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eDiscovery is, in many aspects, a metrics driven business. Stock market cnn futures In every new case there are discussions about the volume of documents, the number of reviewers, cull rate, review rate, sample sizes, and QC accuracy levels, among other important figures.

To be future-ready it’s important to look beyond the immediate case, outside of our own intense processes and metrics, at changes in the world around us. Pound euro exchange rate today The way we create, share, consume and store data will continue to influence eDiscovery practices in the future.

Usd jpy news Our anticipation of change makes us better equipped to respond with solutions for collection, processing, review and production of ESI that meet the demands of the judicial system and better serve clients. Silver chart 100 years Here are just a few interesting and sometimes surprising changes in the digital world that we’ve watched in 2016 and will most certainly still be in play as 2017 approaches:

The roster of companies using cloud-based email, calendaring, and document sharing hit an all-time high in 2016. Us dollar euro exchange rate history Leading cloud application options for business are Office 365 or Google G Suite, and large corporations are adopting cloud platforms and applications in increasing numbers.

Data protection company Bitglass estimates that 59 percent of organizations worldwide use one of these two application suites, up from 48 percent in 2015. Pound sterling to us dollar exchange rate Slack, the popular real-time messaging app for organizations, is now among the fastest-growing enterprise cloud services too, with at least some use in an estimated 33 percent of enterprises worldwide.

The implications: Increased volumes of potentially responsive ESI in the cloud requires heightened attention on information governance policies, data classification and retention guidelines, and processes for legal holds and data collections.

From the bad behavior of Tiger Woods and Anthony Weiner to the New Jersey Bridgegate scandal, text messaging can reveal significant information on the thoughts and actions of parties to litigation. Exchange rate usd to idr A number of sanctions decisions in 2016 have involved failure to preserve text messages on mobile devices.

One survey commissioned by RingCentral found that 80 percent of people use texting for business. The millionaire next door summary Fifteen percent of people surveyed said that over half of their text messages were business-related. Exchange rate to usd Making matters more complex, many of these communications are not occurring on company-issued phones.

The implications: Employers must document and enforce policies on the use of company-issued devices and on social media use. Equity meaning in tagalog Fortunately the percentage of businesses with BYOD programs is increasing, reflecting an understanding of the risks, but work remains to be done.

63.2 Percentage of responders who still see Predictive Coding/TAR as a solution just for large cases. 1 usd to ngn black market Courts generally avoid forcing parties to leverage TAR or predictive coding, citing that the responsible party is best equipped to decide how to search, review and produce responsive documents.

The 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report conducted by the American Bar Association asked attorneys what techniques they had used to review ESI, just 15.3 percent said they had used predictive coding. 1 hkd to usd (The full ABA survey report can be purchased from the ABA for $1,995. Us dollar to canadian dollar chart Visit the ABA site to order a report.)

The respondents reported that they would try predictive coding on data sets that met a particular document volume, and/or (60.5%) if production deadlines precluded them from conducting a traditional document review.

The implications: Attorneys need more validating examples of the ROI available with the use of TAR or advanced technologies on more typical case volumes. Us stock futures cnn eDiscovery service providers need to offer compelling examples of successful use of TAR tools in early case assessment, review, and document coding and production, and methods to help clients compare the costs of review with and without the use of TAR analytics. Binary to decimal converter The FRONTEO ROI Analyzer is a great resource for that.

The 2016 ILTA Technology Purchasing Survey results showed sharp growth in analytics software purchases, with the percentage of law firm participants purchasing analytics software increasing from 6% in 2015, to 17% in 2016. Euro forecast model However, in a recent blind study commissioned by FRONTEO, law firm litigation departments indicated 68% desired dashboards to assist with analysis and visualization of eDiscovery metrics. Usd to sgd converter More than 59% of law firms also indicated they want mobile-enabled dashboards while only 5% of law firms enable this for attorneys today.

Interestingly, the ILTA survey represented BI solutions and analytics solutions in two separate categories, suggesting that there is still some confusion on the definitions of analytics, BI, and big data tools. Binary decoder Law firms began utilizing BI tools to handle reporting years ago, however, the FRONTEO study showed that over 80% are still heavily relying on spreadsheets to perform analyses. Aud to usd bloomberg This study also illustrated the often overlooked need to synchronize and harmonize BI efforts with internal IT organizations that often already have a very good handle on how to streamline reporting and analysis demands.

FRONTEO’s Business Intelligence Trust Portal eliminates manual data crunching by integrating and displaying real-time information on document review, productions, costs and budget forecasts across multiple cases in a visual dashboard.

Firms with a strong litigation practice should look at eDiscovery as a key business driver (not just a cost center), and consider how an effective BI application focused on litigation support and eDiscovery can boost client service levels, inform decisions on services and fee structures, and contribute to effective practice management. Usd rub chart As firms consider expanding enterprise BI, the first step is to take an inventory of existing technology. Binary code calculator A purpose-built BI application involving IT, that is well implemented, beats software silos every time.

As Peter Drucker said “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Numbers aren’t everything, but an assessment of the right numbers becomes knowledge that drives innovation and progress. Usd mxn forecast We’ll keep an eye on the horizon, and revisit big picture trends in legal technology over the course of 2017.