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Volvo, over the years, has done a solid job of keeping their brand on-trend with where their target market’s minds are at. Usd currency And that tradition continues with their latest global ad campaign for the Volvo V90.

The stunningly shot, nearly 3-minute long, mini-movie channels the soothing zen-mind of rockstar philosopher Alan Watts, who has ironically become somewhat of a favourite for marketers to use as a voiceover artist. Usd to zloty You will remember that last year, South Africa retail bank ABSA did a rather questionable job by employing a similar tactic to advertise something that they sell.

Unlike ABSA, our personal opinion is that Volvo does a far better job of integrating Mr Watts’ deeply spiritual ideology into its commercial, but overall – we just can’t help being amused about the irony of using this kind of anti-consumerist message to blatantly promote consumerism.

You see – in an increasingly secular western world, the reassuringly spiritual perspective of Alan Watts (who died in 1973) has become something of a much needed antidote to the lunacy of the non-human demands of neoliberal economics and the troubling results of hyper-capitalism. Euro and pound exchange rate The madness of our over-mechanised and highly competitive societies is soothed in a small way by his stoic guidance of non-attachment to material possessions – teaching valuable lessons in mindfulness and self mastery.

So as rad, and as ‘current’ as what Alan Watts is – it’s a blurred line as to whether using him to sell a vehicle is a clever idea, which in South Africa will cost probably close to R700 000 when it is launched this year. Hex code translator To afford it, you’re going to have to be a very good negotiator of the rat race indeed.

Paradoxically though – we do love Volvo as a brand, the ad itself is simply beautiful and journeying through life in a R700k Volvo V90 would be a fabulous thing, however the deeper message here is a reminder that, as lovely as this vehicle is…it really is not necessary in the greater scheme of things. World market futures You can play and be happy in far cheaper Renault Duster too – or just use Uber.

But perhaps we’re overthinking it all. Exchange rate zambian kwacha to usd It’s just a car ad after all and it’s almost certain that most people are not going to worry too much about this ontological clash.

Toys aren’t just for kids. Usd currency code Scientists and social entrepreneurs know that their simplicity holds the power to solve real world problems where the lack of money and infrastructure are issues.

Stanford University bioengineers recently developed a cost effective blood centrifuge, that doesn’t require electricity and can separate blood in 90 seconds at 125 000 RPM, which was inspired by a common homemade children’s toy.

The scientist featured here, Manu Prakash, was also responsible for the development of the Foldscope – an origami-inspired microscope that you can carry around in your pocket.

Years ago, at the Design Indaba conference, we came across the Playpump design concept. Download bitstrips It uses the energy of children playing on a traditional merry-go-round to pump clean borehole water into a storage tank for community usage.

And a few years ago – a local advertising agency won a couple of awards for their Hope Soap idea, which encased a toy inside a transparent bar of soap – encouraging children to frequently wash their hands to eventually get to the prise inside.