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The -a option of emacsclient, or the environment variable ALTERNATE_EDITOR can be used to specify runemacs.exe as an alternate editor when emacsclient fails to find a server.
Using a utility like NirCmd ( http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html) to supress the command window for emacsclient, it makes for a much smoother experience. Cool pictures of nature As emacsclientw pops a dialog on initial run. Name in binary Associate files with no extension with Emacs
Bind this script to the registry key as above to edit files from the context menu, starting emacs as required. Pound usd Run the script with no argument and it will open a new emacs or make the already running emacs the top window. Currency converter jpy to usd I put a shortcut to the script on my desktop and attach a hot key so emacs is just a keystroke away and I never have more than one running. 1 usd to sgd ‘*******************************************************************************
You can open a file in Emacs via Windows Send To by placing a shortcut to emacsclientw.exe in C:\Documents and Settings\yourName\SendTo. Decimal word problems grade 6 Then, when you right-click on a file and select Send To select emacsclientw. Stock market futures charts This will open the file in the running version of Emacs; if Emacs isn’t running it will fail, but you can use methods described elsewhere in this Wiki for starting the server automatically. Aud to usd forecast 2015 The simplest way I found is to simply add (server-start) to your emacs init file, then configure Windows to automatically start Emacs when you log in and leave Emacs running until you log off.
I’ve used two ways to get EmacsClient into the SendTo on Windows 7. Usd law school ranking First was to use the VBScript mentioned above, but I had to copy the script to the SendTo folder (%APPDATA%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\ SendTo) not just a link/shortcut to it, and that meant altering the script to use a fixed path since the script was no longer in the same directory as emacsclientw.exe or runemacs.exe. Famous quotes about life Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject( “WScript.Shell”)
(I’m not VBScript programmer so that could obviously be improved, but it was short and quick, and you’ll need to modify paths as appropriate.) Benefit is that it sends the file to Emacs (starting Emacs if necessary) without a flashing command prompt. Exchange rate pounds to us dollars Downside is that it has to show up with the “.vbs” extension to work. Binary code generator Would rather it showed up in the SendTo menu as just “Emacs” and not “emacs.vbs”. Dow futures trading hours Oh well. Uk to us conversion Ideas? Second way was to create a batch file like described above, put it into Emacs’ bin directory and create a shortcut to it in the SendTo folder. Usd inr rate Change the shortcut name to just “Emacs” and it looks better in the menu, but there is a command prompt window that flashes up. Equity finance investment – RobDavenport
The above tips have worked well for me on Windows-XP. British pound historical exchange rate When I recently was moved to Windows-7, it would no longer work. Xau usd forecast today My emacs client .bat file would fire up from a cmd command just fine, but when invoked via a SendTo link, it could not find the server socket. Binary form music Taking information found elsewhere on this page (does anyone else think this page could use some organizing?) as well as the source for emacsclient that was connected to another Google hit on the subject, I discovered a way to tell emacsclient where to look for the socket, er. Pln usd exchange rate the server file. Stock outperform definition SendTo seems to now be happy. 1 trillion zimbabwe dollars to usd Here is what I put in my emacsclient .bat file: @c:\apps\emacs\bin\emacsclient.exe -a c:\apps\emacs\bin\runemacs.exe –server-file h:\.emacs.d\server\server %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
Where I am using my h-drive for my .emacs.d directory (HOME = h:\). Usd bookstore hours Your path to the server file probably is different. Usd aud chart Your path to emacsclient is probably different also. Decimal worksheets I pass all the command line arguments (upto 9) in case I use this file for another purpose. Binary hex converter – KevinBuchs 2012-02-06
Wanted to have Emacs icon on taskbar that calls runemacs to get Emacs started (without command prompt windows flashing or odd submenus and with proper icon (putting .vbs scripts on the taskbar created pinned shortcuts to wscript with the runemacs.vbs as a submenu). Gbp usd bloomberg I found a tip here http://superuser.com/questions/259146/why-latest-emacs-version-dont-support-windows-7-taskbar and was able to do it by:
Emacsclient can be used (with -n -a arguments as above) but needs “%1” in shortcut to work and that creates an empty buffer ‘%1’ which isn’t ideal so I just use runemacs.exe. 1 usd to inr yesterday I don’t drag-and-drop files to the taskbar icon (can’t) just use it to start/focus Emacs, and I use other tips here to use emacsclient via SendTo or context menu options to send files. Put and call option agreement — RobDavenport
Suggestion: use emacsclientw -e (raise-frame) to be able to click on the icon to raise an existing frame – at the cost of not being able to drag files onto the taskbar icon. The box store Add –alternate-editor= to launch emacs in daemon mode (works on Emacs 25 and later for Windows) if it is not already running, or in older versions you can use –alternate-editor=runemacs.exe but this will start emacs with an error due to the -e option being unrecognized by emacs (it has –eval, but with different syntax)
And there’s another possible method here: http://robert-adesam.blogspot.com/2011/01/emacsclient-setup-on-windows-7-starter.html. Practice problems He uses a bat-to-exe converter to create an executable to run a batch file that executes emacsclient as needed, but the exe can be put onto the taskbar (and the converter he mentions can have it run invisibly and with custom icon). Rub usd chart Might also be worth a look. Dollar pak rupee exchange rate — RobDavenport
After upgrading to Windows 10 and installing a fresh installation of Emacs, pinning emacs.exe to the taskbar had same old problems (multiple icons), and the ‘fix’ above to change emacs.exe target to ‘runemacs.exe’ didn’t help. Convert usd to kwd However, using MichaelHoffman’s tip over in [1 ] to use a nice tool to set the AppID for the shortcut. Usd rub exchange rate Running the app at http://code.google.com/p/win7appid/ on the emacs.lnk shortcut in \users\\ ApplicationData\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ QuickLaunch\User Pinned\Taskbar and setting it’s AppID to “Gnu.Emacs” did the trick. Aud to usd history — RobDavenport
“FullDetails”= “prop :System.PropGroup.Description ;System.ItemTypeText;System.Comment;System.Link.TargetParsingPath;System.AppUserModel.ID;System.ItemFolderPathDisplay;prop :System.PropGroup.FileSystem;System.ItemNameDisplay;System.Size;System.DateCreated;System.DateModified;System.FileAttributes;*System.OfflineAvailability;*System.OfflineStatus;*System.SharedWith;*System.FileOwner;*System.ComputerName”
Then when viewing the Properties on a shortcut file, in the Details tab, the AppUserModelID is displayed – and is editable. Msn news usa homepage I fixed my repinned emacs shortcut with this. British pound to usd exchange rate (You could just set “ FullDetails” to be just “prop: SystemAppUserModel.ID” but then the details tab will only show the app id.) — RobDavenport Editing with Emacs from Web Browsers With Firefox Add-on “It’s All Text” + an Elisp file +
There is a tool in [ NxhtmlMode[nXhtml]] that allows you to do this. Sprint troubleshooting You can find it in the nXhtml menus under “nXhtml / Tools / External Editor Setup”. Currency converter usd to pounds With a Chrome extension
Edit with Emacs – a Google Chrome browser extension: Source: http://github.com/stsquad/emacs_chrome or https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/ljobjlafonikaiipfkggjbhkghgicgoh to install in Chrome. Silver chart This extension by Alex Bennee allows users to edit web-page TEXTAREAs with Emacs. Silver chart kitco It’s nice to use Emacs when typing in posts or editing Wiki pages. Dollar exchange rate history It uses its own edit-server.el instead of gnuclient or emacsclient currently, and doesn’t let you edit page source yet. Gold price chart (This is not strictly about emacsclient, but seems related.)
MozEx is a Firefox extension which allows the user to use external programs for editing TEXTAREAs, viewing page source, handling mailto, news, telnet and FTP links. Convert cny to usd http://mozex.mozdev.org/
External.exe allows you to assign a keyboard shortcut to “EMACS editing”: Whenever you want to edit text in a text area in Windows, hit the shortcut. Futures market cnbc Then External.exe copies the text in the text area to a file, opens the file with an external editor, and – once editing has finished – copies back the text from the file into the text area. Binary search tree visualization The source code of External.exe is included in the downloadable zip file, and it is under the GPL.
The patched version of Emacs + EmacsW32 may start Emacs automatically and opens the given file name. Gender identity issues Note that in this case you do not have to add server-start to .emacs. Uk to us currency The patched version of Emacs client does this for you. 1 usd to ngn (Actually I believe the same code can be used on other platforms than w32, but so far I do not think anyone has tested this.)
The installation of Emacs + EmacsW32 also does some file associations etc, but see also WThirtyTwoFileAssociations. Joy newsome Desktop Shortcut That Maintains a Single Session
WThirtyTwoServerMode describes how to set up Windows so that a desktop shortcut will open the same instance of Emacs every time you double-click on the shortcut, and hide Emacs when you exit. Exchange rate usd euro Opening a New Emacs Frame on the Current Terminal
GnuEmacs cannot currently handle different terminal devices at the same time, so emacsclient is not able to open a new Frame on the terminal that it is invoked from. Msn news usa english Fortunately this is issue is being resolved, see MultiTTYSupport. Djia futures marketwatch Opening Server Files Always in a New Frame
To open the files designated by emacsclient in their own frame, you can use the following hook as a Server Switch Hook which can be setup in customize-group Server , or in your InitFile, as such: (add-hook ‘server-switch-hook
You might also want to close the frame when you’re done with it. Usd gbp rate To do this, setup a Server Done Hook in the same section to call delete-frame. Currency converter cny to usd (add-hook ‘server-done-hook ‘delete-frame)
I also like emacs to cleanup stuff when I finish the emacsclient, so I add another hook to kill the buffer when finished. Stock ticker for oil futures This also takes care of weird buffer switching behaviors when closing client buffers. Yen usd exchange rate (add-hook ‘server-done-hook ( lambda nil (kill-buffer nil)))
I’ve found it very useful to set my $EDITOR to emacsclient, and let it judge wether or not to start emacs, based on the $DISPLAY variable, which is often an indication of running on a faster machine for me. Gender definition So I’ve wrote the following script, and installed it as /usr/bin/emacsclient.vim. Gold price 2016 forecast #! /bin/sh
To complete the setup on Debian, I’ve installed this script as an alternative to the editor command: update-alternatives –install /usr/bin/editor editor /usr/bin/emacsclient.vim 50
I use screen all the time, and always wanted to get it to autoswitch back and forth between shell and emacs window. Stock connection I now figured out how, and here is what I do:
• be usable as my general EDITOR, which means being smart about whether or not to background itself: if I’m in my shell in a screen session, I want it to detach itself automatically, but not in all other cases since it’d break break mutt, svn, and other apps that explicitely wait on EDITOR to return. Usa today high school football rankings This “smart auto-backgrounding” feature can be disabled easily if the user wants to.
dtach is a tiny program that emulates the detach feature of GNU screen, allowing you to run a program in an environment that is protected from the controlling terminal and attach to it later.
When you want to detach from a running session, just press C-\. Zloty usd To reattach, run your dtach command again. Usps shipping Very simple and very handy. Gender quiz boy or girl NEW ! Detaching without 3rd party tool
Enjoy. Stock market futures cnn Using emacsclient to make a new frame of a remote Emacs 22 on a local display ssh remote_host -f emacsclient –eval ‘ “(make-frame-on-display \”$DISPLAY\”)”‘ Edit in a new frame or in the current frame
If you want your window manager to automatically focus the emacs frame when emacsclient is invoked, then once editing is done, refocus back to the original window from which emacsclient was invoked, here’s how:
The really nice thing about this is that it supports multiple emacsclients running at once, and it doesn’t matter which order you complete editing of the emacsclient buffers.
If you use the package saveplace.el ( http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/SavePlace) to remember the last position a file was visited at, you may have noticed that opening files with emacsclient(w) the cursor always goes at the beginning of buffer, that is, it looks like emacsclient (or better, emacs server) does not care about save-place being active. Futures tradingcharts market quotes I suppose this is a bug. Decimal to binary A temporary workaround to this is to set (setq server-visit-hook (quote (save-place-find-file-hook)))