Chick webster, thought to be n. h.l.’s oldest ex-player, stays wry at 96 – the new york times


MATTAWA, Ontario — This rugged logging town, 250 miles north of Toronto along the Quebec border, is the perfect hiding place for a former N.H.L. Gender theories pdf player who does not want attention.

A town of 2,500, this northern outpost, once an important transportation corridor for paddlers, is tucked away at the confluence of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers, providing sweeping views of the Upper Laurentian Mountains.

The town’s biggest draw is Big Joe Mufferaw, the French Canadian folk hero who many think was modeled after a real person, a river driver in the 1800s by the name of Joseph Montferrand.

Visitors take pictures of the carved wooden sculpture depicting Montferrand, a logging giant who was immortalized in a Stompin’ Tom Connors song and was thought to be the inspiration behind Paul Bunyan.

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Everywhere he goes, whether it is to the post office, the hardware store or the arena, Webster knows everyone by name, and everyone’s family members, too. Canadian dollar to us exchange rate People are often rewarded with a wisecrack, most of it directed at himself.

Gerry Belanger, a local gas station attendant, told of an encounter several years ago, when Webster came in with muffler problems and was offered a lifetime warranty.

But Webster has one big advantage. Decimal to binary encoder He is still in one piece. Equity futures meaning The huge wooden carving of Big Joe fell apart recently, and a local artist, Clermont Duval, has been commissioned to put Big Joe back together again.

Although Webster is hard of hearing now and has occasional back problems, he is in relatively good health and betrays little sign of his age, with a crown of luxurious silver hair and no visible facial scars that can be telltale signs of former hockey players. 40 usd to eur Continue reading the main story

Webster did not start out being a small-town guy. Aus to us exchange rate He grew up in Toronto. Stock meaning in tamil He played in the minors, though in 1940 he attended training camp with the Bruins, where he met Schmidt. Exchange rate nzd usd Webster went overseas to serve in World War II, came back in his mid-20s and thought he was too old for hockey. Exchange rate chf to usd He did not join the Rangers until he was 29.

In the late afternoon, Main Street achieves a haunting effect as it empties, and large, carved wooden statues outside many shops are silhouetted in the darkness.

These statues commemorate the aboriginal people and explorers who paddled through here, including the 17th-century French explorer Samuel de Champlain. The future of marketing Continue reading the main story

For excitement at night, a half-dozen regulars sit around the dining room counter at Valois’ Motel & Restaurant, cracking wise and guffawing. Usd bookstore Shortly after, when they get bored, they drift over to the local Tim Hortons coffee shop.

This town honors its heroes in wood, concrete and brass. Pound exchange rate in pakistani rupees The arena is named after the N.H.L. Usd to sek referee and football coach Mike Rodden, a member of both the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, who was also a longtime sports journalist.

Webster’s imprint is much smaller. Cad to usd exchange rate by date There is a hockey trophy named the Chick Webster Award, created three years ago to honor a career player in the Mattawa minor hockey system who showed leadership and respect.

The first winner was Nicholas Dimick. Exchange rate usd to aud As it happens, Dimick was at the arena on a recent day when Webster made a visit. Live quotes It was Dimick’s first day on the job as Zamboni driver. Dollar euro exchange rate chart Continue reading the main story

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