Earthbound – the cutting room floor


All of the other Chosen Four characters have this animation, but Poo is the only one who doesn’t actually use it. Usd to british pound converter Ness and Paula jump during their name entry screen animations, and Jeff jumps over the fence when he’s escaping from his boarding school. Exchange rate us canada The developers probably created the jumping sprites for all four, just in case.

Variations of the Chosen Four’s normal ghost sprites, plus one for Everdred.

Market futures live The variations of the Chosen Four’s ghost sprites are exactly like the regular jumping sprites except for the transparency, ghostly trail, and halo; they could just be jumping.

As for Everdred, the game leaves it unclear as to whether he died following your encounter in Fourside, but this sprite would indicate that he did. Oil meaning in bible Alternatively, Everdred might have been scheduled to join your party at some point, as every other ghost sprite is based on a party member.

Four sprites of King where you can obviously tell he’s supposed to be climbing a rope or a ladder. Iqd to usd exchange rate This would suggest two things: either King was supposed to stay with you longer in the game, or Ness’ original travels through Onett were supposed to include something to climb. Gold usd However, it could be that these were created just in case they needed to be used…although even if you use the various debug menus to put the dog in your party and travel to places he shouldn’t be, these graphics still won’t show.

Since there are no “sleeping” sprites for the other characters, these were probably meant to be used in special sequences early in the game, possibly waking up from Paula’s psychic calls. Crude oil futures marketwatch Alternately, Ness may have been intended to be asleep when he first arrived in Magicant, as he is completely naked except for his cap during the Magicant portion of Mother 2.

Ness’ mother sitting, a better (but unused) alternative to walking around in random directions. Python binary May have also been meant for the prayer sequence involving Ness’ family.

Ness and Paula sitting with their eyes closed. World markets futures Since there is no Jeff or Poo equivalent, they were probably meant to be used in an event before Paula contacts Jeff, most likely when the two wake up following the zombie ambush.

A capsule that looks exactly like the one containing Starman Jr. Ringgit to usd converter in Mother. 1 usd to thb This is found among the enemy-out-of-battle sprites, so it was probably supposed to be used as an alternative to the odd octahedrons used to represent enemies in the last areas of the game.

“Puu Puu” (fart noise) is the sound the Mr. 1 usd in euro Saturns make in Japanese, so this sprite was likely meant to appear in Saturn Valley while the Mr. Convert rmb to usd Saturns were walking around.