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• Alternatively, you can make use of some of the predefined layouts that come with the theme, or import other layouts (either your own, or from the web – ElegantThemes themselves make something available every once in a while too).

• Theme Options – this is where you get to set all the main parameters of the theme (color scheme, various API keys, logo, favicon, etc.), navigation, basic layout settings, SEO, and code integrations (GA, etc.).

• Theme Customizer – this basically fires up the WordPress Customizer and lets you tweak the looks of various elements, such as the header, footer, typography, button styles, and loads of other things. Usd cad news This part is better than Avada’s, purely because you get to see the results of what you’re doing in real time.

• Module Customizer – this fires up the Customizer again, but this time the settings you see relate to the individual elements of the Divi theme. Exchange rate usd aud For instance, you can tweak what the images look like, galleries, portfolio elements, accordions, counters, and more.

The impression that Divi continues to make on me is that the general theme settings are meant to give your website a consistent feel, while the individual pages is where all the fun actually is.

For instance, when working on a given page, you can begin by selecting a predefined layout for it. Currency converter rmb to usd Each individual page can utilize a different layout, which lets you create pages for all sorts of different purposes within the same website.

Also, when experimenting with different layouts / demos, it seems that Divi’s are less clunky and don’t need as much tuneup afterwards – vs Avada’s or X’s. Market opening futures This also makes it the easier-to-use solution overall, especially if you want to start with a ready-made layout.

Divi has changed the way I build websites.The ability to create library objects of modules, sections, and entire pages makes Divi development efficient and fast. 50 eur to usd You do mention Layouts, but their true power isn’t communicated. Usd aud conversion You can import and export everything from a text module to an entire landing page with images and custom CSS (the .json files can be quite large as a result). Zloty to usd Another feature that Divi holds is that every module, column, row, and page can contain custom CSS that overrides the Theme settings, which allows you to apply very precise control over the UI. Exchange rate us to canadian dollars In just two clicks, you can access everything about an element’s presentation. Currency converter rs to usd The front-end builder is amazing. Rub usd exchange rate You get very intuitive control over everything in the Layout – mouse control of padding is super cool.

I love the back-end page builder because it provides an extremely powerful conceptual presentation of the page structure that makes it easy to maintain and adjust. Historical exchange rates usd cad In the image below ( https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60f08dcbbad66085dfa99278e77213e0bab730cabaf7c5843046d309c551160b.png ), each module has a label associated with it that you can change. Exchange rate usd gbp When you’re done developing a row, you can collapse it, to reduce clutter (see animated .gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99d25e33f883334c3002659f3a119d4600684ed567f1cc4aeccea8c1978959b3.gif ).

Another feature of the builder is the ability to preview (in desktop/tablet/phone) each module, row, or page to view your changes without having to Preview the entire page. 1 usd to zwd Perhaps the other builders have these features. Exchange rate us to india I haven’t needed anything else.