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With the new year quickly approaching, Hogan presents seven financial priorities for you to focus on. Usd to jpy exchange rate Hogan also discusses the savings crisis in America, research uncovered in a survey commissioned by Ramsey Solutions. Usd to cad exchange rate history Other featured segments include Hear from the People, Retire Inspired Christmas poetry, and Hogan’s patented 3-Point Takeaway.

Review your retirement accounts.

Eur to usd exchange rate Do you have any 401(k) accounts from a former employer that need to be rolled over into an IRA? If so, make sure the money transfers directly between accounts.

Check your insurance policies. Numbers in binary Review your current life insurance policy to make sure you have the coverage your family needs. Usd to inr chart If you have questions or need help, go to and click “Dream Team” to connect with one of our insurance ELPs. Usd to php exchange rate today These are people Hogan trusts.

Update beneficiaries. Oil futures market history Now is the time to make changes to the designated beneficiaries you’ve named in your will and other legal documents, including your investment accounts. Eur usd bloomberg You can update these by filling out a form for 401(k)s, IRAs, life insurance policies, and other plans. Dow futures market hours Check with the providers of these accounts for the correct paperwork.

Look at income tax withholdings. Stock market cnn futures Each year, you want to know exactly where you stand on your income taxes. Pound euro exchange rate today Don’t let this to sneak up on you in March. Usd jpy news Go to and click “Dream Team” to get connected with one of our tax ELPs. Silver chart 100 years They have the heart of a teacher and want you to avoid any hassles from the IRS.

Review your portfolio. Us dollar euro exchange rate history Set up an appointment with a financial professional to review your investment portfolio. Pound sterling to us dollar exchange rate If there’s anything you don’t understand—from the fees you pay to the types of funds you’re building—ask questions. Exchange rate usd to idr You are in charge of your financial future, so you’re responsible for understanding your investments.

Do medical check-ups. The millionaire next door summary This is an area many people forget. Exchange rate to usd Before the end of the year, take advantage of all yearly check-ups that you have paid for throughout the year through your insurance premiums. Equity meaning in tagalog Do you need an eye exam, a physical, or other medical exams? If so, get an appointment and go before December 31. 1 usd to ngn black market Also, be aware of your healthcare costs and expenses. 1 hkd to usd Does your current policy meet your needs? Is there a way to get the same or better coverage at a lower cost?

Update wills and trusts. Us dollar to canadian dollar chart A common misconception is that you only create and talk about a will one time. Us stock futures cnn People are not aware that you can update your will as many times as you want, as long as the updates are properly witnessed and notarized according to your state law. Binary to decimal converter Also, you may want to talk with an estate planning attorney to see if a trust makes sense for your situation.

Set new goals. Euro forecast model The new year brings new opportunities for everyone. Usd to sgd converter Be clear on what you want to achieve financially, physically, spiritually, and as a family. Binary decoder The only way to be proactive is to put the goals in writing and take steps to reach them.

Send us your personal halftime speech for Coach Hogan to read on air. Aud to usd bloomberg Also, send in your retirement poems for Hogan the poet to share with you (beanie and jazz music included). Usd rub chart Email us at

What kind of stories of generosity will you be able to tell with your life when you are in control of your finances and retirement dreams? Hogan shares a couple of articles on generosity for a final 2016 challenge for you.

Go to to discover your R:IQ. Binary code calculator While you’re there, click “Dream Team” to connect with SmartVestor Pros for investing help. Usd mxn forecast You can also find Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) for insurance, tax and real estate services.

Chris Hogan talks about the 10 characteristics of highly successful people working toward retirement. Decimal fraction to binary Other features include a rant on credit card fine print, social media questions about debt and investing, and Hogan even uses his soothing voice to read Retire Inspired poems.

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