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A million women does not equate to half the nation. Trading places stock market scene video Most people could not be bothered to vote let alone protest (Bernie Sanders had huge crowds but lost, after). Meaning of futures and options in stock market A loud protest by a large crowd means very, very little.

Currency conversion aud to usd Many find themselves repulsed by what Judd and Madonna said.

The United States is run through the ballot box and established laws not by mobs of loud protesters. Exchange rate jpy to usd The Republican Party won across the board: White House, Senate, House of Representatives, state legislatures and governorships. Dollar pound chart If you want the Democratic Party to start winning again, I suggest you start by not calling others “sacks of shit” and tempering your violent statements (whatever happened to ‘Love trumps hate’?).

Nobody but the most deranged lunatics believes that Trump is going to get us all killed or have us thrown in concentration camps. Usd to inr live chart Most people are just curious to see if he manages to give the economy a welcome boost. What is a binary system If he does, there is a very good chance of him getting re-elected. Gbp usd rate today Some people will insist that he cannot win again but these are the same people who said that he cannot win the first time round, so who is going to listen to them?

In any case, if he doesn’t get re-elected, another president will and life will go on. Python example programs Only the deranged lunatics believe that Trump is going to declare martial law and suspend all future elections. Currency conversion usd to aud Trump is not that sort of man. Free quotes for car insurance His interests are building things, giving the economy a shot in the arm and keeping all Americans safe. Gbp to usd exchange rate forecast The left has simply lost their minds with their out of control rhetoric.

“mental health treatment” – There is a well known system to handle this problem, local clinics where the patients can be treated in a more family like environment. Usd to aud forecast This system never got off the ground because even liberal neighborhoods said NIMBY.

“addiction problems” Until we can alter people’s DNA to remove the addiction genes from their body, there is no solution. How does the commodity futures market work Addiction is an inherent genetic problem. Hkd usd peg Worst yet it appears that the genes for alcoholism is not the same as for opiate addiction. Nzd to usd chart There will be no magic bullet for this problem.

“segregated schools” Schools are RE-segregating because even minority parents have found that they prefer their children be in nearby schools rather than in far way schools even if the far away schools are better. Chf usd They prefer charter schools ad vouchers so they can send their children to good NEARBY schools. Forex rates in pakistan The experience with busing is all you have done is create mini-segregation within the schools as black students only associate with black students, white students associate only with white students, etc.

“people on welfare having more children when they can’t afford the children they have” This is because the government imposes no limits on how many children people on welfare can have and each child is additional money for the parent. Exchange rate of indian rupee to us dollar Force birth control, forced abortion or no more money after X children are the only solutions. Msn news video Good luck on getting liberals to support that.

“stray humans living on the streets” This is a direct result of the NIMBYism that stopped local mental health treatment clinics from being built. Eur usd exchange rate history Most homeless people have mental health problems and should be in those clinics.

“affordable access to QUALITY career training after high school.” The Great Society included an extensive government run job training program that was so bad that graduates of the programs denied they had gone through such a program to improve their chances of getting hired. 100 usd in euro Currently we have a massive student loan scandal involving private vocational schools who take the money and provide no certified training. Cnbc stock futures market So this is something we have tried to fix with a government program and a private program and both have failed.

So many of the “solvable” problems you list have proven to be unsolvable because we have actually tried to solve them. Thb to usd In the case of vocational training, we have tried two different solutions and both have failed. Usd pound exchange rate In the case of the mentally ill and the homeless, even liberals have rejected the solution touted by experts due to NIMBYism.

Thanks for “man-splaining” why I marched. Yen to usd conversion I didn’t say these problems started with President Trump….every president inherits the problems of previous administrations. Binary translation Economic facts show that President Trump took over a relatively strong America. Usd to inr converter The present is directly related to causes and conditions of the past. 100 eur usd Change is very slow because the forefathers designed the system this way. Asian pre market futures It will be interesting to see how President Trump can change Washington.

I marched because I do not want to normalize the degrading, hurtful talk that happened during the campaign and I am scared for the rights of women and minorities. Mini msci emerging markets index futures I wouldn’t have marched if Clinton would have been elected because she didn’t run on a campaign of hate.

Americans pay for all sorts of government services that they don’t use. Euro conversion rate today Medicaid pays for Viagra and I don’t have a penis. Hkd to usd converter We need to subsidize contraception because unwanted children are bad for society and we pay a deferred bigger tax if we force women to have children they don’t want. Usd inr rate today Title X does not allow the federal funds to be used for abortion except in very special circumstances.

As far as women against abortion, they have the right to not have one and also the right to adopt one of the 400,000 plus children in foster care. Usd jpy live rate If they are really concerned with the suffering of children, why don’t they spend their time taking care of these existing children?

I remember my history professor at undergrad (late 90s) asking our class of about 60 students if we considered ourselves to be feminist. Convert ip to binary We were all there for a lecture about America in the 60s, and one of the first topics to be discussed was the generational schism that took place between the largely conformist espousings of the “greatest generation” and the progressive backlash of the boomers rejecting their parents values and lifestyle in turn over issues such as race and gender.

I recall looking around and seeing one, maybe two hands raised at most in response to his query. Dec to binary converter Given a years worth of incessant methodological loutishness and denigration of pretty much any demographic you could think of from a tantrum prone Donald, I’d be very curious to see what type of response his question would generate now.

To be frank, I just don’t think you can’t put that cat in the bag, and all the digital curmudgeons in the world with their aloof dismissals of progressive thought and passive aggressive brand of misogyny can do so very little to stop people from uniting behind a such a worthwhile cause.