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Discrete mathematics and logics are used to analyse the intended behavior of software systems. Gold price 2016 forecast Statistical methods are used to analyse the logged data from instrumented systems. Stock connection So what happens when we instrument software: can we bring the two techniques together to analyse how people actually use software?

But users are difficult to analyse—they adopt different styles at different times! What characterises usage style, of a user and of populations of users, how should we characterise the different styles, how do characterisations evolve over an individual user trace, and/or over a number of sessions over days and months, and how do characteristics of usage inform evaluation for redesign and future design?

I will outline a formal, probabilistic approach based on discrete time Markov chains and stochastic temporal logic properties, applying it to a mobile app that is used by tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Usa today high school football rankings A new version of the app, based on our analysis and evaluation, has just been deployed. Zloty usd This is formal analysis in the wild!

Nominal techniques take variable symbols as first-class entities in the mathematical foundations — so the variable symbol “x” is a first-class primitive datum; and is not represented by e.g. Usps shipping a functional argument or a number. Gender quiz boy or girl (Technically, “x” is an urelement in Fraenkel-Mostowski set theory.)

It turns out that astonishing richnesses of structure emerge which have been applied: first in the semantics of inductively defined abstract syntax, and then in theorem-proving, concurrency, rewriting, automata theory, and much more.

In recent work I have been applying these ideas to the foundation of mathematics itself. Stock market futures cnn Specifically, I’ve studied models of three systems in nominal algebra (algebra enriched with names) and nominal powersets (sets of sets enriched with names):

Using these models I have amongst other things given Stone duality constructions for first-order logic and the untyped lambda-calculus (an open problem), and also a claimed proof of the open problem of the consistency of Quine’s NF.

These results are interesting in themselves, they have philosophical significance, and it is clear that the methods used in the proofs are general and interesting, and that the further possibilities are probably extensive.

I will endeavour to deliver an accessible — that’s right: accessible, to the best of my ability! — guided tour of this material. Futures tradingcharts market quotes Technical familiarity will not be required to have a good time.

Machine ethics is an emerging discipline in artificial intelligence research that is concerned with ensuring that the behaviour of machines towards humans and other machines they interact with is ethical. Decimal to binary The idea of machine ethics has tickled the fancy of numerous science fictions writers and aficionados, but as of recently, the advancements in robotics and automated systems have shaped this idea into a research topic. Binary calculator online Any machine ethics has to be based on human understanding of morality. Usd price What kind of autonomous systems should be enhanced with ethical reasoning capabilities? What are the main approaches and challenges to transform vague ideas of right and wrong into machine-comprehensible specifications? Once you get autonomous machines to behave ethically, how can you make sure that they will? How does machine ethics impact other facets of society, or, when a machine misbehaves who is to blame? This talk will explain these questions and the ongoing research efforts towards answering them.

In this talk, I will look at the problem of centrality ranking in dynamic networks. Usd to aed conversion Centrality is an intuitive concept that tells us how important or involved an individual node is in a network. Euro to indian rupee exchange rate today Many different definitions exist, but not all will work in evolving networks where edges are created and destroyed in each time step. Futures market history We focus here on one that works well, slightly modified, in evolving networks, Katz centrality, and show how it can be calculated efficiently for relatively large networks.

We then use this calculation to inform a decision on a network based intervention and report the results from several small scale human studies where we observed (and interfered with) the mood dynamics on evolving communication networks.

The amount of energy emitted by a fire is directly related to the amount of biomass consumed and subsequent emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Cnn money markets futures Quantifying fire intensity is therefore useful in considering the climate impacts of wildfire disturbance. Cad to usd history Optical satellites, which record both reflected and emitted energy (light and heat), can be used to identify where fires are active and how much energy they emit at the time of the overpass. Binary file The methods for analysing these data are typical array operations using satellite imagery. Python commands Active fires are identified as pixels that are brighter and hotter than the mean of neighboring pixels within a given window. Euro to dollar conversion rate today The total amount of energy released by a fire is a function of the intensity at the time of observation, and the duration of a fire within a given pixel. Exchange rate usd to aed Additional processing allows us to estimate the amount of burning that is likely to be obscured by clouds within an image. Usd to euro graph Such methods are currently used to estimate global fire emissions, which are estimated to be about half of those from fossil fuels each year.

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