures.

Bear in mind, these are the “official” measures of inflation… the ones that don’t include things like food, or energy. When you account for the rise in the REAL cost of living in the US, REAL inflation in the US is closer to 6%.

If you don’t take my word for it, take a look at Gold priced in the $USD, Japanese Yen, Euro, and British Pound.

The precious metal has begun to break of to the upside in all major world currencies.

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One indication of just how messed up and flawed the global markets have become is reflected in the way central banks across the world are now buying stocks 1 usd to inr today. This has become a part of their response to correcting the forces of past excesses.

One thing is clear, the central bank’s large foray into stock ownership represents more than just a moral hazard and in many ways, it paves the path for a liquidity crisis in our future. More on this subject in the article below.

The stealth reflation trade is a good issue. Maybe this is the tip of the iceberg and the elite really do agree with us this ship is about to sink so all hands on deck and grab a bucket lol.

How much reflation in shadow banking? How leveraged is the system and how many times has every asset been rehypothecated in London? Much less Asia. Do we even measure M1 anymore? Could we even possibly measure M2 or M3 with any accuracy?

More money, more inflation, and those breaking away will have to consider massive devaluing their reestablished currecnies, to the hard of the people, making it harder to consider breaking away liek Britian?

Why is everybody so afraid to admit that almost all the world’s economic and political problems revolve around the hegemony here in America of the global corporate cartel, which is only headquartered in the US because this is where their military arm resides. The only way to regain our (we People) sovereignty as a republic is to strictly curtail the privileges of any corporation doing business here 256 in binary. The government must be reconfigured to represent the Middle Class if we are ever to restore sanity, much less prosperity. There will be no peace and prosperity in America until we, the good folk, drain the "swamp" created by the US Constitution. The "swamp" can’t be drained at this point because the Constitution does not contain a “drain plug". This is the kind of "plug" it needs forex rates in pakistan today open market. And it needs to be pulled ASAP:

Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:

The biggest hurdle to convening an Article 5 convention will be to silence the 24/7 corporate media propaganda machine which will “guarantee” that a constitutional convention is the sure path to anarchy and chaos. There are so many issues that need addressing that it will be extremely difficult to focus on just one issue: draining the swamp; first and foremost. Just that one thing: get the idea of incorporating business enterprises (or political movements) out of our collective thought process sftp binary mode. Incorporation is a subtle, inconspicuous little glitch in our collective philosophical evolution and, as appealing as it is to join groups and let them do your thinking, such groups immediately assume identities of their own and become eternal super-groups with their own agenda and more money than the sum of all members’ total investment binary explained. Corporations can’t even be controlled by their own executives; they’re “fictitious persons”, legally, morally, and tangibly. Yes, corporations are comprised of good, church-going, honest, people, while the corporations they belong to, work for, administer, or own, go about the planet (and at home) committing genocide, or worse. You can spend a lifetime fighting legal injustice, global warming, illegal immigration, racial disparity, Democrats, Republicans, Joos, globalization, and bathroom assignments, but nothing is going to change so long as corporate media has your brain in a bottle. If nothing else or until a better organizational plan comes along; try whispering in your neighbor’s ear: “Article 5 Amendment 28. Article 5 Amendment 28. Article 5 Amendment 28” until we all understand what’s necessary and act in unison when opportunity presents….

Excellent post overall. I would suggest a very insightful read that will give you additional clarity on the corporate state– Our Enemy the State by Albert Nock

The corporate/merchant state was the design from the US’s founding live futures market. It’s not a plug that can be "pulled" market futures for tomorrow. It was a system modeled after the royal granted charters of the colonial period, for centralization of the political means for use and benefit of those ambitious and clever enough to get access to it.

If you assume that the state is the answer to our problems, you misunderstand its anti social nature and its utter inability to fix what it by its nature created.

It’s long been my theory that the worldwide community of incorporated businesses we variously refer to as “Beast”, “Elite”, “MIC”, “Wall Street”, “Deep State”, or “The West”. My favorite term for it, the “System”, is comprised of nothing more than a handful of TBTF multinational corporations following the lead of Wall Street’s Federal Reserve banks. Given that this “System” will resist any attempts at control or regulation, it remains unknown whether the “System” can retain control over public opinion through its media monopoly, and for how long. There are already signs that government spokespeople and corporate media are both losing credibility. In many cases I think it’s more likely that corporate executives and government bureaucrats have lost decision-making control of their own offices. If the “system” ordered a general crack-down on public dissent, would the rank-and-file of authoritarian “forces” follow orders to prevent a Constitutional Convention, or would they lay down their guns and join with their neighbors?

Right now, today, probably yes; but if the System’s corporate hegemony over a looming global empire became the dominant issue; and if 75% of Americans at that time thought it was the only path to personal freedom and national sovereignty, it would be ratified overnight. So before we storm the bastille, let’s forget the corporate media talking points and concentrate on the main issue: “Who’s in charge here?” There’s nothing partisan about it, but remnants of the middle class will find it more appealing (as they swirl around the drain) than the uneducated wage slaves whom the corporations already own outright and refuse to pay a living wage futures market explained. They’ll fear for the loss of their minimum wage job and they’ll need to know that the 28 th amendment won’t abolish labor unions. (they’re going to comment below: “u commy joos all suk” I’ll reply now to save ya’ll the trouble: “ ;>) “

The first prototype of any great idea is usually horrible but evolves with every edition thereafter until it becomes perfect usd cad exchange rate history. So, too, is our Constitution like the 1958 Edsel; much better than the 1948 Jeep, but not near as cool as the 1994 Suburban. Likewise, do we really want to abandon 2000 years of political experience to start with a new political model, or troubleshoot the one we are already know, and are getting so close to perfecting? This 28 th amendment will be the constitutional equivalent of fuel injection to America’s economy.

It won’t require getting arrested or storming the bastille to regain government of, by, and for……..just recognizing that a 28 th amendment is the simplest, directest, and viablest solution is enough to make it happen. Visualize a world without corporate financial corruption. Mom & Pop local businesses eur usd exchange rate chart. Industrialists who actually earn their fortunes. Political candidates with brains. And morals. Citizens who communicate in whole paragraphs. That know something worthwhile like DbePrepared.

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