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Most commodities outside of precious metals space traded lower on Monday, as risk aversion picked up following confusion over the weekend regarding the exact scope of the US administration’s temporary ban on immigration from several majority Muslim countries.

In parallel, reports on Saturday, citing an official order, indicated that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the head of national intelligence had been removed from the so-called principals committee, except where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed, while senior adviser Steve Bannon was added.

On Sunday, in an interview with NBC News, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus denied the content of those reports as pertained to the JCS and intelligence chief.

At least one US senator and another ex-high ranking government official expressed surprise that the chairman of the JCS might have been excluded from the meetings of that committee following the re-organisation.

As of 1853 GMT, the Bloomberg commodity index was off by 0.97% to 87.13 as the US dollar spot index was drifting lower by just 0.03% to 100.50 and off its best levels of the session at 101.01.

Meanwhile, in agriculture futures, April 2017 live cattle futures lost 2.51% to $1.1438 a bushel on CBoT, while the March 2017 corn contract gave back 1.17% to $3.5825 a bushel.

London stocks closed higher on Tuesday as the pound weakened and as housebuilding stocks rebounded after the government released a strategy to solve the housing crisis.

Shares ended on a mixed note following a series of corporate earnings, amidst investor concern about political risks on the continent and a big move lower for the single currency.

Provider of digital TV entertainment and cloud solutions, Amino Technologies, announced its audited consolidated results for the year ended 30 November on Thursday, with underlying organic revenue growth of 7%, which was 2% ahead of management’s initial expectations of 5%.

Bosses of over 160 biotech companies in the US have joined the clamour against President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order, preventing the access of citizens from seven states into the country, citing its “deep concern” about the measure in a letter.

Niche venture capital provider B.P. Usd to myr Marsh updated the market on trading for the group’s financial year ended 31 January on Tuesday – a period in which it realised its Besso investment, made follow-on investments in Nexus and LEBC, invested in Asia Reinsurance Brokerage and made start-up MGA investments in Fiducia in the UK and SSRU in Canada.

David Stredder, one of the founders of Sharesoc, talks to Conkers’ Corner’s Peter Higgins about his investment style and the lessons he has learned after years of investing:

MPs will be able to vote on the final Brexit deal reached with Brussels before it goes to the European Parliament, a move by the government to fend off a potential Conservative rebellion.

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