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as well as some basic knowledge of Computer Architecture. Binary decision diagram I know Software Enginnering theory and Database theory. Rmb vs usd exchange rate I specifally focus on Java programming. Gender identity disorder I only seriously started to put in the effort to learn Java in the past year.

Usd gbp chart I still continue to improve my Java Programming when I have the time

and plan to learn Swing and JavaFX very soon. Pounds to us dollars exchange rate I also plan to venture out into other languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and C# to name a few, gain more experience in MySQl and C++, learn Networking concepts, Operating Sytsems design, and learn how to use the Unix/Linux Operating systems in the Spring of 2017 from College courses.

Here is a list of fairly impressive Java Programs in my Data Strcutres and algorithms class. 1 usd to inr forecast This isn’t everything I did in the class (I have a stack and a queues program that I lost after the finished the class), but it should give you a basic idea of what I did in the class.

I also have a large scale text based adventure game I made over the summer. Funny jokes for kids to tell at school For someone who has only been sersoiuly programming for about a year, I think you will like what you will see. Future stock market returns It should be worth noting, that some of these programs I did in Data Structures don’t work 100%. Usd currency exchange rate Array of Objects program

Download zip file [30.4 KB] Array List of Objects program This is an Array list of Objects program that I made in my Data Structures class. Exchange rate usd to inr history It has a comprehensive list of methods to manupilate the Array list.

Download zip file [37.7 KB] Vector List of Objects program This is an Vector list of Objects program that I made in my Data Structures class. Nzd vs usd forecast It has a comprehensive list of methods to manupilate the vector list.

Download zip file [33 KB] Linked List of Objects program Here is two of VERY impressive linked list programs I wrote in my Data Structures class. Stock market cnn news One is implemented from scratch, the other implemented using Javas build in linked list package.

Download zip file [39 KB] Download zip file [26 KB] Sort simulator program This is a simulator program that sort objects and times how long they take to sort in nanosecods.

Download zip file [38.111 KB] Binary Search Tree College Member program While my text adventure program is the largest scale program I have created, this is most complex program I have ever created.

There are a few methods in the alumnia and employee tree that don’t work 100%, but overall I am impressed with how it turned out. Binary sms It should be worth noting that I got a 123 on this program.

Download zip file [57.1 KB] Hash Table College Member program I can proudly say this is the probaly the 3rd most complex program I have created behind my text adventure program and my binary search tree program. Nzd usd chart Unlike the binary search tree program, it works 100%.

Download zip file [45.81 KB] My biggest achievement Taladone: An Island of Adventure If there is one word to describe this program, that would be ambitious. Learning tutorials For over three years, I wanted to make a large scale open world texted adventure program.

Not just for the soul purpose of attracting employers, but because it seemed like a fun project to pursue. The binary lab I have a vidid imagination and wanted to combine with my programming skills I have devloped.

The game takes place on a fictional island in the year 1215 has 5 main story quests and 15 sides quests you can do, as well things to do the open world map that the main game takes place in. Hockey players club The game is so large that I have yet to play everything in it.

So far the record compile time is 85 minutes. Thb usd The overall approach to the game was rather simple, but it gets the job done. Famous quotes I have a save/load method that doesn’t work (It is probably an issue related to a database and I don’t have a database since this was before I took a course on Databases),