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The following sites are the main ones for accessing free data (mainly macroeconomic) on the UK economy. Pound to dollar conversion rate today The sites also contain some international data. Market index futures 1. Usd to nzd forecast National Statistics

In February 2016, the ONS launched an extensively redesigned website. Premarket stock futures The objective was to make it easier to find data and publications under various headings and to have a simpler search feature.

“One of the key priorities during the development was to greatly improve the search function. Convert us dollars to australian dollars This has been achieved by introducing a clearer filter function (to help users get to required information quicker), a specific topic search (spreadsheets, time series, articles etc), implementing the use of ‘Elasticsearch’ (recognised as one of the leading open-source search tools) and the simplification of terms used to make data easier to find.

The website now also includes 35,000+ time series that can be used to make customisable charts and a tool is available for selecting and downloading up to 50 of them to create bespoke datasets.”

At the top you can access data and publications under 5 broad categories ( Business, industry and trade, Economy, Employment and labour market, People, population and community and Surveys) and 31 subcategories (e.g. Binary stars list Inflation and price indices and National accounts under Economy). Exchange rate for euro to dollar In addition, there is an A to Z listing of statistical bulletins.

Also on the Home page and throughout the site is a seach box. Capital meaning in economics This enables you to search by keyword for any topic and the results will be organised by ‘Data’, ‘Publications’ and ‘Other’. Futures market prices Under each of these you can apply filters. Stock meaning So, under the ‘Publications’ category, you can filter by ‘Statistcal bulletins’, ‘Articles’ or ‘Compendium’.

Data can be downloaded as an Excel or CSV file. 1 usd to cad Statistical bulletins can be accessed on line or downloaded as a PDF file, with particular graphs or tables downloaded as an Excel or CSV file

The search box also allows you to access a particular time series by its unique 4-digit identifier. 1 usd in idr Thus if you wanted to find ‘Gross domestic product: expenditure at current market prices’, which has the code YBHA, then simply put YBHA in the searh box. Python tutorial video Your series will be displayed as a graph and you can download it as an Excel or CSV file. Us to canadian dollar exchange rate history You are also given a list of related series.

Finally there is a very easy-to-use clickable list of all the main ONS series, such as the United Kingdom Economic Accounts, Labour Market Statistics and Balance of Payments provided by UK Data Explorer.

On this site you will find a whole range of statistics for each of the 30 OECD countries, the euro area and the OECD as a whole. Usa today coaches poll football The statistics are arranged by topic group, including national Accounts, Finance, Agriculture, Development, International Trade, Labour, Prices, Public Management and Short-term Economic Statistics.

From the Statistics Portal page you can also link to the OECD Economic Outlook. Usd to hkd conversion This six-monthly publication contains a large database, now accessible within OECD.Stat, with annual and quarterly macroeconomic data for each of the OECD countries plus selected other coutries or groups. Convert binary There are nearly 300 variables, which you can easily select from a pull-down menu. Futures market quotes You can also customise them by country and year and export them to Excel or other formats. 1 jpy to usd The data go back at least 20 years and in many cases back to 1960. Historical exchange rates gbp to usd There are also forecasts for at least one year ahead.

A useful publication with a range of statistics for the latest year and for certain previous years can be found in OECD Factbook. Hkd usd The tables can be accessed individually as PDFs, Excel files or as interactive graphs.

Shorter-term macroeconomic data on each of the OECD countries can be found in the OECD’s Main Economic Indicators (MEI). The millionaire Although the complete publication is available only by subscription, some of the key data can be found at:

This section of the site contains various datasets classified under a number of headings, such as Development, Economic Projections, Labour and National Accounts. Lg washing machine codes You can customise the datasets by series, countries and years.

Four particularly useful publications are the World Economic Outlook (see also WEO databases), Global Financial Stability Report, Fiscal Monitorand Annual Report. Exchange rate british pounds to us dollars Each of these has a large statistical annex and can be accessed via the following link.

The complete set of IMF Direction of Trade Statistics, IMF International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics and Government Finance Statistics are available free via the Economic and Social Data Service, which requires using you university/college username and password (you will have to register first: details are given on the site).

A number of additional IMF datasets are available for free access on the IMF eLibrary Data site, including data on international reserves, investment, financial soundness and financial access. Cad to usd exchange rate history These can be searched by country, topic and data source.

This is a compilation of more than five thousand data series, from sources including the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD. Gbp usd exchange rate As well as profiles of individual countries including their maps and flags, you can browse the data by topic including education, economy, crime, mortality or health. Yen to usd exchange rate history The site offers a facility to create correlation reports and scatter-plots on the fly.

From the central column on the home page, under ‘Tables, graphs, maps and pie charts’, you can choose a category. Binary 24 Under ‘Country facts and stats’ you can choose both a country and a category. Usd jpy forecast Under Compare any two, you can choose any two countries and compare them in terms of any selected indicator.

The site consists of core macroeconomic indicators taken from a range of sources, including the IMF, World Bank, UN, OECD, CIA World Factbook, Internet World Statistics, The Heritage Foundation and Transparency International. 1 usd to 1 gbp You can search data in four ways: by country, by indicator, by year (including forecasts) and by price index indicators. 1 usd to myr There are plans for the future to include World Bank, national government and other data sources.

The Halifax House Price Index site shows the movements in house prices since 1983 both nationally, by region, by county, by town, by property type and by type of buyer. Dollar euro exchange rate forecast Data are given monthly, quarterly and annually. Cny usd exchange rate Data can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets from the ‘House Price Calculator and Market Statistics’ section of the site. Binary cheat sheet For example, try clicking on ‘Historical House Price Data’.

This gives quarterly movements in national house prices since 1952. Usd to aed exchange rate history More detailed series distinguishing type of property, type of buyer and region are given from more recent years (1973, 1983 or 1991).

The reports contain summary data and charts. Binary tree They also contain links to the underlying datasets. Euro to aud converter You can customise the datasets by topic, year, etc. Stock market futures live and download your selection to Excel using the following link.

This is a new data service funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Usd vnd It incorporates the former Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) which gives access to a range of datasets from national and international organisations. Python tutorial youtube In addition to these datasets, the UK Data Service includes data from, Secure Data Service (SDS) and Survey Question Bank (SQB).

To gain free access to the datasets linked from the site you will need to enter your UK university/college username and password in the login box on the Home Page. Love quotes for wife You will first need to register from the same page.

This gives access to a huge range of international macroeconomic data from the World Bank, Eurostat, the IMF, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the ILO, the OECD and UNIDO.

To access the data, click on the databank (e.g. Vnd to usd IMF International Finance Statistics (IFS)). Trading places stock market scene explained If you haven’t already accepted the conditions from that organisation you will first be redirected to a screen where you can do that.

This gives access to a large collection of business microdata, provided by the Office for National Statistics. Aud usd yahoo The data are collected through a wide range of surveys (and some administrative sources), and cover: productivity, innovation, workforce skills, earnings, international trade, foreign direct investment, research and development, business demography and industrial relations.

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