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This has been one of my favorite weekends in recent memory. Largely because it was the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity. It was basically a microcosm of how I’d like my life to be all the time.

On Friday afternoon, Caroline went with some friends to the Spring Fest at the junior high. If the name doesn’t give it away, I’ll clarify that it’s a spring festival involving silly string and cake walks and other various carnival activities. This was her first junior high activity and her report when she returned home was, “Man, I’m going to go to school with some BIG kids next year”. But she had a great time and spent all the money I sent her with, so I think it was a success.

Meanwhile, P and I found ourselves home alone for a few hours and so we took advantage of this quality time on a Friday afternoon.

We fell asleep.

I took that pic of him from my position on the couch after I woke up because I wanted to document all the glamour of a typical Friday at our house.

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s a box containing a brand new Husky Gear Box for his truck. We just like to leave various packages in the living room to add to the decor. As you can imagine, I’m beside myself with excitement over this new Husky Gear Box nyse futures market. Can you even imagine the storage he’s going to have in his truck now? I mean, besides just the whole bed of it?

After we woke up and Caroline returned home, we all went to eat Mexican food, watched T.V. and went to bed because we had soccer early Saturday morning. As long as you consider 9:30 early. And I do because a 9:30 game requires us to be there by 8:45 which means we have to be up by 7:30 and that is just wrong on a Saturday.

Our team lost the game, but we won the war because P and I took Caroline to IHOP afterwards for the Rooty, Tooty, Fresh & Fruity breakfast. There is nothing that takes away the sting of defeat like a plate of blueberry pancakes covered in whipped cream.

It was a rainy, gross day because it wasn’t so much rainy as just a mix of drizzle and mist, so I decided it was a perfect time to clean out our closets. I announced my intentions as we drove back to the house and stated that I needed to run to Target to buy more plastic hangers because I realized recently that the reason Caroline’s clothes don’t stay on their hangers is because I’m still using her baby hangers and, well, she’s almost eleven. Her clothes have changed in size significantly. And then I looked at P and announced, “I’m going to get plastic hangers for you too because I’m tired of all those wire hangers on your side of the closet”. He just looked at me and Caroline piped up from the backseat, “Daddy’s a grown man. You should leave his side of the closet alone”.

I felt like she spoke some truth to me in that moment currency conversion aud to usd. What he does over there with his array of fishing shirts is his business. And if that involves wire hangers, then so be it.

So I spent the next several hours taking down all my spring and summer clothes from the top of the closet and folding sweaters to put away until next winter and threw things that I didn’t want into a pile on the bathroom floor until it looked like this.

I cannot even express the level of accomplishment I experience from a cleaned out closet. It seriously may be a place in my life where I might struggle with pride issues. I can’t quit looking at it for days afterwards. And I don’t mean to brag (Yes I do) but this may have been my biggest clean out ever. I truly threw out some things I’ve held onto for years, including a paisley sundress from Harold’s that I bought in 1996. For those of you playing at home, that’s the year before I married P yahoo futures index. It was time.

After I finished my closet, I moved on to Caroline’s. She’d already made a pile of things she didn’t want anymore that largely consisted of the things I loved the most. But the heart wants what it wants so we put it all in a large bag and will never speak of it again because she specifically implored me not to ask her, “Are you sure?” about any of it.

Sadly, we did not have nearly as much success when I attempted to clean out some of our old games and such. She insisted she doesn’t want to get rid of her Dora the Explorer version of Candyland that she received for her third birthday even though she hasn’t played it in at least five years. If only she felt so passionately about that cute sweater we bought at Gap last fall that she immediately threw to the wolves.

Later that evening we picked up Chinese food even though I don’t eat Chinese food. My issues involve a long, complicated story that includes sensitivity to MSG and a 17 hour bus ride. But I was happy to get them their beloved sesame chicken and made myself a Frito pie with chili from a can. It’s anyone’s guess why I can eat canned chili, but not Chinese. I can only surmise that I am a true gourmet.

(I have to confess that while I was waiting on the Chinese food I nearly tweeted, “Picking up Chinese food because that’s how we egg roll.” But I kind of died inside at myself and opted to refrain from Chinese food jokes on social media.)

And, finally, we’ve determined we need a new washing machine trading places stock market scene video. We bought this stupid, beautiful front loader about eight years ago and I don’t know that we’ve had clean clothes since then. I’m tired of wiping the mold off the door rim (Yes, I leave the door open between washes and it doesn’t help. Or maybe it helps to the extent that mushrooms don’t start to grow but that’s it.) and dealing with all its various issues.

So I went to the nearby Sears outlet and told the salesman that I want an old school top loader with an agitator and a knob you turn. No computer board, no bells and whistles, no fancy glass door where I can see the clothes. In short, I want something just shy of a washboard and a tub. I did this same thing when we had to buy a new dryer a couple of years ago and am so thrilled with my ugly, plain dryer with a knob you turn to DRY HIGH HEAT or DRY LOW HEAT.

The salesman told me they should be getting some in the next few days but were low on inventory because it was the end of the weekend. Which is how I ended up back at the house doing online research that led me to the both frightening and awesome discovery that there are entire online forums dedicated to washing machines. Not only that, but people are PASSIONATE about the subject. This is a real response “You don’t even have the machine and you’ve already decided you’re a fan. You have no idea what you’re talking about or if it’s even going to work 1 usd to php. You should stick to things you KNOW.”

All that being said, if you have any insight into this particular matter I’d love to hear it. And remember, let’s keep it clean in the comments.

I never caved to the front loader craze. I have too many friends that did and hate them. Last washing machine we purchased was a Maytag top loader with a water saver feature. Do NOT get that. Like Kathleen said, the machine will only fill with about 3 inches of water if you do not stand by and open the lid during the filling process. If you open the lid it will continue to fill the machine to the top with water. There are only two options for water level: 3 inches of water or filled the entire way to the top! When we bought the washer, the salesman said to expect to get no more than 10 years of use from it. They don’t make ’em like they used to. Thankfully, I have a husband that can fix just about anything around the house. He has serviced said machine multiple times in it’s 6 year life. Also, your toilet paper is on the correct way. Just sayin…….

I agree with you sort-of on the front load machines famous quotes about love and life. I have one and actually love it but it does require a lot of maintenance. After every wash day (so approximately 5 loads) I have to clean out the filter and wipe the seal. My problem is that I bought them because I have R.A. and I an only 5’3″ and it was really difficult to lean over the washer and dig the stuf out. However, I didn’t take into account that because I don’t have the room to have my washer and dryer up on those nifty storage units, they are VERY low. So when I clean the filter, I practically have to lie on the floor with a pie plate to drain the darn thing and remove the filter stock market futures today. Ugh!

I think the front load companies should be a bit ashamed that they produced a product which causes people so much grief in what is already a nefarious task.

OK, I have one of each. LOVE my 8 year old Whirlpool front loader! Yes, at first the ‘aroma’ freaked me out but when I learned to leave the door open a crack, problem solved! Occasionally (like if and when I remember) I do use one of those products that clean it out but must say the perfumey smell is almost worse than the other.

NOW to the top loader which I HATE! Granted it is 15 years old Whirlpool and was in our vacation home when we bought it but if I could secretly break it and get a front loader I would! Just had to manhandle a set of king sheets out of it. They are twisted together like they’d never come apart and I don’t seem to have the strength to both pull them up and apart at the same time. Additionally, none of the cloths seem to spin out as ‘dry’ as I’d like.

I had a very long talk with my repairman about washing machines. He encouraged me to get a refurbished one. He said that there is not a new one on the market that he could recommend. Sadly, I believe after our talk that we really need a new type for king sized comforters and large items and an old refurbished one to get everyday clothing clean. I shouldn’t admit this but I actually considered whether I could put one on the back porch because there isn’t that much extra space in my utility room.

We just recently bought a new washing machine and dryer. And when I say recently I mean one month ago. Hubs and I decided that 4 four months ago we needed a new washer and dryer. And also when I say I did my research, I did my research. I knew from my listening to my friends that I did not want a front loading washing machine. Because hello, when you have to wash your washing machine that should signal a problem. Also after my research I knew I also did not want a washing machine with out an agitator, because those are just like the front loaders only turned upright. I also checked at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears. I went online to look at them and I physically went to the store. It was when I went to the store listening to the sales people I determined that I should have stuck with my gut and only gone to Home Depot msn news. The sales lady at our Home Depot was the queen of the washing machine and dryer knowledge. She knew EVERYTHING about EVERY brand. I felt like I had died and gone to washing machine/dryer heaven. (if there is such a place) She even told me when certain brands would be going on sale. What I can tell you is this, we ended up with a Whirlpool regular plain old washing machine and dryer. I wanted a Maytag because the current Maytag washer and dryer I had were at least fifteen years old. But the sales lady told us that Whirlpool makes Maytag and the Whirlpool washer I wanted was ON SALE for $100 off and the dryer was ON SALE for $50 off. That and the sales lady had me when she said, “when you have to wash your washing machine, there’s a problem.” Good luck!

Yes, it is on wrong:). Over, not under meaning of futures and options in stock market. We have had issues with our front loader washer and have a Kenmore from Sears and after a little over two years had 2 repairs, one which I googled and yes, the forums and strong opinions on washing machines is interesting. I was able to buy a part online and fix it myself, which made me extremely proud but the part was around $120. I have not had the mold issue with my front loader and my friend that has a top loader due to laundry room space, has and it is nasty. Unfortunately her washing machine is in her front area so the smell was in the whole main floor. I agree that they do not make them like they used to and the front loader is so nice to wash a big comforter and not have to go to the laundromat as that is an experience in and of itself!

I had lusted after a beautiful red front-loader from Home Depot for years, through the different models and even makes. Then I started hearing a lot of complaints about the front end loaders. My mom had a top of the line Maytag that broke down all the time and it had to be fixed by the repairman because it was the computer that went down, something my dad had no idea how to fix, or desire to fix peso to us dollar exchange rate today. Due to all of that, when it was time for a new washer and dryer at our house, I went to good old Home Depot and asked for the cheapest washer and gas dryer they had. I’ve had that set for years and years. I’ve had to replace a few parts on the dryer, but they were all easily available on Amazon, and the instructions made them easy to do. And my clothes always come out clean and fresh.

My sympathies on the demise of your sexy front-loader washing machine. We too purchased a front-loading machine with all of the awe-inspiring bells and whistles, in 2006. I was newly pregnant with my third kiddo at the time, so I will say that my hormones just got the better of me during that unfortunate transaction costing WAY too much. We happily kicked that machine to the curb 2 years ago, replacing it with a plain white model from the scratch & dent section of the appliance store. Couldn’t be happier!!

I recently bought a new set of LG Front Loaders. They are the ones with steam settings. I love them. No odors, clean clothes, it spins almost all the water out and wrinkle free drying. they aren’t as hard on our clothes and my grandsons can reach and do their laundry as well. Win/Win.

The older set I had (which my husband kept in the divorce) were front loaders as well, but the older kind and we did have a problem with odors at first and my dryer never got my clothes dry on the first go round.

A washing machine repair guy told me several years ago that with an HE machine, you should use powder HE detergent and never liquid HE detergent. The fillers in liquid (even if it labeled HE) leave bad stuff behind which makes the smell and build-up worse. I have only use powder since and still leave the door to my machine open, but haven’t had the nasty build-up in a number of years. I have a front-load, too.

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