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Just perfect for my husband, the goof, to have some fun sticking his neck through. Cnnfn market futures Kinda reminded us of a mini Utah bridges event from our hiking trips in Cedar Mesa, Utah, but of course, those rock bridges are truly huge and real bridges, not just for fun like this one. Idr usd Still, it made us smile!

Construction work has begun on the new Farm Stand House. Us share market futures Our friend, Jim, is doing the dirt work to create a level place in the pasture for the new structure to be built. Euro pound exchange rate calculator It will be going next to the existing Farm Stand store, with outdoor nursery space behind them for the heirloom fruit trees and other woody plants.

All our greenhouses and cold frame structures have names like the Basil House, the Plant Barn, and so forth. Europe stock market index futures I’m going to name this house the Hygge (pronounced Huga) House. Conversion aud usd Hygge is a Danish word that means to “live well and simply”. Australian us dollar exchange rate I think that completely embraces what plants give us…quality in our lives that is simple, useful and beautiful. Exchange rate for indian rupee to us dollar Perfect!

Chris has begun putting together the bows so that they will be ready to put up once the dirt work is finished. Us dollar to british pound chart If we get another stretch of warm weather, like they say we will, things should really begin to happen with this project.

Meanwhile, in the Basil House there are literally hundreds of plug flats growing baby plants that are starting to be ready to transplant into larger pots. Gender spectrum quiz Today, Lizz and Beki began the process of starting to transplant Lemon Verbena, Gotu Kola, Baby Tears, and lots of other little plants.

We were expecting more bare roots this week to pot up, but because of the weather they were delayed and are now supposed to arrive on Monday. How the futures market works Next week will be a very full planting week.

I’ve been enjoying the rich red color of the rose hips on this Red Leaf Rose bush. Gbp usd etf It produced a bumper crop of hips this past year and I’ve made tea and honey with quite a few of them. Binary picture These are left for the wild animals to forage and for our farm crew to harvest for tea at their homes.

Have a great rest of the week. Stock connector The groundhog says we have six more weeks of winter ahead of us. Msn news canada I’m hoping he is a little bit wrong and we get some nice sunny warm days soon. Usd in inr This icy humid cold is no fun at all, although it does mean I can do my farm work near the woodstove and that is pretty nice and cozy. Aud to usd news Stay warm friends.

It has continued to get busier in the greenhouses the past two weeks. The millionaire matchmaker Today, Beki divided the roots or tubers of this huge Jerusalem Artichoke (sometimes called Sunchokes) stock plant so that we will have some 2 gallon pots of these for sale in the Farm Stand Store.

Jerusalem Artichokes are pretty darn tasty. Hex editor download They have firm white flesh and a thin skin that looks a bit like ginger, although these plants are completely unrelated. What is usd currency Jerusalem Artichokes are part of the sunflower family. Usd rub Some of the perennial sunflower members of this family have fleshy tubers for roots. Dollar pound exchange rate forecast To eat them, you can peel the tubers, slice them and eat them raw as a finger food like carrot sticks or dice them into a salad. Binary to hex converter You can also add them to stir-fry similar to how you might add water chestnuts. Live charts uk You can cook them in any way you would cook a potato. Future of marketing 2016 Some people think they taste like potatoes, but I would say they taste like their own selves…still really good. Euro fx One of my favorite ways to prepare them is to peel them, cook them in boiling water until tender. Python tutorial google Once they are done, mash them with some garlic butter, add a generous amount of sour cream and some shredded parmesan cheese and stir in well. Usd to inr forecast 2016 Serve as you would mashed potatoes. Usa today puzzles Perfect!

If you like the idea of cooking with Jerusalem Artichokes, also take a minute to check out the “Recipes” page of this blog for other delicious ways to cook in your kitchen with plants.

Jerusalem Artichokes are about as easy as can be to grow. Euro to aud conversion Find a good spot in the garden where you don’t mind if they spread, because they will, and plant them about 5 inches deep. 45 usd They can be planted at any time that the soil can be worked, so spring thru fall works. Cny to usd chart Then let them grow. Usd cad forecast today Harvest at any time the ground is thawed enough that you can dig it. Us stock market futures Lift out the tubers, trim off the stems, and take them to the kitchen to use.

If you don’t want them spreading into a patch in your garden, then grow them as I do in a big container. Usd to sar converter This keeps them manageable and they are very easy to harvest. Usd chf exchange rate Plus they are cheerful to look at in the garden. Binary to text They get very tall stems and bloom with small yellow sunflower blooms. Binary addition If you harvest the whole container of tubers, as Beki did today, then just add fresh soil to your container and plant back three or four tubers that will multiply into more tubers as they grow. Bloomberg world markets futures Simple. Msn news Because they are perennial and very hardy, if you use a big container that has some mass to the amount of soil in it, you can winter them over outdoors with no trouble, just remember to water them about once a month if there isn’t any snow moisture to do the task for you.

Last week Lizz and I planted 6000 bare-root strawberry plants of the Eversweet and Ft. Nyse futures market Laramie varieties. Famous quotes about love and life First the roots have to be trimmed so that the plants will fit into the pot.

This year we are following our friend Jere’s tip and dipping the trimmed plants into a vat of kelp solution, as this helps to lessen the trimming shock to the roots. Stock market futures today Jere is one of the growers at Tagawa’s Garden Center in Centennial, CO.

Next week we will plant 1000 more strawberry plants, but this time they will be the variety Tristar. Oil meaning in the bible We also will be planting raspberries, elderberries, wine and table grapes, sand cherries, currants, and loads of herbs. Pregnancy quiz boy or girl Things are hopping around here.

And at the end of a busy work day it’s time to relax in front of the wood stove fire with my 4-legged friends… Shrek the dog, Willie Willow the black cat and Pal the gray cat. How to code in binary Sadie our other kitty thought it was beneath her to cuddle up with two feisty young cats and a dog, so she went to bed early!

Today is the first day of a new year and it was a lovely day! Chris went back-country skiing with a friend today and Shrek and I had a wonderful long walk at Red Canyon Park. Binary operation I’m fortunate that I have so many amazing places near by the farm where I can take a walk each day. Binary to hexadecimal chart These places are within 5-15 minutes of my home, so I consider them part of the best back yard a person could have!

Yesterday found me walking at the Arkansas river and these ducks seemed to be embracing the warm sunshine of the day. Usd to kwd An early morning walk was a good way to close the 2016 year.

In our farm front yard the pinon jays have been arriving each morning waiting for their meal of dried corn. Ascii table binary They are such a raccus bunch and noisy besides. What is futures in stock market We love having them visit every day in the winter. Silver chart history They don’t visit during the spring and summer months.

We arrived home from a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska the day after Christmas. Stock market futures today bloomberg It was very nice to spend the holiday with our family, which is huge, and we so enjoyed all the young kids. Dollar to pound exchange rate It was an exciting and noisy holiday and we had a blast!

When we got home, Lizz had filled every inch of available bench and floor space in the two greenhouses that we have been heating, and she was forced to resort to putting flats of cuttings on carts until I got back home and could figure out a space plan. Stock market dow futures Well, there wasn’t any help for it…it was time to start filling the next heated greenhouse with plants, which I did, and now we’re ready to begin moving into the next heated greenhouse a week from tomorrow weather permitting. Conversion rate us to canada It may be winter outdoors, but in our greenhouses it’s already spring.

Tomorrow I begin a full-on work schedule, which will continue until mid-June. Convert pounds to usd For me, that means no more days off until June, and the days will be full and getting fuller as the spring progresses. Funny quotes about life and love Our farm crew (excluding Lizz who works year round) will begin to return to work for the 2017 season on the 9th of January. Europe futures trading hours It’s time to narrow our focus and stay mindful….the busy season for us has begun.

Remember that very ugly and obnoxious wallpaper in my kitchen that I have been trying to remove for nearly a year’s time?! Well, it is finally gone!!!!! I painted the walls to look like old world plaster and Chris replaced the trim with wonderful pine trim. Love quotes tumblr Curtains are up, pictures are up, and the kitchen feels pretty nice now. Butterfly quotes about life I still have to paint the bathroom in the next coming weeks. Hex to binary file converter The rest of the house will get its fresh coat of paint in summer once the busy season is past and things are again calm.

So, whatever is in your backyard (or at least nearby), go out and enjoy it. Dollar exchange rate to peso Welcome the new year with joy and the pleasure of knowing that life is a special gift and one we only get to enjoy for a while. Silver chart 1 year Don’t waste any time. Futures market wiki Make the most of the simple pleasures it brings. Exchange rate pound us dollar Life is precious!

Tonight, Chris’ trio will be playing in town for First Fridays on Mainstreet. Stock market futures He will be playing at The Pantry at 619 Main Street from 6-8pm. Dollar to yen exchange rate today If you are here in town and would like to join us to listen to some great jazz music, please come down to The Pantry tonight. Euro to us dollar exchange rate today We’ll hope to see you there!

This is the “boys club” at our house…Pal (gray), Shrek and Willow (black). Canadian dollar indian rupee exchange rate They were all enjoying the woodstove fire the other night. Futures stock market definition The kittens are 6 months old now and rarely do they sit still long enough for me to take a picture, but this time they were in the mood to just soak up the warmth of the fire and relax with their buddy Shrek.

I made a fast trip to Nebraska this week for an overnight visit with my sister and her husband. Love quotes for boyfriend tagalog They recently built this greenhouse to replace a smaller one they’ve had for many years. Binary quiz This greenhouse turned out wonderfully and she’s planting now in the ground inside. Euro to pound exchange rate forecast So far there is a section of herbs, some wheat grass for her chickens, and cool season veggies for her kitchen use.

We stayed up late talking about everything. Convert inr to usd The next morning after breakfast I was headed back home, but feeling loved and in gratitude for the time to spend visiting with her even if it was a short visit.

Then there is the sad news… after 20 1/2 years, our old gal Pouncita passed over. Usd in euro rechner We all miss her terribly. Idr to usd converter She adopted us when she was 4 weeks old and we had only lived on our farm for a couple of months. Usd to rmb chart Her mother left her in our farm-yard. Us stock market futures real time She was a feisty little kitten then and she ran the household as a queen would all the nearly 21 years she lived.

Sadie, our black cat, and the kittens and Shrek are missing her company too. Binary code translator to english We’ll all adapt to her being gone, but right now it feels like someone is missing and she is.