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Went for lunch after a visit to Rush aud usd yahoo. We had difficulties finding parking and the entrance was in the way other end of the parking lot, but once inside we were thrilled to read the menu and learn the concept.

Great simple menu. We went for the lemongrass chicken over rice, the house spicy pork belly ramen, some spicy edamame, dumplings and kimchi. Everything was great. The food arrived fast and it was very tasty. The spicy ramen wasn’t very spicy though. They also had a great passion fruit lemonade.

We usually stop by Aamanns at least once a year. In the beginning we thought the Open Sandwiches was fantastic. This time we were disappointed by the excessive amounts of sauces/relishes/mayo’s and lack of true toppings binary to hexadecimal calculator. For instance the egg and shrimp sandwich only had 3 small shrimps on it. But the sandwiches are still creative and I think we just came at the busiest time and therefore things just maybe was not to par.

We informed our waitress that 3 in a party of 8 had severe peanut allergies, 2 had tree nut allergies and one was allergic to carrots and one to apples. The waiter didn’t seem very concerned but since we have eaten here several times before and since the kitchen always have been careful we felt safe anyway, and reminded her to please make sure the kitchen knew and that no one could have anything with peanuts.

The wait times were long and we had to remind our waitress of drinks, water etc. When we asked for a more water we were told in a snappy voice that the bottle was standing at the table – to the point that we almost felt embarrassed asking. However, the bottle was in deed empty and to just bring one bottle for a long table for 8 is simple not enough. We they even charged for water for 8 so why make a fuss over actually bringing the tap water to the table? There seemed to never be enough water on the table and we kept having to ask for some. It is not that we just drank water, we had beers, sodas, snaps etc but even with snaps it is nice to have a glass of water as well.

The Heering came and seemed ok but the marinated hearing did smell a bit which we found odd. The waitress said they were perfectly fine and that is the house marinade. My husband ate them which he never should have done. The next day he had loose bowels, cramps and felt really weak and crappy. The heerings was the only thing that he ate that no-one else had.

Then came plates of lard with peanuts and butter! We asked the waitress to remove the platters since we were highly allergic and she simply refused. She said the people who are not allergic should still try it and they were not touching each other etc etc etc etc etc. She was really nasty and condescending and not at all accommodating. Tried to explain to her that if someone is allergic to peanuts they can’t even sit next to it and they may react if anyone eats them and kisses them. She would NOT budge 1 usd to amd. She ended up graciously bringing a separate plate of butter. No one ate the peanut lard or butter from those plates. Lucky no-one wanted to risk anyones safety and besides everyone thought the lard and butter looked and smelled gross exchange rate pound to us dollar. Sadly the waitress insisted on keeping it on our table, making us all very uncomfortable.

After our food, which was generally good and the reason that they get 2 stars we sat for ever waiting for coffee and desert menus. The waitress cleared the table and asked if we wanted coffee and deserts. Some said no to deserts but we did say that at least 3 guests wanted deserts. We also wanted coffee as we had come straight from a flight from USA and needed some strong coffee. We waited and waited and waited. When we reminded our waitress after 20-30 minutes she told us that now the kitchen was closed and we could neither get desert nor coffee. She was rude and told us that we should have kept up with it ourselves and that they cannot tell guests that they are closing the kitchen.

She refused serving us even a cup of coffee in spite we said to her come on we asked for it before you closed and you ignored us for 20-30 minutes. She would not budge and was very rude and rigid and argumentative. In fact argumentative is the word I would use for her throughout the entire dinner. And perhaps lazy. We would wait for 45 min between courses and we would not be able to get water without insisting.

The waitress seemed to hate her job or maybe she was just hung over from too many christmas lunches. Still it is not professional to treat any patrons this badly. My husband said we should just stop eating here – even though we don’t come often we used to come at least 1-2 times per year, but this was out of line.

This summer we bought 2 pieces from Art D’Aurelle yahoo futures quotes. One piece did not arrive as agreed and when we contacted them they apologized and shipped. This is over 3 months later.

The gallery who brokered the shipper refuse taking responsbility in spite that they told us upon purchase that the ship all the time and make sure it is crated etc.

We will have to pay over $700 in repair and will have lost value. I have tried to argue with gallery that they should take the artwork back and they refuse.

They were smart enough to wait shipping until the 90 days refund of credit card had expired. For all I know the artwork could have been damaged before they shipped it.

I contacted the lady who sold it to us. She no longer works for them but she confirmed that they had promised to take care of shipping and crate it themselves. Now the gallery says it is the shipper.

They have changed a lot of things. Better service, less arrogant and best of all in stead of turning away families with peanut allergies they actually now are peanut free, they said.

Had a their mussels and they were very nice. Service was a little disappointing 18 usd. Two of us had the mussels and we both asked for extra broth and no bread binary programming. Only one got it. The waitress also failed to fill my water, while filling the other 3’s water several times. Even when I asked I didn’t get water.

Then took my son back again for moulles frites and burgers but have to say they then disappointed a little. There was a few mussels that was not open and one tasted not fresh. The burger was great and service was very nice.

Last week we went and celebrated my sons birthday and it was good. Waitress very nice and we tried the beef tartare which was good but the spicy one had a little too much mayo in it.

The fish and chips were nice. Good chips and good pieces of fish. Just sad that they did not have any malt vinegar. What kind of place serves fish and chips and do not have malt vinegar? I asked for lemon juice as a substitute and got this fake bitter lemon juice in stead of lemon wedges. The remoulade that came with was too much mayo and too little remoulade flavor. I asked for hot sauce but didn’t get it.

The charcuterie platter was very disappointing. Everything was drenched in olive oil so bread was soggy and it just wasn’t a nicely thought out presentation.

The desert was the most disappointing part though. They knew we were celebrating my sons birthday and other tables were also celebrating and these tables got a small birthday cake and candle exchange rate us to indian rupee. Not sure why they wouldn’t do that for all customers. Generally I think they are not applying the same standards of service to everyone. If you wear the LF Uniform you get treated nicely but if you are stand out or wear to urban style clothing even if it is haute couture you get substandard service. This has been true for all our visits. Some animals are more equal than others in this establishment.

Anyway we ordered the churros and they were nothing like churros. Just over deep fried almost burned dry dough in sugar. It was so greasy and dry from the overcooking that in spite we were 4 barely could eat more than half a bite each so it looked like we sent out the entire plate. It was surprising that they did not notice that we actually barely touched it.

The waitress was very nice and friendly but she disappeared at the end and it was impossible to get a check and to pay, which takes away one star. I would say 3,5 stars but will give 4 because they went peanut free.

Btw I hope you will have enough class to not try and trash my review again binary decision diagram. To try and discredit a bad review in stead of listening to the feedback is unprofessional. If a reviewer was treated badly then own up to it, and if you do not like bad reviews just treat people nicely.

Previous review Went on opening night and was to put it mildly very disappointed. They had spun it as this new… Went on opening night and was to put it mildly very disappointed. They had spun it as this new innovative concept but didn’t really get a feel for that besides from a few traditional comfort food dishes.

Second time we went the food seemed very rustic and the best thing was our service. However, while we were eating a nice family came and sat in the dining room. They placed their orders and were told that the restaurant would not accomodate their peanut allergies eur to usd exchange rate. To be honest I was mortified they turned them away. They even refused the womans suggestion of just cooking the food in a clean pot. I myself have peanut allergies and would never have thought that any restaurant would refuse using clean pots and pans, especially when an allergy is present. Maybe FDA should pay them a visit.

I myself have peanut allergies and was not warned and not turned away, so either the service was different or perhaps they just don’t like families (or ethnic ones at least)

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