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super easy to use date calculator that lets you countdown to dates; figure out when follow up appointments should be and more! What we’d love to see…

Overall this is an easy to use date app which helps you calculate the time from period in a variety of ways. It does include a “rate this app” in iTunes link but because it’s primarily for parent’s this isn’t a problem binary decision diagram. Our Rating

Date Wheel by Creative Algorithms is a great app that lets you calculate from one date to another using business days, weeks, months and regular days. It has made scheduling my life as a mom so much easier usd cad chart. The app is very straightforward and easy to use and it easily calculates date duration without complicated math or even having to look at a calendar! How many times have you stood looking at a calendar trying to figure out when you need to follow up with your kids doctor or schedule your next haircut?

Other apps by Creative Algorithms include Recipe Manager which I love to use near the holidays.

To use the app, first you click on the start date – this can be a date you can enter or you can click the button for “today” rmb vs usd exchange rate. From there you set the duration and pick the type of duration it is ranging from months, weeks, days or business days. The app will fill in the end date for you at the bottom. Alternatively, you can fill in the start date and end date and it will tell you the duration in between – we used this as part of a back to school countdown for my kids gold forecast 2016. I can tell you how many times I have stood at the counter of my kids doctors waiting for them to schedule a follow up appointment in X weeks. Schedulers will often say the doctor has availability at X and I usually took it at face value because I wasn’t doing the calculating at the moment – now with a quick date entry I can figure out the number of weeks and if the date is in the ballpark market futures bloomberg. We also used the app to count down to the solar eclipse that recently occurred near us.

I really like how easy the app is to use – and the flexibility of the app. Being able to calculate by months, weeks and days is how I normally use it the app hkd to usd. You can also use it for project planning as well. At the bottom you can save and have a number of date trackers running all at the same time should you be using it to track milestones or you can simply use it and not save it.

My son used it this summer to track the number of days he had left in his summer reading program convert usd into gbp. He also used it to count down to the end of the summer and plan for us to buy school supplies. You can easily enable or disable sound as well as have the end date included usd to inr exchange rate comparison. You can also easily keep track of calculations by clicking hte list in the lower right hand corner. Other ideas include: when to schedule your next dental cleaning or haircut; count down to important days; and even calculate when an item will arrive singapore to usd exchange rate. I also like the lock function so you can lock things like the start date, duration and end date.

In terms of improvements, I would like to be able to calculate by years in a future update. Another would be integration with the iOS or Android calendar to remind me that I need to do x task in the future.

Overall this is an easy to use date app. It does include a “rate this app” in iTunes link but because it’s primarily for parent’s this isn’t a problem eur usd history. Under the “i” there are online links including Facebook, Twitter and various contact me items. If you want to try before you buy, you can test it on the web. You can also check out some other great productivity apps on our site!

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