Children’s minister says irish women will never have autonomy until the eighth is repealed usd conversion rate today


MINISTER FOR CHILDREN Katherine Zappone is due to say in a speech tonight that the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution “oppresses women” with the “burden of choicelessness”.

The Eighth Amendment – which guarantees the right to life of the unborn – is set to appear prominently on the political agenda over the next year, with Leo Varadkar’s government promising a referendum on the matter in the first half of 2018.

According to a pre-released version of the text of her speech, Zappone will reference the topic while discussing the responsibilities that come with sitting at the Cabinet table.

“As a lone voice, I strive to put the stamp of my fellow campaigners on every area of policy futures market cnbc. Equality is a rich and complex concept… it is being empowered to see, take, and benefit from opportunities that arise.

This often requires hard conversations and hard work. One of those hard conversations is about the Eighth Amendment, which denies women full reproductive rights.

Zappone believes that the Eighth “oppresses us with the burden of choicelessness”, and that it is about “the ability to decide what is done to our bodies, including in pregnancy and in labour”.

“That is why repealing the Eighth Amendment is about reproductive rights for all women, including those who want to continue with their pregnancies.”

The Children’s Minister will say that thousands of women have travelled abroad to access an abortion, and that an unknown number continued with pregnancies “against their will”.

Without repealing the Eighth Amendment and the clear establishment of reproductive rights for all, those who can become pregnant in Ireland will be unequal to those who cannot 1 usd to rmb. That situation simply cannot persist.

The views of the Citizens’ Assembly are set to feature heavily in the discussions of the committee. In April, the assembly recommended replacing or amending the Eighth as it currently exists.

The committee will hear submissions on the medical and legal bases for changing Ireland’s abortion laws and prepare a report on its findings.

It is a great honour to open #JFKSS @JFK_SS at @StMichaelsTheat New Ross with a key policy speech at 8pm— Katherine Zappone (@KZapponeTD) September 7, 2017

We gather not just to celebrate the start of the 2017 Kennedy Summer School, but also to mark 100-years since the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The fact that it is just 100-years since his birth reminds us that his was a life cut tragically short – and that he was a leader with so much more to give.

Indeed if somehow the events of that infamous day in Dallas had not taken place it is easy to imagine that JFK could have been with us as an elder statesman, a guiding hand through the turbulent times which marked the start of this century.

There is no doubt he would be rowing in on climate change, the war on terror and even the domestic political, social and economic turbulence which our own country continues to emerge from.

In fact it is needed even more in these uncertain times of the Trump administration, Brexit and a world where millions of people are forced to flee from their homes.

As if foretelling that his own leadership would be for a limited time President Kennedy wrote in his memoirs of passing the torch to a ‘new generation’.

Ours was a strong Democratic household so it is perhaps no surprise that I have no hesitation in attributing the origins of my progressive ideals and practice to the Kennedy era.

It was a time of great political and social leaders sparking unprecedented public debate – it was a time when old ideas were challenged, uncertainty was often in the air.

It informed my policies, shaped my vision and gave me my voice as a campaigner, a feminist, an agent of social change – and now places me as the only independent woman sitting at the cabinet table.

From those early days we put together the supports, the shared experiences, the acknowledgement of potential which not only created opportunity for women and men– but for their children.

We worked to establish basic human rights with respect to gender, social class and the LBGT community usd rmb exchange rate. We were never stifled by the legacy of ideology, the jaundiced views of party politics or the shackles of the establishment.

I know our communities are resilient and able but Government needs to create the environment in which individuals, community and society can flourish and people can make real choices.

Connection, the promotion of human agency and championing shared human rights, these are the approaches which can give us a vibrant democracy.

It happened when I was in Athlone on Monday, it will happen at St Mary’s Secondary School in New Ross tomorrow morning and again when I visit Waterford tomorrow afternoon.

What is coming through not just from this engagement, but also from research commissioned by my Department and indeed independent research – is the thirst not only for a ‘Republic of Opportunity’ but also a ‘Republic of Equals’.

Sometimes because they don’t know about the support available. Sometimes because the families or the young people themselves don’t want it binary code translation. Often because public services don’t know about them.

We also know that most children in greatest need are supported at home or in their community, and more needs to be done to cultivate and sustain this support.

My department commissioned research at the University of Limerick that shows how patterns of youth offending reflect unhealthy social networks in highly disadvantaged communities.

I see around the country how sport, creativity and adventure provided for young people through the efforts of dedicated community workers and volunteers can transform or restart lives.

A recent EU review of Ireland’s social inclusion policies concluded that ‘Childcare is extremely expensive, and it has a strong social class gradient.

All children under 3 can receive childcare supports and we are providing additional significant support to children aged up to 15 whose families need it the most. Those who earn less, receive more. We are pooling our public funds to enhance children’s equity of opportunity.

If were to reach the OECD average we would be investing €1.6 billion this year binary code decoder. In addition to the safeguards and protection of our children, there would be a workforce with fair pay and conditions. In other words a new deal for childcare workers.

We need to spend more verizon modem password. Following discussions with Minister Paschal Donohoe and at Cabinet I am happy that we are moving in the right direction. This is progressive politics.

Our R&D facilities should aspire to beat the world dollar to pound conversion rate. Business, Higher and Further Education, and government all have a role to play convert cny to usd. It is also a way to spread our spend more equally throughout the regions.

We can develop our cities into research hubs. Cork for pharmaceuticals, Limerick for IT and Galway for Medical Devices gold price chart. And of course – my own constituency Tallaght for data and medical research.

Choicelessness is not only about the ability to decide whether to remain pregnant, but about the ability to decide what is done to our bodies, including in pregnancy and labour.

That is why repealing the 8th amendment is about reproductive rights for all women, including those who want to continue with their pregnancies.

As we know every year thousands travel, unknown numbers import and take the abortion pill, and more still self-harm to end their pregnancies.

But they are not ‘mere’ tragedies; they are the product of our constitutional, and legal structures, of the failure to provide political leadership.

As a woman, a progressive, a campaigner and a Government Minister I firmly believe we need a system of Reproductive Justice – which must include a referendum on reproductive rights.

We must trust women to make decisions for themselves and their families, and ensure that our structures mean those decisions really are choices.

Without repealing the 8th amendment and the clear establishment of reproductive rights for all, those who can become pregnant in Ireland will be unequal to those who cannot.

Those of you who have travelled to New Ross – and indeed those of you from the South East, who maybe even have some of that Kennedy blood flowing in your veins have much to consider in the coming days.

There are many other areas I could address, the importance of youth mental health, the impact of Brexit on our young people and the current global uncertainty.

Our time is limited – so I will leave you with the words of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in a special message to Congress in February 1962

“For one true measure of a nation is its success in fulfilling the promise of a better life for each of its members. Let this be the measure of our nation.”

With that thought – it is my honour, my privilege to declare the 2017 Kennedy Summer School open. Read: Bishops have ‘constructive’ meeting with Varadkar and ministers Read: With young people in ‘Repeal’ jumpers beside him, Leo Varadkar was asked about the Eighth in Belfast today

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