Filipino concerns aired at candidate forum the honolulu advertiser hawaii’s newspaper usd zar forecast


KAHULUI – Aiming to deal with issues of concern to the Filipino community on Maui, the Filipino Community Sponsored Candidate Forum on Wednesday posed questions about cockfighting and chicken-raising along with more typical issues about highways, domestic violence and health care, The Maui News reported today.

Maui County Council Member Gladys Baisa pointed out that her husband is half Filipino decimal places chart. She said she’s learned the ways of the Filipino people, once winning a cooking contest.

Although East Maui Council candidate Lucienne de Naie did not have a direct Filipino connection, she emphasized her background as a descendant of immigrants.

Many candidates threw out common phrases in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines – "mabuhay" a wish to live long and well, and "salamat" or thank you.

One question candidates said they expected was whether they could support cockfighting as a cultural activity in Hawaii, much the way firecrackers are burned on New Year’s Eve and for other celebrations as a cultural practice.

Democratic state Rep hex code. Angus McKelvey of West Maui and Republican challenger Ramon Madden responded in similar fashion, saying they would support the idea of legalizing cockfighting as a change in the Hawaii Constitution – which would require a Constitutional Convention and approval by the state electorate.

McKelvey noted that the one bill addressing cockfighting in his freshman year as a legislator did not get a hearing in Honolulu because there didn’t seem to be any interest in the topic.

"I’m willing to have this discussion," McKelvey said, adding that it would take the community and perhaps support of recognized Filipino groups to bring it forward.

Candidates were also questioned about whether they were for or against raising chickens on Maui – another cultural practice associated with Filipinos.

Don Couch, an executive assistant to former Mayor Alan Arakawa, said he supported raising chickens in rural and agricultural areas of the island, but not in urban or commercial locations usd to cop exchange rate. A candidate for the South Maui County Council seat currently held by Council Member Michelle Anderson, Couch said chickens would be OK, but he hesitated about supporting raising roosters.

Longtime Council Member Wayne Nishiki, who faces Couch and Norman Vares in the race for his former South Maui residency seat on the council, said he believed raising chickens has to do with tolerance in the community.

Attorney Gil Keith-Agaran, a panelist representing the Maui Filipino Community Council, said he only asked the question about cockfighting because he was asked to do so.

Keith-Agaran said he was more interested in hearing candidate positions on health care, public education and domestic violence weizmann forex ltd. As expected, all the state candidates responded positively in support of increasing the number of Filipino cabinet appointees when asked by Keith-Agaran about legislative consent power.

County Council candidates from Lanai, scene of a recent murder-suicide involving an estranged husband and wife, all emphasized their belief that domestic violence is not unique to Filipinos.

The candidates also all agreed that more programs emphasizing family and unity would be beneficial to their community and help to prevent incidents of abuse in the home.

On Thursday, Keith-Agaran said he was interested in hearing the candidates talk about solutions in preventing domestic violence, particularly this year when there have been a number of murder-suicide incidents in Hawaii in which victims and perpetrators have been of Filipino ancestry.

Another forum panelist, Amy Agbayani, said she was interested in getting candidates on record about their stances on issues stock market futures charts. Agbayani asked about their interests in legislation supporting family caregivers and increasing language courses including Tagalog and Ilokano in both high schools and at the University of Hawaii.

Panelist CJ Ancheta, a Napili resident who works for ABC Stores and is publisher of the Fil-Am Observer, said he wasn’t satisfied by answers to questions about the long-awaited Lahaina bypass road.

As a motorist who travels regularly on the two-lane highway in and out of West Maui, Ancheta had hoped for more specifics on what legislators would do to speed up a project that has been on the books for more than 40 years now.

Ancheta said what most impressed him was how cordial candidates were to each other cnn money market futures. He compared it to the televised Honolulu mayoral debate, which featured personal jabs by the candidates decimal word problems grade 6. Maui candidates really seemed to refrain from personal attacks, he said.

Former Maui County Council Member Vince Bagoyo Jr., who handled media relations for the Filipino forum, said organizers accomplished their goal to educate and inform people about the candidates.

Bagoyo said the forum gave him a chance to identify what might be the races to watch such as Hawaiian pastor Tasha Kama challenging veteran state Rep 1 usd to sgd. Joe Souki, a former speaker of the House.

The Filipino Community Sponsored Candidate Forum was a joint undertaking of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, the Maui Filipino Community Council and the Maui Filipino Chamber of Commerce.

There is no breakdown on ethnicity among voters usd vs aud forecast. Agbayani, however, pointed out that there are currently 23 Filipino Americans in elected positions statewide binary form music. That figure is higher than the the number of Republicans in office, she said.

Ancheta said he will be recommending a similar forum in two years when Filipinos and the rest of the state will be voting for a new governor.

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